How to Wear Different Types of Bomber Jackets

Bomber jackets have been in the fashion scene for ages, they are a bulky piece of outerwear that has survived immense changes to what we have today. In this article, I walk you through the most popular styles out there, the best bomber jackets to buy and the different types of bomber jackets

What’s a Bomber Jacket?

They are very easy to identify. All bomber jackets have some unique characteristic that distinguishes them from other jackets out there. Most notable are the defined neckline, the hem and ribbed cuffs and the front zip closure.  Although the length varies according to style, most bombers come with a standard waist length.

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How to Wear a Bomber Jacket

Because there are many styles of bomber jackets out there, how you wear or style them would depend on the type you buy.  Read on for more inspiration on how to wear a bomber jacket.

How to wear a Green Bomber Jacket


The green bomber jacket is a nice colored bomber that is as versatile as a black bomber jacket. Green color keeps things basic making both neutral and bold colors to be layered underneath the jacket effortlessly. Bombers don’t have to come in patterned colors or crazy styles to look great, the laid back and subtle color of a green bomber paired with a neutral top will do just fine any day any time.

Modchok Hemoon Youhan Bomber

How to wear a White Bomber Jacket

White bombers are perfect for spring and a good statement pieces to own. They are equally as versatile as green bombers and will look good with fairly neutral color paired underneath. White is easy to style and you shouldn’t be in the dark with possible style combinations.

Alpha Industries Tommy White Leather Bomber

Bomber Jackets: Casual Look

Wearing your bomber jacket with a pair of chinos or jeans will slip you quickly into the casual vibe. For casual look during summer pair the bomber with a grey or black bomber jacket accessorizing with a beanie hat to keep in the warmth. Finish up the look with nice Nike trainers and you are all set.

Big Sean wearing Saint Laurent London Ankle Boot, Acne Bomber Jacket, Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh x Levi's Jeans

Bomber Jacket: Smart Look

While the bomber jacket might seem to only work well for most casual outfits, they can still be styled with formal attire. For best results stick to a monochrome formal outfit with slim fit pants and a button-down shirt.  The bomber jacket on this monochrome underlay will act as a statement piece.

cool men fashion

Top Black Bomber Jackets

Chouyatou Croti Urbanfind

Bomber Jacket: Smart-casual Look

Smart casual looks are always very difficult to pull off. Blending the right elements for both casual and formal attires is no walk in the park. The bomber jacket is on the casual side; combine with a button down T-shirt and relaxed chinos.  To create that overall smart but relaxed casual look, use a nice looking Gucci loafer for your footwear.

The Sports Luxe Look with a Bomber jacket

The sports luxe look is gaining much pace among fashion enthusiast around the world. It involves wearing a bomber jacket over a long tee, sweatshirt or polo top. Combined with relaxed joggers and you have a winner. Layering a hoodie beneath the jacket is another way to nail the sports luxe look. For best results use a bold colored hoodie like black or Navy.

Wearing a Leather Bomber Jacket for men

Leather bomber jackets are a favorite of mine because of the finished, polished and contemporary look. Take inspiration from styling with a faded t-shirt, ripped jeans and clean looking trainers. See pictures below for more options on how to style a leather bomber jacket. The combination possibilities with this are endless.  Styling with denim on a Dr. Marten shoe can quickly shape things up.

Top Picks

Tommy Smooth Lamb Leather Goat Skin Bomber Leather SheepSkin Bomber leather

Leather Vs Suede Vs Nylon Vs Aviator Bomber Jacket

Leather because of its thickness and insulating properties is perfect for cold weather. It’s more durable and also waterproof like nylon.

Although suede is of considerably higher quality, it’s incredibly difficult to maintain. If your dress aim is to create a textured look in such a way that there are distinct differences between pieces texture wise, then suede can work well. Go for suede colors in beige, stone wash and brown; pair them up with a neutral monochrome outfit. Finish this look with nice formal dress shoes.

The difference between a leather and suede bomber jacket with that of an aviator jacket is that aviator jackets mainly features an element of shearing or fur just around the collar region. A mixed hybrid known as the aviator bomber jacket combines features of both jacket types.

Brown leather bomber jackets can help accentuate a neutral look featuring a white tee and blue jeans. Pair with nice white trainers to nail the look.

Printed Vs Patterned Vs Camo Bomber Jackets

If you do decide to go for printed bomber jacket try maintaining a clean silhouette with it, shun those with fussy pockets, hardware and crazy styles that complicate things. Prints are best on nylon, polyester, and silt rather than on leather. Because prints are bold and can easily make a statement, make all other outfits in plain color.

Step into bolder bomber jacket territories with animal prints or patterned prints. They are fast becoming mainstay trend with men.

Patterned Printed Camo

Longline Style Bomber Jackets

The longline bomber jacket is also called the “long bomber jacket” or the bomber coat. It has an interesting twist to the traditional bomber in terms of its length. They are generally longer than the original bomber jacket.

Hat & Beyond Kenneth C. longline Bomber longline Bomber Jacket

Layer the longline like you would layer your normal bomber i.e t-shirt, jeans, and sweatshirts. Longlines have the advantage of being more streamlined to fit than traditional bomber jackets.

High School or Varsity Style Bomber Jackets

Varsity bomber jackets are quite popular. You can’t miss it. The most common feature is the contrast colors of its sleeves with the rest of the jacket body.  They also feature ribbed collars, cuffs, and hem. They might also have proper fastenings like you would have with a button down shirt rather than the popular zip associated with traditional bombers.

Coofandy Varsity Jacket Bomber Varsity Baseball Bomber

The name varsity comes from America schools where they are predominantly the jacket of choice for most undergraduate students. Because of its similarities to the traditional bomber the same style rules apply. You might want to toughen up the varsity bomber jacket with ripped jeans and a plain tee rather than with hoodies to avoid looking like a student.

Tips on Buying a good Bomber Jacket

Follow these tips to help minimize the hassles of returns:

  1. The most important aspect is the Fit: In other not to look sloppy make sure you get the fitting of a bomber jacket right. Look up size charts and read up customer reviews for useful hints on the fitting. Generally, the fitting on of a bomber jacket should resemble that of a tailored blazer jacket. Keep things snug on the shoulders and streamlined although the body and sleeves.
  2. Choosing the right fabric: Fabric choice can be born out of the functionality needed. Do you need something for winter, summer or all year round? Leather, wool, and fleece material are thick enough for the winter cold while suede, nylon, polyester and some other synthetic derivatives can work well for both summer and mild winter.
  3. Fastening can give you more wearing options: Most bombers come with zip-up fastening. A bomber jacket with double ended zips can give you more options to styling it. Regular zips tho will do just fine.
  4. Color: if you are going to make the most of your bomber jacket, it’s best you style with a monochrome outfit. Having said that, whatever color you pick is strictly up to you. Just make sure your bombers are the statement piece and the center of attraction.

How should your bomber jacket fit?

Bombers should generally have enough space beneath to accommodate for layering. The original bombers meant for military wear was designed to house military equipment and other protective clothing. This is not to say an oversized bomber jacket will look good on you. Purchase bombers that have a snug fitting at the shoulders, slim sleeves and streamlined body.

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At the Shoulders

Buying a bomber jacket online can be tricky but if you know your sizes very well you can be fairly confident that you will get the right pair. Having said that, bombers with seams that fall just at the edge of your shoulders are best. Use the seams to judge whether the bomber is too small or too large. If the seam sits close to your neck, it’s too small, if the seam drops off your shoulders the jacket is too big.

At the Sleeves

Sleeves with plenty of room without appearing too baggie should be your fitting goal. We need them to have enough room for layered clothing like a hoodie. Look to sleeve designs that are wider at the armholes and taper down to the wrist.

The entire sleeve length should be one that allows the cuff sit directly at the bottom of your palm. The cuffs shouldn’t stretch too much to avoid them extending past their elastic limits over time.

The Body

There is no way to check if the body of a bomber jacket fits properly when you are purchasing online. One trick I use is to order various close sizes with the one I want, try them on when I receive them and return the loosely fitted ones. Excess fabric hanging over can really mess up your looks big time.

The ripped hemming around the jacket should also fit in properly and not stretch too much when you are wearing the jacket. Cropping is also key, they should be tightly cropped and sit just at the waistband of your pants touching your belts. This way, you create a flattering silhouette that helps accentuate your legs.

Different Material Types: Bomber Jackets

Knowing the characteristics of some of the materials used to manufacture bomber jackets can help you make informed decisions on what you need. The bomber as you have seen comes in a wide variety of styles but they can all be broken into some few material types.

Nylon Bomber Jackets

Nylon bomber jackets are some of the most popular jacket material you will ever see, they are easy to craft, easy to style and easy to match. Because of the ease printing on its surface, you will find a lot of nylon styled printed designs online. Nylon has good waterproofing ability and resistance making them good during wet days, summer and winter.

nylon bomber jacket

Wool Bomber Jackets

Wool is thick and can easily trap heat. They are the ideal material for bomber jackets in winter. It comes in a variety of thick textures that can be easily styled.

Wool Mix Harrington Jacket With Fleece Collar In Navy - Navy

Best Bomber Jackets to Buy Now

We have discussed at length a wide variety of bomber jackets that picking the best bomber jackets might be tough. If you need more inspiration of the best bomber jacket for you, look below. Take a close look at the flight bomber

UrbanFind Goodthreads Flight Bomber
Alpha Industries Alpha I. flight Bomber Guess

How to Clean and maintain a Bomber Jacket

Bomber jackets are worn most of the time so keeping them clean is an absolute must. To get the best out of your bomber please follow these maintenance tips:

  • Nylon: Synthetic derivatives and nylon are the easiest to clean. Cold wash with a mild detergent and you are all set. Sun-dry afterward.
  • Leather and Suede: Treat these ones with care. They can easily get disfigured by water. Use a mild soap on a damp cloth to gently clean. Pat with a clean cloth before air drying.
  • Wool: Wool is notorious for picking up dirt easily so they will need regular cleaning. Use a mild detergent gently scrubbing the wool by hand then rinsing under clean water before hanging to dry.
  • Denim: Use a bristled brush to remove stains before hanging to dry.
  • Silk: Hand wash silk bomber jackets with mild detergent agitating it for a few minutes before drying. Lastly, above all, follow maintenance guide present in the label if there is any.

How to Style your Bomber Jacket (Summary)

  • The best way to style a bomber is to pair them with a monochrome outfit. This makes the bombers the centerpiece of attraction
  • Keep things casual, bombers are more of a casual piece than formal clothing. Pair with ripped jeans and a simple bold color t-shirt.
  • Make sure you get the fitting right. It’s absolutely important that the shoulders, sleeves, and body are streamlined to fit your body type without compromising on space for layering.
  • Try more contemporary looks with a suede bomber jacket

On that Note

Bomber jackets are a statement piece, you should get as many as you can afford in as many materials as possible. Hopefully, this style guide has placed in your hand numerous ways to style a bomber jacket. The combination possibilities are endless, whether you are styling for casual or formal occasions bomber jackets can fill the space between a rather boring outfit to an interesting one.

Get your layering right, but if you are ever in doubt as to how to layer just play things safe and go neutral. Here you have it, the stylish bomber jacket. If you have a nice one to show off or you feel there is something we missed, hit us up in the comments section below. Thanks

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