Fun Gift Item for Executives

Decision Paperweight

“Let this clever device ease the burden of having to make so many decisions in your life. Balancing all the pros and cons of every call can be tiresome, and we never know all the possible pros and cons anyway, so why not give someone else the responsibility of deciding? Spin this gorgeous aluminum paperweight to have your questions answered – or should you “sit on it” for a bit first, or “pass the buck” to someone else?”


Hatch Ideas Notebook

“Hatching your next big idea doesn’t have to involve a flurry of Post-It notes or coffee-stained napkin sketches. Designed to help you transform daydreams into reality, this handsome, cloth-bound notebook is organized in three sections: Conceive, Incubate, and Hatch. The system breaks down grand ideas into realistic action items, offering a framework for brainstorming, tracking ideas, evaluating their merits, and deciding which ones to pursue and execute. Whether you’re making something for the sheer joy of it or planning a product to sell, this notebook will help bring your ideas to life while strengthening your creative capacity along the way.”


3-in-1 Traveler Bag

“However you are traveling, this versatile bag fits your itinerary. Its zippered pockets help you compartmentalize your trip, with one roomy section that holds up to two days’ worth of clothing and essentials, and another padded pocket for your laptop and business accessories. Other pockets are just the right size for holding charging cables, protein bars, maps, documents, and other gear, while still fitting easily in an overhead compartment or under a seat. But where this bag really takes off is in the way it adapts to your trip.”


Gnome-Be-Gone Decision Maker

“Stop spinning your wheels! Let Fred Conlon’s gremlins do it for you with a push of this revolving wheel featuring eight executive decisions like “Have A Meeting,” “Take Personal Day,” and “Form Focus Group.” Handmade in Utah of recycled steel.

Due to the recycled nature of this product each is one-of-a-kind and can vary.”


Watch Roll Traveler

“Watches are functional fashion, and for collectors and travelers on a tight itinerary, one is never enough. Store and tote three of your favorite timepieces in this smart, vegan “leather” roll. Inside, a soft, velvety interior keeps your collection protected and dust-free. Outside, the magnetic closure offers easy, anytime access. It makes a great gift for executives, groomsmen, and time zone-hoppers.”


Scotch Infused Toothpicks Gift Set

“Savor the subtle satisfaction of fine single malt scotch with these infused toothpicks. They feature a barrel-aged, Islay single malt made by a 200-year-old distillery for a distinctively smoky flavor with notes of peat and complex caramel. Made from sustainably forested wood, the generously sized picks are soaked in the premium scotch and then kiln dried, infusing flavors throughout the pick. Made in Canada”


Hard Working Man’s Hygiene Kit

“This all-natural set was created by a mechanic who let dirty, damaged paws drive his inspiration to design products for dudes. The manly salves, scrubs, and balms included are specially made to meet the needs of the working man. From soothing sore feet, to healing cracked lips, to buffing the dickens out of dry skin, this kit goes beyond simple cleansers to get the job done. This kit is a carefully refined version of our previous kit, featuring new and reformulated items.”


Men’s Organizing Travel 4-Pack

“Travel is complicated enough without getting shoe schmutz on your dress shirt, or fishing around in the bottom of your luggage as you try to find your charging cords. But it gets a lot easier when you’re using these stylish pouches from designer Jennifer Jansch. Inspired by the pleasure of unwrapping a gift, she created this set of handy travel bags, each printed with a bold, black-and-white image of its content and sealed with a grosgrain ribbon. Use them to pack your shoes, charger, headphones, and laundry, and everything you need will neatly contained, untangled and right where you need it.”


Around the World Alarm Clock

“At the sound of the tone, it’s 11:30 Bedside Central Time. Whatever your time zone, this playfully modern clock makes stylish timekeeping decor for a nightstand, desk, or shelf. The aviation-inspired face features a world map circumnavigated by a cheerful red plane perched on the second hand. Angled for optimal viewing, the steel and aluminum timepiece includes an analog alarm for punctual jetsetters.”


Best Self Success Journal

“Organize and align your tactical, day-to-day tasks with larger life goals with this practical planner that allows you to structure your day while keeping an eye on the big picture. The SELF journal takes the fundamentals of success touted by the world’s top performers and distills the key learnings into a single, flexible system. A canvas for your big-picture goals and everyday plans all in one place, the journal has an innovative framework that allows you to plan your long- and short-term goals, break them down into manageable pieces, and integrate your tasks into your daily agenda so you know you’re on the right track.”


F-Bomb Paperweight

It’s never easy dropping truth bombs in the office. But “f” bombs? Always explosive fun! Fred Conlon’s recycled steel sculpture lightens up desk-side chats and tough conversations with a delightfully abstract expletive appropriate for any situation. Handmade in Utah.


Be The Change Paperweight

A simple reminder to take action, this understated paperweight carries the words of Mahatma Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” Made of solid pewter, inscribed with a powerful quote, a basic desk accessory becomes a vital touchstone in a hectic world. This encouraging round paperweight is a perfect gift for a giving friend, or as a graceful prompt for your own workspace. Made in Rhode Island.


Deep Sea Sand Art

Place this magical beauty on a bookshelf, desk, mantel, or coffee table, rotate the glass ring, and watch as delicate drifts of light, dark, and glittery golden sand shift into deserts, mountains, clouds, rain, oceans and smoke, all ebbing and flowing into one another.



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