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Guide to the Best Dress Shirts for Men

A dress shirt or button-down shirt, it is a garment with a collar, and a full length opening at the front from the collar to the herm. The front opening is fastened using buttons or studs.

Ralph Lauren Dress Shirts

Dress shirts are normally made from woven cloth and are often accompanied by a jacket, collar sleeve, and tie. It can be worn with a suit or formal wear, and can also be worn more casually.

Dress shirt means the more formal evening garment worn with a black or white tie, some of these shirts have stiff fronts and detachable collars attached with collar studs.


Components of a Good Dress Shirt

  • A one-piece back, which is usually pleated, gathered or eased into a section of fabric in the upper part of the back of the neck and over the shoulders known as the yoke
  • It also has one piece sleeves with plackets ( a placket refers to the double in the upper layers of fabric that hold the buttons and buttonholes in a shirt, at the wrist, or else short sleeved
  • It also has a band of fabric around each wrist known as a cuff. The collar, a strip around the neck which is also a turned down collar, with the strip folded down away from the neck, leaving’ two points at the front, the width of which is known as the spread. And finally, two front panels which overlap slightly down the middle on the plackets to fasten with buttons.
Bestseller No. 1
Van Heusen Men's Poplin Regular Fit Solid Point Collar Dress Shirt, Cameo Blue, 17.5" Neck 34"-35" Sleeve
  • Machine Wash
  • Point collar, regular cuff, pocket at chest
  • Regular fit dress shirts have fuller sleeves, relaxed arm holes, and a generous cut through the chest and waist. This fit is similar to a classic or full cut fit.
  • For big fit, search style number 20F9562. For tall fit, search style number 20F9563.
SaleBestseller No. 2
Tom's Ware Mens Premium Casual Inner Contrast Dress Shirt TWNMS310S-1-GRAY-M
  • Fabric: 97% Cotton 3% Spandex, Contrast: T/C fabric.
  • Size chart: SIZE: US S - Chest 38-40", SIZE: US M- Chest 42-44", SIZE: US L - Chest 46-48", SIZE: US XL- Chest 48-50", SIZE: US XL/XXL- Chest 50-52", SIZE: US XXL/XXXL- Chest 54-56"
  • Slim fit, fits true to size, good quality Fabric, and making style make you feel good and comfortable when wearing
  • Dry, laundry or handwash are available, Low iron if necessary
  • Button-up design shirt. Newest update design, Money-back satisfaction guarantee
Bestseller No. 3
Van Heusen Men's Flex Collar Regular Fit Solid Spread Collar Dress Shirt, White, 16.5" Neck 34"-35" Sleeve
  • Spread collar, regular cuff, pocket at chest
  • Collar stretches up to 1/2 inch
  • Regular fit dress shirts have fuller sleeves, relaxed arm holes, and a generous cut through the chest and waist.
  • This fit is similar to a classic or full cut fit.

Dress Shirt Collars

The men dress short collar is the most important style detail. Button down collars are the least formal and extremely versatile they look great without a tie but can also support a tie, sweater, blazer, or sports coat. The wing collar on other hand is reserved for formal wear and should be worn with its companion parts.  Standard point collar looks good on most men, those with narrower faces do better with slightly shorter collars, while those with round faces carry well above long collar points.

The greater the angle between the short sides of the collar point, the more formal it is.

Spread Collars

Spread collar leave a wide opening between them, they take large knots well. The edges of a cutaway collar nearly form a straight line above the knot. This is the most formal collar arrangement.

Tab Collar

Tab collar, in this type of collar little tabs of fabrics, extends from each side and connect behind the tie knot, holding the collar close together and projecting the knot outward for a precise look.

Contrast Collars

The contrast collar raises the suit and ties above the fold. Contrast collars are white collars on a coloured or patterned shirt.These collars are generally considered more formal than matching fabrics. On dress shorts, the collar’s point are kept straight by collar stays.

Dress Shirt Basics

Shirts are made of woven cloth. Materials naturally used in making dress shirts include cotton, linen, ramie, wool, and silk, nowadays artificial fibers of polyester and polyester blends are used.

A dress shirt is ironed to remove any wrinkles and can be treated with starch for added smoothness and stiffness. The hem of a dress shirt can be tucked into trousers.

Dress shirt comes in various sizes, they can bespoke (which is custom made), this is a process whereby each shirt is made from an individually drafted pattern that eliminates sizing problems.

Made to Measure

Shirts may not fit quite well as but can provide a similar degree of customization and fit at a lower cost. Dress shirts come in different styles colors and patterns so it is are an essential piece in men’s wardrobe.

A shirt style also signals quite a bit about the wearer intentions and style sense. A dress shirt with a button down collar, left breast pocket, plain front, and single button cuffs signal a bit of affluence, while a dress shirt with a turned down point collar, no breast pocket, placket front and French cuffs signals formality.

The beauty of adjusting a shirt’s style is that you can design it not only for the occasion or events but also complement your unique features.


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