The Brand that is Grenson – Men’s Shoes, Quality and Review

Grenson mens shoes

Intro: Grenson Men’s Shoes 

Born from a very humble background William Green founder of Grenson shoes learnt the art of shoemaking at an early age. He moved with his mother from Rushden to Northampton after the death of this father in 1839. There he was taught how to make boots by his mum until 1860. He later took giant stripes to promote his art by soliciting for shoemaking contracts before acquiring the materials required to complete the job. This low-risk approach gave rise to Willam Green & Son.  In this article, we review the top rated shoe that has made the brand what it is today.

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Grenson Shoe History – Landmark Dates and Achievements

The Heritage of the Grenson brand is one of persistence, perseverance and a knack for quality over quantity.  Here are some landmarks in the sand of time for this iconic British company;


In 1860: At 25yrs old Green leave his mum where he had been learning how to make boots and sets his own shoemaking business from home.

1866: This was the year William Green& Son was born. Green took the low-risk high reward path by soliciting for shoe contracts first before acquiring the materials and manpower to complete the job. Pretty smart.

1874: The rewards from his soliciting efforts paid off big time and soon he wasn’t able to cope with the demand and like every other growing business he needed to expand. Luckily modernization has just begun hitting the production sector with machinery needed for commercial production. Green took advantage of this advancement and set up his first factory at Green Yard. This factory became the first to use the popular Goodyear Welted method for shoes.

1895: Business was good, sales hitting the roof, demands kept pouring in night and day. They had to move again. This time to a bigger factory at the corner of Queen Street and Cromwell road.

1901: Nothing good is worth starting if the founding fathers can’t leave a solid structure on ground for continuity. Thus by the time, William Green died in 1901 a solid foundation has already been laid which the son CAK Green built on. He made sure the legacy left by his father on quality over quantity was not compromised.

1913: The brand name Grenson was born from the shortened William Green & Son. They were among the first brands to file for trademark recognition in the UK. They also engaged the retailers directly by cutting off the middlemen from this chain. This allowed for faster order delivery both locally and internationally.

1914-19: The First World War. Grenson was actively involved in crafting boots for infantry and air force soldiers.

1939-45: Second World War. Operations at the Grenson factory were again halted because of the War. He was called up to help in crafting footwear for soldiers. One popular boot they did make was the flying boot which zipped off to make running easier for soldiers that were shot in enemy territory.

the 1960s: Company sees a decline in sales are revenue due to cheap alternatives from overseas and stiff local competition from other brands. Grenson also visited the western world, took interest in the easy wear moccasins and begin incorporating the skillful stitching form the Indians to his shoes.

1980s: The Green family continued to own and run the shoemaking business till JW Heyden sold it off to the Purslow family for an undisclosed amount.


2005: Purslow hired Tim little who was regarded at that time as the “godfather of sole” and was well respected because of his role in the revitalization of Adidas. Tim little later acquired Grenson in 2010.

2011: Grenson expands to include women’s collection of shoes.

2015: Marks the infiltration of the Grenson brand in the US market. The first overseas shop is secured with a launch date of Jan 2016.

Grenson Head Office and brand Info

Head Office: Grenson House, C2 Crown Way, Crown Park, Rushden. Northamptonshire, NN10 6BS


Web Address:

How are Grenson shoes constructed?

They make use of the Goodyear Welted construction. In fact, they were the first pioneers of the Goodyear Welted construction dating back to the 80s. Apart from the new Moccasin collection most of the shoes are constructed using the Goodyear method. This method ensures that the shoes are stronger and last a long time. In A Goodyear construction technique, the upper is stitched to a leather band called a Welt which is subsequently attracted /stitched to the sides of the sole

Grenson shoes are high-end shoes and can rub shoulders with the likes of Allen Edmonds and Alden in terms of quality and craftsmanship. A lot of details goes into each pair and can take up to 8 weeks to produce with well over 250 individual operations.

Grenson Men’s boots

Grenson Men’s Fred

The Grenson Fred shoe is a solid leather shoe with very thick leather soles

This boot is one of the best dress boots by the brand Grenson

Just look the pictorial examples at the History section above.

Although the leather is very thick, it still manages to be very soft and durable.

For the price, this boot is a steal for dress boot lovers.

Grenson Men’s Marcus Suede Chukka Boot

The Marcus Chukka is another stunning boot by Grenson

The suede and leather detailing are of high quality.

It’s true to size, that’s if you are familiar with your size in UK standards.

Suede available in three; Almond Suede, Almond, Snuff Suede

Greanson Loafers and Slip-ons

Grenson Mens Curt

Solid leather shoe with synthetic sole

Great value for money, considering the quality.

Smooth leather upper with blind eyelets.

The silhouette boost a rounded toe that adds that extra dapper touch.

Grenson Mens Liam

Introducing the Liam suede Slip-on by Grenson

Available in select UK sizes.

Almond toe Silhouette with solid leather lining.

Beautiful leather insole with crested Grenson logo.

Low Square heel with mild tonal stitching.

You can’t go wrong with this pair from the Boardroom to the playhouse.

Greanson Oxford Shoes

Grenson Mens Archie

Mens Archie wingtip oxford shoe by Grenson

Solid leather all around, leather insole and outsole.

Formal Brogue pattern all round for classic appearance.

5 blind eyelets with lace-front closure.

Available in Tan and Black

Grenson Mens Matthew

The Matthew Grenson shoe bears strong similarity with the Archie.

Blind Eyelets with lace-front closure.

Lightly cushioned Insole, solid outsole

Brogue detailing and an Almond toe Silhouette

Grenson Promotional Codes

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All the best!!!

Grenson Shoe Sale

Grenson shoes are up for sale at major online retail outlets like Amazon and Zappos.

Grenson shoe sizing


Frequently Asked Question on the Grenson Brand

What is the quality of a Grenson Shoe?

The Grenson shoes are of very high quality. A single pair takes up to 8 weeks to make with over 250 individual operations. The final product is sturdy, strong, built to last and extremely comfortable.

Are Grenson shoes popular in the United States?

They have been in existence for over a century and a half in the Uk. They just entered the US market with a shop in New York. They are an upcoming brand and if they stick to the tradition of quality in no time will become a household name in the US.

Who makes Grenson shoes?

The Greens where originally the pioneers of the brand but as for now Tim Little runs the show now. There is even a Grenson programmable Lab in London where customers can order customized shoes.

Where is the Headquarters of the Grenson brand?

Crown Park, Rushden,  Northamptonshire. UK


  1. Grensons website leads you to believe you are getting classic English shoes but most are made in India. This info is hidden deep in the website. Why pay premium price when they are not made in England. I will not buy again

    • Sorry for the inconvenience. Most Grenson shoes are handcrafted by some of the finest craftsmen in the industry. We would appreciate more info about your experience with this brand. Thanks


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