16 Geek and Literary Gifts Items for Him

Not to be confused with a Nerd, geeks can be hard to get along with at times. They are generally seen as people who are boring and unfashionable but don’t get it twisted, most of the geeks you picked on in high school are heads of various multimillion dollar establishments, lol.

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You must put in a lot of thoughts into getting a geek of any kind, a good gift. Most times gifts for geeks are those that tend to fuel the passion of that person. Is he or she a bookworm? What special area in their lift do you think a thoughtful gift item will be appreciated. Here are some of the top gift items suitable for geeks. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it’s a good start

An Equation Geek Watch

What better thoughtful way to fuel the passion of a mathematics geek than a nicely crafted equation watch. This smartwatch features equations on number dials which resolves to the hour numbers. Geeks, this watch got your number.

Regular numbers are for armatures, let this innovative equation watch bring out the genius in you. The watch boost of a Japanese movement and is 3ATM water and splash resistant. Also included is a cheat sheet for those with occasional memory lapse, lol.

equation geek watch

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Personalized Constellation of Love

Display your love for a Geek in a unique way with this personalized constellation of love wall art. The artwork features night sky stars from a specific date (Date you get to pick). How interesting is that? You get to know in a wall art how the stars all lined up on a particular date in history. That date might just be when you might your love or some other memorial date. This is a fun gift item to give.

Amy Evenson uses computer software to plot star charts from your specific dates and then custom illustrates that night sky.

personalized constellation of love

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Molecular Gastronomy Kit

The Molecular gastronomy kit is a comprehensive kitchen kit that can help you experiment with transforming or deconstructing any dish to make them take the shape and look of any ingredient to impress dinner guest.

Chemistry meets food. Transform your kitchen into a food laboratory. It comes with a how-to kit that teaches you how to transform basic liquids into jelly-like cubes and numerous other shapes. Take your taste buds on a whole journey ride.

molecular gastronomy kit cuisine

Disappearing Civil Liberties mug

This is a must have for every geek out there. A disappearing civil liberties mug. The interesting disappearing letters leaves with it a trail of reminders of what rights are at stake. Sip with a statement, when hot liquid is poured into it, some of the rights disappear while others stay. Say goodbye to speedy trials that so often condemns the innocent but your right to bear arms, stays.

disappearing civil liberties mug

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American Constitution Tie

This tie honors the very foundation of American democracy. Bring up the founding fathers silk tie to your wardrobe, the popular opening phase “we the people” is clearly seen at the front and center. Imported and hand finished in New York by Josh Bach.

constitution tie

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Literary Scarves

Bookish infinity scarves are for geeks, no doubt. What better way to fuel their love for books than to get them wrapped in a classic story. These scarves by Tori Tissell are the best way to show your love for a good book.

Sample writings from Jane Eyre, romance from Sense and Sensibility, adventures from Alice in wonderland or great citations from Mr Darcy. Without been too heavy this transitional scarf can also help fight off the cold.

literary Scarf

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A Shakespearean Insults Chart

Drawn from the creative works for Shakespeare, the Shakespearean insults charts are a very good gift item for geeks. It can also be used as a décor item for an office, library or the lounge. The chart is full of creative and poetic insults from Shakespeare. Give it a try.

shakespearean insults chart

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Neighborwoods Map Coasters

What to gift personalized cedar coasters? Try this one out. Use these coasters to celebrate your locale and those spots that make your city yours. Aymie Spitzer does this by mapping out four sections of a city right into each coaster finishing them off with the city’s name and established dates. The end product is a rusty metropolis in a cedar.

Celebrate your hometown with a toast.

Image result for https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/neighborwoods-map-coasters

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Personality Desk Signs

Personality desk signs are another innovative gift items suitable for geeks. A real piece of work, lol, remind co-workers and kiddos who the boss is with these personality desk signs or get some customized for you only. Liven up the office and take the fun in office work to a whole different level.

Image result for https://www.uncommongoods.com/product/big-personality-desk-signs

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Smartphone Sanitizers

Innovative and stylishly unique, most geeks would love something of this nature. A phonesoap smartphone electric sanitizers. Phones, because of their constant use are breeding ground for virus and bacteria. How thoughtful would gifting a phone sanitizer be?

You would agree that the regular use of phones are a direct route for bacteria and viruses but this handy phone sanitizer helps eliminate germs that would have found their way into your system. To use just place the phone inside and attach the charging cable then close the lid. That’s all you would ever need to do.

A specialized UV light within helps clean up the germs while an exterior light helps you know when the phone is clean. Know that is something a Geek will love.

phonesoap smartphone sanitizer

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F-Bomb Paperweight

F-bomb, say what? Place this on your office desk and lighten up discussions at the office.  Made from recycled sculptured steel the F-bomb is a winner as a fun item to gift. Great conversation starter and can easily help remind people of a habit they need to quit.

f-bomb paperweight

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Eye Glasses Holder

Any day any time, these eyeglass holders are the perfect geek item to gift. They will keep your glasses handy at your desk while creating an allure of fun around your desk. This funny hand –carved Shisham wood figure will help you hold your glasses when you are not using them.

The wood itself has some history to itself, native to Indian; they were created by HSSS a non-profit organization that helps underprivileged artisans suffering from extreme poverty and physical handicaps.

eye glasses holder

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Mathematical Theme Glasses

Drinking with mathematical precision should be a breeze with these glass set. Perfect gift item for a mathematician or science bookworm, a geek or a Nerd. They love items like this. Bear in mind they are on their way to being bosses in multinational companies. Presented in delightful colors just use the standard ounce marks and their equivalent constant and geek out the expanded formulas.

Glassware made in New Jersey, Decorated in Blanchester, Ohio.


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American Constitution Glasses

The American constitution glasses for Geeks is printed with a script from the Constitution of the United States. In the spirit of Democracy honor our founding fathers as you pour yourself a glass of your favorite wine.  Great gift item for a geek, history teacher, or those carried away by the American dream.

constitution of united states of america glass

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5 in 1 Tool Pen

I couldn’t leave out this item. Once I found it I knew I saw a winner most geeks would love. A 5 in 1 tool pen.  The pen features a screwdriver, capacitive touch stylus for smartphone devices, and integrated bubble level, a ruler and a pen with clip. Simply awesome!

5 in 1 tool pen

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New York Times Custom Birthday Book

Most Geeks love to read. Don’t take that away from them. How thoughtful do you think a New York Times Custom Birthday book will look. This item stylishly puts together a beautiful collection of the New York Times front pages for each year since their births. Geeks would fancy this. The collection forms a fascinating snapshot of history pages seen through the lens of your special day.

new york times custom birthday book

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