Fun Gifts for Computer Nerds

Nerds, not to be confused with twats(video game addicts) are sometimes seen as single-minded individuals with little social skills. Although the social skills aspect is often not related to the word, a computer Nerd could be regarded as someone who knows a little more than the speaker about computers. They don’t necessarily have to be branded as people without social skills.

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Choosing a gift for a computer Nerd shouldn’t be too difficult since the area they are overly interested in is known. All you have to do is pick something related to computer tech or something that will help them relax and have fun while they are busy with their computers or gadgets at the desk.

Desktop Sand Windows

A desktop sand art can command a claiming presence at office or home. It beautifies the office desk and acts as a décor item for most homes. Gift a computer nerd this to appeal to his artesian sensibilities.

desktop sand windows

Shifting Sands

“Ever changing, this sand art is an awesome microcosm of natural elements and landscapes. Give the frame a gentle tilt or a more extreme angle and watch as the flow and speed of the falling sands form tiny deserts, mountains, clouds, rain, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another.”

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Exotic Sands Coocu Moving Sands Yayadat Dyn. Sand

Hand Heart Desktop Sculpture

If you have a computer Nerd as a lover or a boyfriend then you are in luck with the sculptured piece. A I heart you/ I love you work of art. Designed to decorate the desktop area this hand heart should remind him/her that they are loved.

hand heart desktop sculpture

“Is it a coincidence hands make a perfect heart shape? We think not. Artist Tamara Hensick reimagines the sentimental gesture with this pewter sculpture. Place it on a desk, dresser, or coffee table to breathe a little positivity into each day.”

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Resin Statue Love Wrap Novica Shape

Apple Byte Desktop Sculpture

Computer hardware knowledge becoming art in the process. An Apple byte desktop sculpture for computer lovers.

apple byte desktop sculpture

“An ancient symbol of knowledge, this beautiful wooden apple’s insides are made from the tiny but potent computer components that send information around the world. Are we smarter now? We don’t know, but we know what we like when we see it.” By Carmi Y. Plaut

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Magnetic Sculpture Milky way Stacking Nuts

Iris Virus

Beautifully designed wasps using recycled motherboard parts should be a winner with computer Nerds. Gift them an Iris Virus and allow them nature the beauty pageant with flying colors.

iris virus

One less computer one more insect. The Iris Virus

“We don’t know how much computing power she has, but she shows off her retro-futuristic style with flying colors. An artistic use of computer parts that otherwise would have ended up in a landfill…” By Carmi Y. Plaut

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More Ideas

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Travel Cord Roll

This travel roll can come in handy for any computer Nerd helping them organize and easily pack up their electronic cords and other knick-knacks in a stylish way.

travel cord roll

“No more untangling a messy handful of cords just to charge your phone, rather, neatly tuck up to eight cords and two plugs into your stylish organizer.” Designed in LA, Made in China

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Desktop Golf

Because Computer lovers and Nerds will often be with their systems and devices I thought it wise to include this desktop golf to help them relax.

desktop golf desktop golf

“This miniature golf course will help you get your confidence back on the green as you putt away all those lingering anxieties. Features a patent-pending variable putting surface that allows you to change the pitch of green and putt a different hole every time!”

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Laptop Cat Scratching Pad

For a Computer Nerd who also owns a cat. Gift him/her this laptop cat scratching pad. Look, people are passionate about pets, that you don’t own or love one doesn’t mean others don’t. Any cat pet lover for that matter will instantly connect with this idea. Try it. I guess you have a few friends with cat pets. Don’t you?

laptop cat scratching pad

“Make your cat the most tech-savvy fur ball on the block with this prop laptop scratching pad. Made to look just like your own computer, this cardboard contraption features a claw-ready keyboard for cats to scratch and an “operating system” that can be upgraded by simply printing out a new “desktop image” and sliding it in the cardboard monitor.” Made in China

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PetCheer Cat PetFusion

Cork Globe

“Spin through the memories of your past journeys and plan out future adventures in three-dimensional style with this interactive cork globe. Use the five red pushpins to mark the spots you cherish most, or even attach pictures, tickets, and mementos to relive the thrill of your trip all over again.”

cork globe

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Desktop Skee Ball

A potable desktop skeeball game will help a computer Nerd relax of his gadgets while at the office or at home.

desktop skee ball

“Whether you’re rekindling an old love for a childhood pastime, or practicing for the real thing after hours, this beautifully crafted game, equipped with automatic ball return, will definitely ramp up the fun on those lunch breaks. And if anyone questions your work ethic, insist it’s an elaborate paperweight.” Made in China.

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Custom Map and Pen Desk Set

This customized desk set celebrates life’s journey with a unique personalized map of your choice.

custom map and pen desk set

“It takes hard work and a clear vision to make your place in this world, and this custom-made desk set celebrates both the journey and the destination. Sealed into its base is a custom map highlighting your choice of location: corporate headquarters, the site of a legendary achievement, a reminder of where you come from, or any other meaningful place. Paired with a sophisticated chrome pen holder, it makes work a little easier while reminding you of your big picture goals and accomplishments.”

Made in Rhode Island.

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Guitar Pattern Laptop Case

For Computer Nerds with a little love for Rock music, gift them this laptop case.

guitar pattern laptop case

“Whether you’re an acoustic devotee or electric all the way, you’ll relish in all things rock n’ roll with this bold laptop case.”

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Desktop Basketball

Most computer Nerds love the beautiful game. Help them practice a little in their spare time with this miniaturized desktop basketball set.

desktop basketball

“Why settle for courtside seats when you can get in the game? This slam-dunk desktop game lets you become the MVP between meetings. Adjust the hoop to your desired height (3 height options) and practice launching the two balls into the basket–no dribbling skills necessary!”

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