Classic Shirts and Jeans Combinations


Top Classic Shirts and Jeans Combinations Every Man Should Rock

Although picking a shirt to wear with jeans should be very easy, sometimes things can get really cloudy at times that you become confused as to what to wear. In this guide, we have compiled some of the very best ways you can wear shirts with jeans. It is by no means an exhaustive list but at the very least it should get you started. Let this article be a mini guide for you. Something you can build on.

 checked shirt with stone wash jeans

Shirt and Jeans for Men

Shirts and jeans are one of the basic wears every guy’s needs. We all started off with them. They are cornerstone clothing that you should pay more attention to. Don’t just jump in on a jean and shirt for the fun of it. Throw in some excitement and people will notice. If you are successful at combining jeans and shirt properly you have just hit a goldmine that can stand the test of time.

 rippled jeans and jumpers

One a first date, heading to the clubhouse or you just want to visit the Pub, jeans and shirt can successfully present you as someone who is stylish. A good shirt and jeans can present you in a stylish manner that is ideal for both casual and smart-casual occasions.

Chelsea boots, dark jeans and plain white sleeve

Investing in a couple of jeans and shirts must be a wardrobe goal for guys who know how dressing works. If you want to stay on top of your game look to the countless combination of well put jeans and shirts.

Dressing Smart with Jeans and Shirts

Dressing smart with jeans and shirts is a lot harder to pull off than going casual with jeans. Well-ironed shirts are the go-to shirts for most formal occasions. A tuxedo isn’t complete without them. Achieving a smart look with jeans is hard to pull off but it can be done. What most guys lack is the knowledge of how to combine textures and colors together.

What Jeans to Wear for Smart Look?

To achieve a formal look with jeans, you must know the right pair of jeans to use.  Pairing a neutral checked shirt with a blue denim jean will automatically make the outfit look more casual rather than formal.  Go for darker colored jeans if you want to the combination to look more formal than casual. The darker colored jean serves to give the jeans a sleeker appearance than will regular blue denim jeans.

 bag jeans and shirt combination

For formal/smart appearances, black or navy colored jeans are the best. If the outfit still looks casual, try to go ultra-smart by using formal footwear. Desert boots can blend in well with this setup.  Make sure that the shirt you pick compliments the jeans you wear.

 sweatshirts and black jeans outfit

What to wear with Jeans (Upper Half)

Double owns in denim has seen its up and downs in recent times. While others frown at it there are still those who think it’s cool. Attempting this trend or not is a matter of choice but we would advise that you try out a softer approach to achieve something that is both on trend and looks well put together.

 denim on denim outfit combo

Choose lightweight denim over a heavy one. Pick those that are fully buttoned up and fitted to achieve a smarter look. If you are planning to give yourself the clean fitted look, lightweight denim is a better option that heavyweight denim. Experiment with a blue denim shirt and black jeans rather than blue on blue. This approach will still give you the unpopular denim look but with a little subtlety.

Pairing Shirts with Slim Fitted Jeans

Slim fit jeans are not skinny jeans. You will do well to recognize the difference. Keep all your skinny jeans for informal and casual occasions they don’t and shouldn’t be worn for smart occasions. Stick with slim fit jeans that can give you the perfect combination of a dapper look and comfort.

complete outfiting with jeans and scarf

Off the smart dress record, skinny jeans paired with a smart dress can give create different symmetries for your outfit. Layering the formal shirt with a lumber jacket or bomber jacket will give you a smart casual look. Use this combo to places where you don’t want to look overly dressed but you still want to look nice.

polo shirt on blue jeans

style icon on blue jeans

black jeans on sweatshirt

 rippled jeans combination


 addidas tee on black rippled jeans and trainers