Best Winter and Autumn Boots for Men


Best Winter and Autumn Boots for Men

Winter is fast approaching, time to stuck up on some footwear that will help fight the cold. In this guide, we have put together the choicest pairs of boots for men.

First Snow!

Once things start seeming a little breaker. The sun isn’t where it ought to be and the days are getting colder, summer memories are fading away. Then you know that winter is around the corner.  It’s not bad as we are making it seem but it just means that it’s time to change up your dress gear. Those favorite winter clothes seem more appealing now but what are the best boots to help combat the cold?

"Winter is Coming..." Ah, wintertime. From the warm fireplaces to the holiday (disclaimer: is a non-denominational men's fashion resource) lights glistening on the fresh, powdery snow to the general retirement of pumpkin spice (thank god), winter is a season everyone can enjoy. Subdued colors, more pronounced textures, and an emphasis on not freezing to death are accentuated as we make the shift to a colder weather wardrobe. As always, this is by no means...

Once leaves that falling you don’t need an oracle to tell you it’s time to do away with summer sandals and bring out the boots. It’s wrong to go after the heaviest, bulkiest boots out there hoping you get things right. Winter boots listed here will keep your feet warm and dry and help you stay stylish at the same time.

Men’s Winter Shoes

Winter is synonymous with cold temperatures with some areas recording degree Celsius in negative territory. Nothing feels bad than wet freezing feet in inappropriate boots. You need to arm yourself with the best boots and shoes for winter. The best and surefire way to go about this is to invest in a solid pair of winter shoes for men.

Let it snow. We have must-have parkas in the perfect weights and lengths to keep you covered, whatever the weather.

The Very Best Winter Boots for Men

They are plenty of stylish boots for men in departmental and online stores. It’s time to start looking at some of the best and nicest pairs to look out for this cold season. Let’s take you on a ride on the best winter boots for men and how to style them properly.

Chelsea Boots

ORO Los Angeles Suede Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots have been widely popularized by English rock stars. With a fine leather finish that makes them one of the sleekest and stylish boots to own. Chelsea boots feature leather uppers that keep the boot hugging on your foot while there are elastic band materials on the sides that ensures it fits your foot. The introduction of a loop tab at the top ensures that there is no need for laces. Pair with a trench coat this winter season for a preppy look.

Olive bonded trench coat and animal print Chelsea boots on the runway of the Burberry A/W13 Menswear show

For a more formal attire, Chelsea boots are increasing becoming more fashionable. To add an interesting yet contemporary look to your outfit pair a black Chelsea boot with a black suit.

Suede Chelsea boots are a very nice way to add a textural element to your dress outfit. Although they are much harder to maintain than leather boots they are also much more stylish. Whether you choose dark grey or black or you opt for a natural tan tone, suede will definitely add a positive spin to your outfit.

Combat Boots

Combat Boots

Next, to the stylish Chelsea boots, Combat boots are one of the best boots for combating the winter cold. Most are made from very rugged exteriors, metal eyelets and study soles that is durable and strong. Combat boots will get you through the most rugged of terrains in the harshest weather conditions. So if you want something that is functional to combat extreme cold you should invest in a quality pair of combat boots.

Combat Boots for men


  • Rugged durable leathers to trap in heat and keep cold out
  • Strong durable soles
  • Water resistant wax finish

black boots and black jeans

Chukka Boots

chukka Boots

Chukkas have grown in popularity from their desert sand function to an all-round staple men’s wear. Perfect for light cold and moderate winter weather chukka boots are versatile and functional. Most have a rubber sole needed for improved traction but for more rigid support the soles are fortified with a combination of wood and rubber. If you want to rock the chukka boot, opt to pair them with a camo bomber jacket to mimic its military history.

Red wing Chukka boots
Redwing Chukka boots

Like Chelsea boots, Chukka boots still come in suede. These suede variations are called desert boots and are perfect for a stroll around the city. Wear fitted jeans and a crew neck shirt with your desert boots to slide into an autumn casual vibe.

Hiking Boots for Men

True outdoorsmen should have a couple of hiking boots for navigation of the most rugged terrains in the environment. They come enforced vulcanized rubber sole and solid leather exteriors that will keep winter cold at bay. They were built specifically to withstand traction on major cold surfaces.

Hiking Boots for Men

They feature high-rise ankle design and impenetrable water tight leathers to provide stability, support, and protection.  For snugger fit and extra warmth, additional insulation can be stitched inside the interior. All you need to style these boots are a bomber jacket, black jeans and freeze-proof parka jackets to cover your tracks.

The Best Winter/Autumn Boots for Men

(In a Nutshell)

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  • Winter is the season to do away for some time your summer clothes and attires. Leave out those beach summer sandals and low-cut loafers that weren’t built to deal with the cold.
  • Chelsea boots are stylish as well as functional. They are the most stylish boots you can wear during the autumn and winter season. They might not be the best when it comes to protecting your feet from the cold but they definitely need to be in your closet during mild cold weather.
  • Combat boots are the most functional winter boots. They do exactly what they are made for “Protecting your feet from the cold”. If cold weather is a major concern for you opt for combat boots to get you through the most freezing conditions.
  • Chukka boots are like Chelsea boots. They are equally versatile and comfortable. Use a jean and camo tope with these boots.
  • Hiking boots like Timberland boots are stylish and great outdoor footwear for men.

In Conclusion

Thanks to this quick guide you now have information on the kind of boots you should consider for autumn and winter. Invest in a couple of pairs, it’s our recommendation that you have at least one each of the boots listed in this guide for various occasions and to combat varying degree of cold during winter.  Ensure you keep your wardrobe up to date with clothes that can match these boots. Lastly, there is no better time to buy them than now, just before the winter season arrives.


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