Gifts for Vodka Enthusiast and lovers

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Whiskey and Rum Making Kit

“You don’t need to work in a distillery to age and season your favorite spirits like a pro. Fashioned in timeless style, this handsome barrel is more than just an eye-catching centerpiece: like its big siblings found in professional distilleries, it can actually age your spirits to peak flavor. Take mixology into your own hands and create your own signature Highland malt scotch whiskey, spiced rum, or full-bodied Kentucky bourbon.”

whiskey and rum making kit

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Alcohol Distiller Oak Barrel Infusion Kit

Vodka Tonic Diagram Glassware – Set of 2

“Attorney-turned-artist Alyson Thomas’s playful graphics on these vodka tonic glasses means that the formula for the effervescent favorite is always at hand. Her hand-drawn, graphic representation of the classic cooler adorns the functional highball glasses with a playfully pseudo-scientific rendering of the drink’s essential components: vodka, tonic, frosty ice cubes, and a lime wedge, all in relative proportions to mix a perfect cocktail with intuitive flair. Glassware made in New Jersey. Decorated in Edina, Minnesota.”

vodka tonic diagram glassware set of 2

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Godinger Glass set Fun Skull Set Whiskey Glasses

Moscow Mule Carry-On Cocktail Kit

“Pilot your own takeoff with this personal cocktail kit made for a couple of jetsetters. The kit will sail through security and supply you with all you need to make two craft cocktails during your flight: small-batch ginger syrup, a stainless steel jigger, linen cocktail napkin, mini bar spoon, and recipe card. Just order a mini bottle of vodka and your mules will be kicking in a jiffy. ”

moscow mule carry on cocktail kit

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Cocktail Shaker Chef Basics Cocktail Bar Set

On The Rocks Set

“Serve your drinks on actual rocks with these handsome granite drink chillers by Arra David and Anne Johnson. Hand-crafted from stones collected on New England beaches, these granite discs are ideal for chilling aged spirits, such as whiskey or scotch, because they won’t dilute the complex flavors like a handful of ice. ”

on the rocks set

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Cocktail Recipe Glasses – Set of 4

“Keep your bartending repertoire at hand and streamline your mixology with this set of clever cocktail glasses. Each rocks glass features four formulas–one on each side–for concoctions based on their main spirits: gin (salty dog, Tom Collins, gin rickey, gin fix); rum (mojito, rum sour, Boston cooler, Havana two); vodka (Bloody Mary, vodka cooler, Madras, seabreeze); whiskey (whiskey fix, de riguer, cablegram, dinah). Each glass in the set is marked on its base with its main spirit, so it’s easy to get to the bottom of things at cocktail time. Made in China.”

cocktail recipe glasses set of 4

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Barrel Aged Dirty Martini Elixir

“Empty olive jars in the fridge are an occupational hazard for fans of the dirty martini—the salty, savory cocktail that calls for olive juice to be added to the classic gin and vermouth recipe. Now you can give those jars a gold watch for dedication and retire them. Made from brine aged in barrels with premium California olives, then triple filtered, our Barrel Aged Dirty Martini Elixir is a far worthier partner for your favorite gin or vodka.”

barrel aged dirty martini elixir

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