A Simple Look at Tan Shoes for Men

Every man should own a pair of Tan shoes. They are incredibly fashionable these days. To help you make the right choice of Tan shoes we have compiled a simple guide on shopping for Tan shoes with top notch advice on what outfits best matches them.

Tan is not a color that is popularly appreciated by men but we feel it’s because of the misconceptions going around. With a little more enlightenment we hope this color gradually becomes more acceptable by stylish men out there. Tan shoes can and will match most wears brown shoes go with, this is because the colors are complementary in every way. I have seen men who couldn’t successfully tell the difference between Tan and Brown.

Buying Tan Shoes for Men(Recommended Products)

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Outfits that go with Tan Shoes

Tan shoes are in a wide variety of types, styles and designs. So finding one is not a problem. You might just be faced with the problem of choice and how to pair them properly. From your regular suits to blazers, dress shirts, T-shirts, jumpers, lumber jacks, chinos and jeans we can find very good matching combinations for tan colored shoes.

Tan Shoes and Formal Wears – Nailing it Right

Just like we choose red brogues for our formal attires when pairing red shoes, Tan brogues is our best bet when it comes to formal shoes. The reason is because of its ease and eye catching characteristics. Keeping accessories to the minimum match outfits with tan shoes just as you would brown shoes. For most formal events, dress codes are mainly stated in the invitation card and only if stated should you wear tan shoes. Never try to replace it with black shoes in a black tie event.

Tan brogues will pair nicely with your regular 2 or 3 piece suits. Think dark navy or mid grey suits to pair with your tan shoes. Match the brogues with the tone of your formal looks and depending on the color of your suits you would match a light dress shirt with a light suit or a darker dress shirt with a dark suit.

If you are looking to get really stylish, pair a navy blue 3 piece suit with a tan shoe, tan belt and carry along a tan leather briefcase. O boy, you just nailed it.

Tan Shoes and Casual Wears – Nailing it Right

Rocking Tan Shoes with Confidence Rocking Tan Shoes with Confidence

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For casual wears, think tan loafers only. They are smart, easy to wear, stylish and can complement most casual wears from jeans, chinos, jackets to shorts and polo shirts. Light blue shirt combined with white shorts is a steal with tan belts and tan shoes.

Style your outfits around your tan loafers. Play with causal designs, experimenting with different shades and texture. For some daring causal examples, pair a light tan loafer with a blue faded jeans for the lower half, complement that with a blue dress shirt and an off white jacket. With a deep colored tan shoe, pair with an oxblood chinos, a white t-shirt and a navy blue jacket. For that semi- formal vibe, look to combine a tan suede loafer with a beige chinos and a folded white Henley shirt. Crown that semi vibe with a light leather tan briefcase and you will look dashing.

Same Colored Briefcase, Tan Shoe & Belt Same Colored Briefcase, Tan Shoe & Belt
Deep tan loafer, Jeans & BlazerDeep tan loafer, Jeans & Blazer

Still on the semi-formal expression with tan, get going with a tan suede tassel loafers matched with a tan plaid blazer at the upper half with an inner Beige crew-neck sweater.

Tan with Shorts & Hat to matchTan with Shorts & Hat to match
Nice complementary Jacket Nice complementary Jacket

Light Tan Shoes are a Steal

Light tan shoes are a steal with most beige outfit combinations. Light tan will work seamlessly with both formal and casual occasions. Formal events will call for formal light tan shoes while casual events will go well with a light tan loafer or a light tan trainer. Look also to pair light tan with neutral colors like white, beige or caramel.

In conclusion

So here you have it. Tan and brown are closely related colors. Normally what goes with brown will often work well with tan. Just make sure your dress shirts are fitted so you don’t appear outdated. Stay in style and dress appropriately as the occasion demands.


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