Nailing this Trendy Combination Right

Black pants outfit combinations, not a big deal. Should be easy to find matching outfits, just pair it with a black shoe and a white shirt and you are good to go. Yes, that’s cool only if you prefer to dress like the average fashion Joe. If you do choose to break out of the ordinary, into more daring combinations then read on to discover how to effectively pair black pants with brown shoes and other daring color upper half outfits.

For once leave the comfort of your regular black pants black shoe combinations. For now we will be replacing them with brown shoes. When color matching, black is the standard ordinary choice for beginners. Time to move on. Replacing the black shoes with brown ones is slightly less conventional but still retains the traditional look.

Black Pants Brown Shoes

I often come across this question all the time “Is it ok to wear black pants with brown shoes”. Emphatically yes, it’s a thousand and one times ok to combine a black pant with brown shoes. In fact it’s absolutely badass to combine them together. Look to pair brown suede shoes with a tapered black denim pants and you have just nailed the look. For a casual killer design try combining a camel –brown trainers with black pants and pick a sleet fitted button up shirt. You are good to go.

Style they say “Is a state of the mind”.

black jeans brown shoes cardigan shirtblack jeans brown shoes cardigan shirt
Heritage Mens Brown Brushed Effect Chukka BootsHeritage Mens Brown Brushed Effect Chukka Boots
Delli Aldo Brown Wing Tip Oxford dress shoeDelli Aldo Brown Wing Tip Oxford dress shoe

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Black Jeans Brown Shoes: Outfit combination

Yes it will work and yes it will fail. Am not you and I don’t know your dress sense but if you follow the approach I lay out in this article your chances of pulling it off can increase exponentially. One rule of trump is to pair lighter shade for a darker shade and vice versa. What this simply means is that if you are going to put on a light brown shoe pair with a deep black jean and vice versa. Well, rules are met to be broken.

If you are going to work with layers, I did prefer if your black jeans is paired with an equally black dress shirt or white dress top. This simple neutrality will give you enough room to go bolder with your jacket.

Lookbook Combination (Black Jeans Brown Shoes)

Navy blue jacket, white t-shirtNavy blue jacket, white t-shirt
Green jacket, dark grey t-shirtGreen jacket, dark grey t-shirt
super skinny jeanssuper skinny jeans
Black jeans, casual brown shoesBlack jeans, casual brown shoes

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Dark green jacket, dark grey t-shirt, brown belt, black jeans and brown shoes. You should notice how the belts of the first two pictures above are in sync with the color of the shoes. Notice also how pairing with a white or black t-shirt ensures we can experiment with bolder colors with jackets.

Get the look of the young lad with a superskinny black jeans, brown leather boots a classic neutral white tee shirt layered with a green parka jacket.

Also look to use a light grey coat or jacket with this black jeans brown show combination. This keeps the color terms the same overall giving a uniform look. Use sparingly other accessories like a dress scarf or a fedora hat to match.

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Black Suit Brown Shoe Outfit Combination

You don’t have to always pair black suits with black shoes, that’s what everyone else is doing. Although this combination creates a smooth uniformed finish for formal events you can still break away from the norm to appear slightly casual. Brown shoes instead of black can help with that and the best part is that they look awesome.

To pull this look off, you will be better with a dark brown shoe in other to keep the balance between the black suit and dark brown shoe streamlined. A light brown shoe might appear to be remarkably out of place with the black suit creating a contrast between the outfit that’s not pleasing. Go shopping for dark brown brogues, they will fit in just fine.

Lookbook Combination (Black Suit Brown Shoes)

Black suit brown shoes combination 1
Black suit brown shoes combination 2
Black suit brown shoes combination 3
Black suit brown shoes combination 4
Black suit brown shoes combination 5
Black suit brown shoes combination 6

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Outfitting with Brown boots

Outfitting brown boots on black does make sense considering that there are a lot of boots out there that can serve for both casual and formal wears. The popular Chelsea boots are a good multipurpose boots that can easily transit between casual and formal. Other classes might just be good enough for only formal or only casual wears.

Suiting up with Brown Boots

Brown boots dress code 1
Brown boots dress code 2
Brown boots dress code 3

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The first picture demonstrates the power of combining colors rightly. To match his black dress pants he has opted for a dark Chelsea boots creating a synergy between both colors that work well. He also has combined the power of neutrality by putting on a black polo inner shirt and a black overcoat.

The second picture has black tone written all over it. The plaid jacket has a black under tone to it matched with black pants, brown laced boots and a black beanie accessory to match.

The third picture is my best. Check out the way his Chelsea boots matches the dark Brown overcoat. He has also chosen to be more expressfull with a charcoal waistcoat, a tan turtleneck and navy chambray long sleeve shirt. It can’t get better than this.

Adding layers to your attire is a function of the kind of dress shirt you wear. To keep things versatile, use a grey or white T-shirt. Finish off the casual outfit with beanie hat for that extra laid back look. Pair up a brown or black leather messenger black to finish off the formal look.

Final Word

Paring brown shoes with black pants can be fun especially if you know how to pull it off. For the advice laid out in this article be rest assured you are on the right track. The varying degrees of brown might try to confuse you from tan to light brown to deep brown, the rule of thump is to develop and eye of contrast and with enough practice you can get it right.

Wear brown with confidence and avoid like a plague, looking apologetic because you feel people will notice an error. If look confident on it people will notice. Lastly, keep an eye for other sophistication on brown shoes like laces and stitching color.



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