Good Shoes to wear with Blue Jeans (outfit Combinations)

Blue jeans are the nicest alternative to black jeans. They are equally versatile for everyday wear for office or for casual occasions. We have put together a guide to help you pair the right shoes with your blue jeans. Pairing good shoes with blue jeans is not rocket science, anyone can pull it off but if you are looking for some inspiration, then this guide is for you.

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Jeans come in a lot of textures, cuts and color shades to the extent that picking a matching shoe might seem like a daunting task. So how do you go about it, on the one hand, you are gifted with lots of blue jeans styles to pick from and on the other hand millions of shoe types to choose from. How do you marry both into a matching outfit?

What Kind of Dress Shoes should you wear with Jeans?

Most guys love jeans, either because you can pair them with a lot of clothes or just because they hate shopping to discover new clothe combo. Whatever the case might be, jeans are a must-have, not just one or two but several pairs of jeans in various shades. A very good pair go jeans more often than not is a strong investment that serves multiple purposes. Find below style examples and inspiration on all you need to know about pairing shoes with different styles of blue jeans.

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The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of a shoe to match with jean is to go for trainers or a nice pair of boat shoes. While those options are good most people are still not in tune with the idea that jeans can work equally well with dress shoes. For these simple rules below when you find yourself thinking of what shoes to wear with jeans:

  1. Firstly, pick a dressier jeans style. If you want to wear dress shoes with jeans you must avoid ripped jeans or jeans full of holes. They just don’t work together. I have seen people pair them up but it has always left me confused. Turn up your jeans to expose the dress shoes or wear skinny jeans.
  2. Pick dress shoes that aren’t too dressy. Why do I say so? We need to balance things out. The casualness of a jean and the formality of dress shoes should meet at a point where your outfit can be seen as smart-casual.
  3. Talking about smart casual, balance out the rest of the outfit in the same way. Wear a jacket or blazer with a t-shirt and no tie.

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Following these steps and you have just nailed the smart casual look pairing a dress show with a jean. This is how it’s done, it doesn’t get better than this guys. Analyze the smart casual pics below for more inspiration.

 Shoe Options to consider with Blue Jeans

Tan Dress Shoes

For tan dress shoes, complimentary colors include creams and camels, so look to clothes with such color shades

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Brown Dress Shoes

Some people would rather have you not wear brown shoes with black jeans. However, there are some shades of brown (darker) that blends seamlessly with black jeans. Brown shoes, however, is a blue jeans favorite, they are like blood brothers.

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Black Dress Shoes

No shoe color beat the versatile of a black shoe; they are the go-to color when you want to play things safe.  Whether you are wearing black, blue, grey or white jeans, black shoes will match any day anytime.

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Jeans and Shoe Combination

Let’s look into some blue hue color combination you’d consider with shoes. It is widely accepted that blue jeans are the most popular jeans on the market. They are exceptionally versatile to the extent that they complement a lot of outfits. Stick to a particular tone color to get the most from blue jeans and avoid clashing colors. For example, very pale blue jeans will work wonders if paired with a white shirt.

Nail off-duty dressing with this combination of a white crew-neck t-shirt and blue jeans. Smarten up your outfit with khaki suede chelsea boots. Shop this look on Lookastic: — White Crew-neck T-shirt — Blue Jeans — Tan Suede Chelsea Boots Die: White Sneakers + Dark Blue Jeans + Lightblue Simple Shirt + Red V-Sweater

Light blue jeans are good looking during summer because they are functional as well as practical. They do not trap heat within as do darker jeans. For the ultimate holiday vibe, pair with a loafer and a printed T-shirt.

This combination of a tan coat and baby blue destroyed skinny jeans is perfect for a night out or smart-casual occasions. A pair of brown leather oxford shoes will bring a strong and masculine feel to any ensemble. Shop this look on Lookastic: — Tan Blazer — Navy Pocket Square — Grey Crew-neck T-shirt — Light Blue Ripped Skinny Jeans — Tan Leather Holdall — Brown Leather Oxford Shoes #ad

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Whatever can be paired properly with black jeans should equally work well with dark blue jeans.

How To Rock Business Casual Attire For Men With Balance.

Color combos like blue and green would not make my list. They are two odd color combos I hardly see. Keep the fashion police off your back by using a color-wheel to find complementary colors that match. Black and brown, although fashion gurus don’t advice on them, can be put together for a casual setting. Try on black jeans with a nice colored T-shirt and brown loafers. Check yourself out standing next to a mirror; now tell me if that wasn’t a great combo?

Blue Jeans and shoe Combinations

Now for the main reason, this article was written, blue jeans and shoe combination. How to pair the right shoes with blue jeans. Bule jeans have been around for a long time and were first created in 1871 by Jacob W. Davis and Levi Strauss & Co. This is where the Iconic jeans brand, Levi, got its name from. For inspiration on what shoes to wear with blue jeans, keep reading below.

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What Shoes pair well with Blue Jeans?

Honestly, the most complimentary color of shoes will go well with blue jeans. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve with your outfits. The upper clothes and color you pair them with will determine to a large extent the final overall outfit look. Black shoes with blue jeans are a personal favorite of mine especially when I pair them up with other black upper outfits.  Brown shoes are very smart looking on blue jeans.

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What Color of Shoes should you be wearing with Blue Jeans?

White shoes (trainers) are good on blue jeans; just make sure the occasion demands it. They can easily pick up dirt during the day. Stay clear if you foresee things could get messy during your daily activities.

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Boat shoes and almost all types of trainers were made with blue jeans in mind. Look up most advertisement of new trainers and boat shoes, 95% of the models are pairing these shoes with different shades if jeans. Flip flops and blue jeans can quickly get you into the summer vibe that we all love. Don’t forget to roll up the jeans a little to accentuate the footwear, roll-ups are in trend now.

Pairing shoes with raw Denim

Raw denim are a pair of denim jeans that haven’t gone through the rigorous process of washing like all other jeans. They remain dry, unwashed and rugged.

They mainly come out in deep blue color, left untreated and straight of the loom. That raw denim is unwashed or untreated doesn’t mean you don’t have to keep it clean by washing. That would be very dirty of you. Wouldn’t it? The different shades of blue jeans you see today in stores were at some point in the manufacturing process “Raw Denim”. Get my point!

Pair the deep blue coloration of the raw denim with a lighter shade of blue boat shoes or loafers. This will accentuate the deep blue coloration of the raw denim jeans. Pair also with a good contrasting color like white trainers or any other color at the opposite end of the color wheel spectrum.

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If you want to stand out from the crowd, try pairing the raw denim with a metallic tone shoe. This can really bring out the natural sheen of the denim jeans.

What Shoes can I wear with Blue Skinny Jeans?

Skinny jeans are probably some of the most popular types of jeans worn out there. They can be dressed up or down to suit most occasions. You can pair them with Dr. Martens, loafers and most dress shoes you can think of. Trainers are a winner with skinny jeans too.

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What to Wear with Light Blue Jeans?

By now you should have had lots of inspiration on shoes to wear with your blue jeans if however you still have problems pairing them stick to cool tones such as creams whites, tans and blues during spring and summer months. You will find these colors richly in flip flops, boat shoes, and dress shoes.

You can opt for Plimsolls rather than trainers during summer because of their lightweight.

Shoes to wear with blue Jeans in a Nutshell

  • Never use dress shoes with baggy jeans. That’s a fashion mistake. If you must use them with jeans, use them with skinny and slim fitted jeans.
  • Trainers and blue jeans are the ultimate casual combination. Anything goes with this combo
  • If you are going to wear your jeans with boots make sure they sit just on top the boots to show them both in a stylish manner
  • For the smart casual look with blue jeans, pair with nice looking blazers and loafers to spice things up.

In Conclusion

The options of shoes to wear with blue jeans are pretty wide. Bookmark and refer back to this guide when you need a little combo combination inspiration. From brogues, loafers to sneakers and trainers, your shoe options are numerous. Be bold and confident about yourself and use this guide to help push you in the right fashion dress path.


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