Fun Gift Items for Nerdy Boyfriend

So you are looking for gift items/presents for a Nerdy boyfriend. In all honestly, Nerdy boyfriends are the best to be with. Consider yourself lucky if you found one. They are devoted to making things work and are not as heartbreaking as those handsome hunks on a horse Hollywood promised us.

Nerds are known particularly for their collection of gadgets and gizmos, so you might want to think in that direction if making a lasting impression is what you want.

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Perpetual Calendars

The complexities of these perpetual calendars makes them appropriate for Nerds

perpetual calendars

“This sophisticated and modern perpetual calendar is inventive, stylish and can be used year after year. Simply move the two magnetic balls to mark the date and month. Created for the Museum of Modern Art, it serves as a practical work of art, whether wall mounted or resting on your desk. Made from injection-molded plastic and magnets.” By Gideon Dagan

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Cube Clock Da Vinci Vintage

City Map Glass

Thoughtful item. Not a gadget or gizmos but still a fun item to gift a nerd

city wine glass

“Whether you had your initials carved on the corner bar or you simply miss your favorite metropolis, this glass set lets you raise a toast to hidden gems and great memories with designer detail.”

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City Map Hip Flask Glass Coffee Cups

Smartphone Magnifier

Fun gift item to magnify the display screen of a smartphone. Must have!

smartphone magnifier

“Just slip your device into the fully assembled, retro-styled cardboard TV and enjoy your mobile movies double the size of your display. Keep it in your bag for impromptu screenings during your next camping trip, sleepover, or long car ride.”  Designed in London. Made in China.

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RXS Dizaul Amplifier Cinema Mag.

Public Radio – Single Station Tuner

Nicely crafted public radio tuner, a sure winner with any Nerd

public radio single station tuner

“Just turn a single knob and enjoy your favorite station without complicated controls, apps, or phone tethering. When prototyping their project, Spencer and Zach noticed listeners’ loyalty to their local NPR stations and “Public Radio” resonated as an apt name for the design. The uncomplicated, cordless unit fits in anywhere at home, at work, or even outdoors.”

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Eye Glasses Holder

Beautiful looking sculpture eyeglass holder. He probably uses glasses.  Am I right?

eye glasses holder

“This hand-carved wooden statuette is perfect for holding your glasses when you’re not using them. No more searching around blindly or trying to remember where you last put them down.”

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Contractor Pen

A multipurpose pen with close to 5 gadget all in one.

 contractor pen

“The hardest working gift around, this multi-use contractor tool features level and plumb bubbles, drywall and angle gauges, a ruler, a magnetic strip and a mini-pen holder.

The pen included is a superior writing instrument known as the Fisher Space Pen, designed to withstand the extreme temperatures and conditions of space.”

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Driftwood iPhone Charging Dock

Make him charge his phone in an eco-friendly way.

driftwood iphone charging dock

“The epitome of modern electronic design is now paired up with the timeless, organic minimalism of nature. These docks for iPhone and iPod are handcrafted from natural driftwood, polished to a velvety smoothness by sand and surf before washing up on the stony shores of Maine…….

The juxtaposition of organic and artificial, contemporary and timeless transforms your personal electronics into a piece of functional art.” By Lee Goodwin

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Frankenstein Switch Plate

Frankenstein monster? Nope, but close to it. Transform his switch into a gothic statement piece

frankenstein switch plate

“Your home…it’s alive! Inspired by old-fashioned electrical throw switches—like the one flipped to bring Frankenstein’s monster to life—Lance Nybye’s ornate design transforms your blasé rocker light switch into a gothic statement piece.”

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Mason Jar Speaker & Amplifier

A gadget gizmo or Nerd will love this speaker. Stylishly constructed to pair in nicely with a guitar, or Mp3 player.

mason jar speaker amplifier

“This speaker-in-a-jar is completely self-contained, so you can bring it on-the-go with you for impromptu dance parties, and can hook it up to your personal music player or electronic instrument. Its size is small but its sound is big – a perfect gift for teens and adults alike! Hand assembled in Sunnyvale, CA, USA.”

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Clearsound Woodphone Dock Phone Ringer

 Wood Laptop Riser

If your nerdy boyfriend doesn’t have one of these, this could be the perfect time to get him a woody laptop raiser. Very unique

wood laptop riser

“Elevate your laptop or tablet with this sleek midcentury-inspired stand that brings your screen to a comfortable eye level and your keyboard to a finger-friendly angle. The one-piece, bent-plywood design frees up your work surface for a mouse, drawing tablet, or other peripherals. Made in Taiwan.”

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Wooden Desk Laptop Stand Monitor Stand

 Shark Bite Stapler

Fun item for a Nerdy boyfriend. He will love this

shark bite stapler

“This pewter shark stapler makes a mischievous addition to any desk. Heavy enough to double as a paperweight, Jac Zagoory’s design demonstrates an eye for detail–from the sleek lines of its fins to the menacing rows of teeth. Pull the shark’s lower jaw open to load staples, and you’re ready to wrangle paper in a snap.”

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Archaic Mustard Mini


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