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Blue is the Color, Fashion Color Blue

The Blue ‘is the color of silence, calm, and tranquility, the tenderness, the joy of life: it is the color of contemplation and spirituality, leads to peace, to the placid and deep satisfaction or adaptation or harmony.

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The “blue” character is sweet and gentle, tender, romantic, simple, sensitive, love nature, animals, and children, it has great spirit, good faith, ingenuity, and dedication, usually has a youthful appearance, and gives off a strong sense of calm.

I appreciate the sincerity and honesty, seeking friendly and long-lasting relationships, loves to study, reflect, is attracted by the mystery. Able to communicate very well and is expressed with great ease. It ‘a person trustworthy and faithful.

He succeeds very well in intellectual activities, is a good companion, sensitive, tolerant, loving and not at all jealous.

Blue calms and relaxes the mind helping us to open ourselves to the metaphysical world: a bathroom in blue color is an element injection space and is a powerful refreshing and soothing.

This is what he wrote Vassilly Kandinsky in his writings on the symbolism of color:

“Blue is similar to a flute, the dark blue looks like a cello, becoming increasingly gloomy, to the wonderful sounds of the double bass; in its deepest form, solemn, the blue sound is comparable to the deep tones of the organ. “

Blue Tassel Loafers

Style Inspiration

A statement piece on blue suits in different shades

Blue Jacket
deep Blue Jacket
light blue jacket
light blue jacket


Blue Pants style inspiration

Nice Casual

Light blue Blazer, great summer style

Blue on blue Outfit inspiration

Combining different shades of blue is the golden rule of pulling off a blue on blue outfit rightly.

5 Men's Key Look for 2015 Spring/Summer: 1. All-Blue Outfit Lookbook Inspiration

Blue shoe style Inspiration

Skinny Fit For Spring - Mens Fashion Magazine
Skinny Fit For Spring – Blue shoes
Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals Superstar 'Supercolor' Light Blue really want these!
Pharrell Williams x adidas Originals Superstar ‘Supercolor’ Light Blue
Black and Navy, with Blue Suede Tassel Loafers. Men's Fall Winter Fashion.

Men,s Handmade loafer shoes, royal blue suede shoe for men, men tassel dress sho - Casual
Handmade loafer shoes, royal blue suede shoe for men

Pictures are truly worth a thousand words.

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