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Combatant Gentlemen Review – A look at Quality Cheap Suits

Combatant Gentlemen or Combat Gent as some people often call it, is an American fashion company with expertise on men’s suits, shirts, and accessories. They created a lot of buzz in 2013 getting into online media outlets like thebusinessinsider , TechCrunch, ABC, and Fox.

The company was founded in 2013 by Vishaal Melwani, Mo Melwani, and the Tech savvy Scott Raio with an angel seed of just $1.84million. They have since broken even and are in profit territory surpassing $10million in 2015.

Vishaal Melwani and Mohit Melwani
From left, Scott Raio, Vishaal Melwani and Mohit Melwani of Combat Gentlemen

They claim to reinvent the wheel on how men shop for suits online, particularly pleasing is their revolutionary fit-tech system that matches your sizing details with the most appropriate suit size for your body type.

At rock bottom prices (suits starting at $160) it is no wonder how they have managed to carve out a niche for themselves in the highly competitive men’s fashion industry.

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What are the main product lines?

Suits for men are the primary focus, of all kinds and shades. You will find popular colors and designs of all kinds. Navy, black and gray slim fit, Charcoal pinstripe suit and royal blue tuxedo, just name it, they stock it all. There is even a choice to design your own suit yourself at their online web address

The suits are off-the-rack and ready to wear and fit a wide range of body types by having a looser fit to accommodate as many body types as possible. Most shoppers have said they didn’t need the extra services of a tailor, once the fabric met body they were almost an exact fit. Many thanks to the fit-tech system that is widely acclaimed to fit size detailing to appropriate suits with 95% accuracy.

Sabir M. Peele founder and creative director at menstylepro says

“Most off-the-rack suits that I wear and feature on Men’s Style Pro have been tailored before being shot. That means, I take the suit to my tailor and typically have them tapered the legs and/or have the torso of the jacket taken in. Not all pieces have to be custom or made-to-measure to be made to fit you. The key to remember is that if you can find a suit jacket that fits well in the shoulders, a tailor can alter the rest of the suit. When you purchase a suit or tuxedo from Combat Gent, the pants always come unhemmed (measuring a 36-inch inseam). *This was the one alteration that has been done to this suit.”

Why are Combatant Gentlemen Suits so Damn Cheap?

Combant Gent Cheap Suit

They should be, once you finally realize the vertical integration system that goes into the production process to final sales you will come to appreciate quality at a lower cost rather than skeptically frowning at the price tag.

Vertical integration

Vertical integration in business terms is a process whereby a company expands its business by owning one or more stages in the production process. Normally this can involve monopolizing its supplier or distribution stage.

Big brands like Gucci have since adopted this business model to keep prices low without tempering with quality. Combatant Gentlemen just followed the same model, they own the sheep in Italy where the wool for the suit is gotten and they have invested heavily in the cotton fields of India, eliminating the middlemen and the price markup that goes with them.

what is vertical intergration

The result: A fairly quality Suit at a much lower price. The average Combatant shirt will cost you $30-$60, the suit $140 -$200 and a tuxedo $200 -$220. The price tag of their fairly quality product should appeal greatly to those looking for a simple suit on a budget, young graduates on a job hunt, those looking for an amazing fitted shirt under $50 and those who want to own a tuxedo rather than rent it.

The Fit-Tech Technology of Combatant Gentlemen

The technology used to match the sizing details of customers to suits has been the main stay of operation around the company. They claim it’s 95% accurate. All you needed to do was input your measurement and the system will automatically match suit sizes for your body type. Simply amazing, we all know that picking a suit is no cakewalk.

Fit-Tech Combatant Gentlemen

Modeling what has on their website, you can also choose to design your own shirt or suit from the scratch. For the shirts you are free to choose what fabric you want, the kind of collar you want, the style of the cuffs, placket, chest pockets, buttons and a whole lot more.

The suits are no exception, you are at liberty to pick your fabric, the lining, lapel shape and size, pick stitching, buttons, pockets and a whole lot more.

Slim fit suit Combantant Gentlemen

A Data Driven Company

The data aspect of the company is one of the reasons they regard themselves as data first, fashion second. Just as the CEO puts it

“The idea that we really wanted to focus on was how can we create the perfect purchase order without having to do it ourselves manually. What we did was we basically let the database take time to learn how the customer works, and we’ve been able to create more products based on likelihoods of what our customers are indeed buying.”

From the onset, data customer purchases, and preference data has been one of the core reasons the combatant gentlemen has excelled so far. They use data to analyze the market, tweaking their approach and fine tuning the business to provide far more value than regular online driven purchase. They are actually redefining the way men shop, behind the scene.

Suit Fabric and Details

The site says the fabrics are 100% wool but according to the suits purchased for testing doesn’t look or feel like a 100% quality wool.

“You immediately notice that it sure doesn’t feel like crazy-high-quality wool out of the box. That’s because it’s not. This Modern Fit suit is 60% wool and 40% polyester. Now, they never said on the product page that this one uses Super 140s wool, but they do make mention of that on the general suit page. And there’s no mention, apparently anywhere, that this thing is 40% poly. The fabric is decent for sure, but knowing the high percentage or polyester ahead of time is something that needs to be disclosed” Says Joe at

Combatant gentleman suit

It’s more like 60% wool and 40% polyester. That stands to be corrected, I would like to read your personal experience on the fabric quality if you have purchased one of their suits on display.

One thing for sure they do make reference to “Super 140’s wool” and “Super 120’s wool” as the grading class of the wool fabric used.

What are Super 140’s and Super 120’s Wool?

The number is a representation of the fitness of the wool thread. Consequently, the higher the number the finer the wool quality, and with finer wool quality comes higher price tags.  This is just a layman illustration of what the “Super” number tags mean, for further clarification check this resource

The Suit Construction

With the half canvas construction, the construction for me is a little above average. They dapper really well and the slim fitted shirts and suits are actually slim fits. The shoulder pads are there and are not too large, just big enough to maintain the shape. Once the shoulders are of the right fits any other aspect of the suit can be amended.

The linings are labeled as 65%poly and 35% rayon blend just good enough.  The buttons are fake and nowhere near quality, but they hold up nicely. The drops on the slim fits are shorter while having a traditional appearance on the larger Modern fit.  Check the design lab section of the site to have a feel of how the lapels stand on both the slim and modern fits.

The Fitting

The off the rack suit is just as it is described, the slim fits are a true fit. The pants, well you are going to like them I guess, although you will have to do some hemming with your local tailor.

Customer Service and Return Policies

This is where things are getting a little bit messy. Too many complaints litter the internet of bad return policies and late product arrivals.

What could be going wrong?

One thing I have come to understand is that Combatant gentlemen are trying to master the act of just-in-time manufacturing. This is a system where companies try to reduce risk and cut down on wastage by holding just a few days’ worth of inventory at a time.

“Horrible customer service. My suit was over a month late and I had been sending multiple emails to customer service for 23 days by the time they finally gave me a refund. I still have no suit but at least I got my money back… avoid if possible.

Pro tip — we only got a refund after we started dropping F bombs in the emails. Apparently, f**k is the magic word.” Says Sam P. from Dever

Anthony D.  says “I ordered suits on 2/26/17 on their website.  Shipping was listed as 3-5 days. Long story short, it’s 4/12/17, and still no suits – and customer service still has no date for me when I’ll receive them.”

Read more here 

Return policies and on time delivery is one area they must address going forward if they are to stand the test of time. It’s no fluke how online retail giants like Amazon are widely trusted to deliver.

In Conclusion

Combatant gentlemen do have really decent suits at rock bottom prices. They are of more quality than some of the more pricey suits at Macy’s. You should have one or a couple of the suits in your closet, they are trending now and I guess they can only get better in the future.

However, customers don’t want misleading information on product tags and would rather be pre-informed of what they are getting, where it was made and precise date of when their purchases will arrive.

If you own or have done business with this company please share your experiences in the comment section. If you are just hearing of the brand for the first time I hope this short review has enlightened you a bit. Thanks for reading thus far.


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