Crocodile Leather Skin Shoe
Crocodile Leather Skin Shoe

Shopping For A Quality Crocodile Leather Skin Shoe

If you have heard or own a crocodile skin leather shoe then you should know they are exotic pairs of shoes to have or add to your numerous allocation of shoes. Crocodile skin can be gotten from baby crocodiles and it is used in making exotic shoes and other nice products.  Crocodile skin leather shoes are quite trendy in the market, they are hand stitched and hand crafted. These pairs of shoes are seamed by hand with animal skin, which can give an important traction, the inside of a crocodile shoe are really soft and can provide conducive comfort. Its an amazing pair of shoes to add to your collection.

They are available in different designs in the market and are hot favorite for savvy shoppers because they are very easy to wear on the foot and classy.In this new era, crocodile skin leather shoes are designed, created and tested to cater to your needs of comfort and add your style.

Crocodile skin shoes are personally unique, no two pairs of crocodile skin leather shoes are the same or alike, the interior or inner part of these shoes are made from the softest leathers giving you a nice comfort when worn.

They are a little above your average Joe shoes and are quite expensive and can display affluence and wealth among successful people. Most of them are imported from Italy by world known designers and  manufacturers that carefully design the shoes providing flawless design and excellent comfort.

The leather from a genuine or real crocodile are considered to be the best material for making shoes and other product (e.g. bags), these genuine crocodile shoes have this long lasting wear, strength and durability.

Spotting a Crocodile Skin Shoe

How do you know the right crocodile leather skin shoes? The leather is gotten or manufactured from the skin of a crocodile itself, its usually from the skin of a baby crocodile and the exotic leathers are gotten from slat water crocodile, Siamese crocodile, Nile crocodile and American crocodile which is also called Acutus. The Caiman crocodile skin can also be used, the nile crocodile skin and hornbacks of crocodile are greatly used for making solid shoes. The Nile skin is softer and more flexible and it bends easily without developing marks.

The leather is actually gotten from the skin itself where special oils from both artificial and natural sources are applied.

Crocodile Skin Leather Finishes

 The crocodile leather finishes comes in 2 ways which include the classic high gloss and the safari gloss or semi gloss. The classic finish is more processed, smooth and shiny, a patent leather and it hides visible natural flaws or imperfections. It is difficult to bend without showing wrinkles; while the safari finish is more popular or known due to its natural semi glass look and its exceptional strength and durability. The safari finish can be flexed repeatedly with little or no sign of wear and tear. The safari finishes are very difficult to copy or imitate and they get richer and deeper with time.

Colors of an Exotic Crocodile Skin Leather Shoe

The color of a crocodile skin can be changed to any color, through the tanning and dyeing process, but brown and black are common, beautiful gray/silver, red orange and blue are also available. Consistency and the depth of the color is more important and this is easier to get or achieve with the dark colors, the lighter color can be inconsistent and discoloration could occur with time .

Popular Designers of Crocodile Skin Leather Shoes

Some of the popular manufacturers which make or produce genuine crocodile skin leather shoes are mainly Italian designers and manufacturers e.g. Fennix Italy, David X Cappi, Belvedere, distano, Manuri, Gucci etc, other manufacturers include Mizlan, Ralph Lauren. Some of these designed shoes are slip on types, some of them are laced and some are not but most of the genuine crocodile skin leather shoes are slurry.

How the  Crocodile Skin Leather Shoe is Formed

The crocodile skin leather shoes are made by expert manufacturers, this shoes are hand crafted and hand stitched, the inner part of the shoe is made with a butter soft lamb skin leather for perfect or ideal comfort, and the sole of this shoe is internally head stitched with ingenuine leather, the insole of the shoe is made with cushion for added shock absorption, the material used in the upper part of the shoe is genuine crocodile skin leather linned with full genuine leather for added comfort  and durability. This shoes come in various size depending on which country it was produced, some come in U.K size, U.S size and Italian sizes ranging from size 40 – 43.


  1. There’s the real stuff and then there’s embossed calf leather made to look like reptile skins. We’re here to talk about the former. Alligator, crocodile, and lizard skins age beautifully, but they require much more attention than traditional leathers. If you’re fortunate enough to own pair of genuine gators, be sure to give them regular upkeep. These exotic leathers are prone to drying out; you


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