Flat Fronts Vs Pleated Trousers for Men

Trouser is an item of clothing worn from the waist to the ankles, covering both legs separately. Trousers are called pants in some countries such as Australia, North American and some part of northern England.

Trouser have been worn since ancient times, it has become the most common form of lower-body clothing for male folks in the modern world.

There are 2 main styles that focus primarily upon the front;

  1. Flat front trousers
  2. The pleated trousers.

The flat front trousers are a very old style and is been adopted by pace setters as the new style of trousers. The flat front trousers lack any sort of pleat down the front. The clean lines of flat front trousers are worn with fitted jackets and sleek accessories and are common with young trouser wearers.

The pleated trousers: the more traditional pleated trousers have pleats of materials that fold down the front on either side of the fly, it adds a touch of style to the trousers while giving the hips and legs extra space and freedom to move. Pleated trousers are ideal for business settings were more traditional styles are acceptable.

Although the style of trouser front depends on personal preference and partly on your body type, skinny and lardy legged men can effectively wear both the flat front and pleated trousers. Shorter men must be careful when picking a style and also depending on the individuals body shape, hefty men may want to avoid pleated trousers as the extra bulk or pleats could add an extra pound of visual weight.

3 Important Parts of Trousers to lookout for


Cuffs can be made in a variety of depths, any where from one inch to 2 inch though these are merely general boundaries. A 11/2” deep cuff is considered to be good mid point. Cuffs sets additional style and is a requirement depending on the style of trouser that is chosen, cuffs must be made on trousers with pleated fronts acting as balance for the trouser.


Pleat are just below the waistband on the front and typify many styles of formal and casual trousers including suit trousers and khakis. There may be one, two, three, or no pleats which may face either direction. When the pleats open towards the pocket they are called reverse pleats (typical of most trousers today); and when they open towards the fly they are known as forward pleats.


The fly is a covering over an opening join concealing the mechanism, such as a zipper, Velcro or buttons, used to join the opening in trousers.

Trouser support System

At present, most trousers are held up through the assistance of a belt which is passed through the belt loops on the waistband of the trousers however, this was traditionally a style acceptable only for casual trousers and work trousers; suit trousers and formal trousers were suspended by the use of braces attached to buttons located on the interior or exterior of the waist band.

It is more effective and more comfortable because it requires no itching of the waist nor does it require periodic adjustment.

A sleek and stylish pair of trousers will stand out in a crowd, the sharp looks of a well-made and well-worn pair of trousers is something of which to be proud. Get the look of a nice shirt, fashionable trench coat, sweaters, nice pair of shoes sunglasses and scarf.

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