Cocktail Mixing Sets

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Deluxe Mixology Case

“Your cocktail-making future is inside this elegant suitcase. It’s provisioned with a dozen hard-to-find botanicals from around the world and equipped with a full set of professional bar tools, moving you beyond the classics and into crafting extraordinary signature drinks. A deck of 20 botanical cards with recipes and recommendations for the included herbs, seeds, spices, flowers, and citrus completes this beautiful set.”

deluxe mixology case

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Moscow Mule Carry-On Cocktail Kit

“Pilot your own takeoff with this personal cocktail kit made for a couple of jetsetters. The kit will sail through security and supply you with all you need to make two craft cocktails during your flight: small-batch ginger syrup, a stainless steel jigger, linen cocktail napkin, mini bar spoon, and recipe card. Just order a mini bottle of vodka and your mules will be kicking in a jiffy. The flight-themed tin adds a dash of first-class flair to the affair. Consumables sourced in the USA; kit developed and assembled in the USA.”

moscow mule carry on cocktail kit

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Champagne Carry-On Cocktail Kit

“Love will certainly be in the air when you toast to your romance with this carry-on cocktail kit that’s made for a couple of jetsetters. Celebrate in style and make the most of your flight’s bar cart by whipping up a pair of champagne cocktails spiked with aromatic elderflower. The flight-themed tin adds a dash of first-class flair to your on-the-move mixology. A surefire way to enjoy your time in the air and with the person you love, this kit and a splash of bubbly will perk up your spirits as you zip off to some far-flung locale for your honeymoon or anniversary.”

champagne carry on cocktail kit

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Old Fashioned Carry-On Cocktail Kit

“Make it a smooth flight with Old Fashioneds for two when you carry on this personal cocktail kit. The kit will sail through security and supply you with everything you need to practice your mixology at 30,000 feet: pure cane sugar, small batch bitters, and a mini bar spoon / muddler. Just order a mini bottle of rye, and mix up a classic, jet set cocktail at your personal, one-seat bar. The flight-themed tin and linen coaster add a dash of first-class flair to the affair.”

old fashioned carry on cocktail kit

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Mixology Cocktail Kit

“The art of the cocktail meets mad-scientist and creative chemistry in this molecular mixology kit. Deconstruct your favorite drinks, change their look, feel, and presentation, impress your guests, and take your tastebuds on an extraordinary adventure. Serve your mojitos with a flavor bubble that bursts in your mouth, bite into a layered martini, or add a touch of airy lime foam to your tequila shots! This comprehensive, DIY kit includes four pre-measured food additives, four specialized cocktail tools, and a 30-recipe DVD to facilitate your futuristic concoctions.”

mixology cocktail kit

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Lab Cocktail Set

“Celebrate the science of mixology! This set has the tools needed for creating the perfect concoction: a mixing flask and stirrer, lab flask glasses, test tube shot glasses, and a tray to securely carry it all on. Just the formula you need for a good time, served neat and with a twist.”

lab cocktail set lab cocktail set

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Unbreakable Cocktail Glasses – Set of 6

“Ask for your cocktail on the rocks–and really mean it–with this set of unbreakable glasses. Featuring the look and feel of a classic highball, this sturdy set is made from BPA-free copolyester, making it resistant to cracks, chips, and breakage.”

unbreakable cocktail glasses

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Barrel Aged Cocktail Kit

“Barrel aged cocktails are one of the latest trends in mixology in which pre-mixed cocktails are placed in barrels to mature. The technique’s purpose is to change the cocktail’s character and flavor, mellowing any sharper flavors in the same way wines and distilled spirits are aged. This kit was developed to allow for barrel aging on a smaller scale. Rather than filling a whole barrel with a cocktail and waiting months for it to mature, the barrel aged cocktail kit allows cocktail enthusiasts to make a smaller batch, which will mature in about two weeks.”

barrel aged cocktail kit

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Molecular Mixology Kit – Gin & Tonic

“Did you ever think you’d have your eureka moment with a gin and tonic in hand? This molecular gastronomy kit is specially tailored to make unique concoctions based on the classic mixed drink. Experiment with cinchona bark – the original source of quinine – and natural food additives to spruce up each refreshing drink with colorful foam or beaded tonic. Your impressed party guests will applaud your latest discovery in modern mixology. Instructional booklet, 2 pipettes, a slotted spoon, and a silicon mold included. Materials from Canada and China. Assembled in Canada.”

molecular mixology kit gin tonic

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