Intro : Leather Briefcases for Men

Leather Briefcases are narrow hard-sided box shaped bag or case used mainly for carrying papers and other documents and equipped with a handle,mostly used by professionals, lawyers, doctors and business men to carry important papers and documents.

Briefcases have been in existence since the 14th century for carrying money and valuables, but the modern rectangular suitcase was invented in the later 1850s.

The briefcase is a classic bag to add to any man’s wardrobe. It is a great choice for work, but modern models will go equally well with a casual outfits. You can find various cases made  from leather, canvas, vinyl, metal and suitable fabrics.

Briefcases have made their way into symbolic iconic roles in society.

There are 2 broad classes of briefcases,  the soft sided brief case and hard-sided briefcase. The hard sided brief case typically has a skeletal frame made from cardboard, plastic or aluminium with material serum around it making a rigid book-like bag. The soft sided brief case encompasses pretty much of every other type of brief case made without frame.

The main material for making briefcases is leather, because of its durability and attractive. Leather is the most common material for hard sided and soft-sided briefcases with little maintenance, leather can last for years and still look stylish.

The top-grain and full-grain leather are the most durable hides for leather briefcases, but split-grain and corrected-grain leather are attractive economic options. Suede, the soft side of split leather is sometimes used to line leather vases,but it makes a less durable choice for exterior bag surfaces.

Briefcase come various shapes and sizes, and it depends on the user to know the option to go for.

A trendy and professional, stylish luxury leather briefcase is the epitome of confidence and standard, especially if its a handmade leather briefcase.

Leather briefcases come in various styles such as vintage, contemporary, Italian and rugged leather styles.

Features of a leather Briefcase

A nice, quality leather briefcase has some features which can distinguish it from others such as ;

  1. Color: brown, black etc
  2. Reasonable dimensions 15 (weight) *5(D)* 11(height).
  3. At least 3 internal compartment.
  4. One big pocket in the front side
  5. Internal walls attached 2 upper pockets in inner side
  6. Middle compartment walls are cushioned to keep your laptop.
  7. Quality adjustable strap.

Tips to Know When Buying a Briefcase


The stitching should be strong, even and consistent and should not have any loose thread both on the leather and on the lening inside the case.


It should have a strong zipper, metallic zippers preferably, that can last long and present less problems. Check the zippers, run them, open and close them a few times and ensure all the zippers present are working line.

Grain of the leather

Full-grain leather is the best option in terms of durability and aesthetics (bearity) followed by top-grain leather which is an excellent alternatives to the good stuff.


Briefcases which has hinges such as the hard sided briefcase, you need to have it in mind they will be working each time the briefcase is opened and closed. You have to inspect them before buying the case to ensure they are strong enough and will not give in only after a few swings.

Handles/ Straps

The handle of brief case will take the most hits in the lifetime of the bag because where it is fitted on the case is the place most weight lifting will be done, always take note that the handle is secured on the briefcase, be it glued, stitched, or mechanically mounted onto the briefcase, make sure the handle is strong enough by lifting and swinging the brief case a few times and ensure it is strong enough for the job.

The briefcase is the modern office man’s ultimate accessory and also the classic leather brief case is one of the most fashionable and elegant accessories to take to the office.

Modern Leather briefcase
Modern Leather briefcase
slim fit italian leather briefcase
slim fit italian leather briefcase
soild black leather briefcase
soild black leather briefcase
professional leather briefcase
professional leather briefcase
Vintage Leather Briefcase
Vintage Leather Briefcase

A classic leather briefcase exudes professionalism.

Leather briefcase presents an image of wealth, power and success and are common in different brands and varieties.

Classic leather briefcases comes in  different shapes, sizes and styles, and you can pick and choose among these varieties based on what your needs are and what kind of style you are comfortable with.

Give them a try


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