Best Trousers to Wear During Summer


Best Trousers to Wear During Summer

During the hot summer months, wearing shorts are ideal, but not for all occasions. There are times when using shorts are practically out of place with the event or occasion at hand. In instances like this, you need to use appropriate trousers suitable for the occasion while putting the heat into consideration. The trousers you wear must complement the event and at the same time help combat the heat.

What are the best trousers to use doing summer?

Trousers, unlike shorts, can leave you soaked in sweat in unexpected hot weather. With the concern of global warming and constant heat waves, you need a style and material that is well aerated and doesn’t trap heat. In other to help you avoid the sweaty mess, we have put up a guide on the best summer trousers for men.

Black and White...simple and chic!

Men’s Summer Trousers

Unpredictable weather swings can leave you confused as to how you deal with the heat threat using clothes.  To combat the heat, go for a pair of trousers that aren’t too tight fitting. Skinny trousers will only take things from bad to worst. They will trap heat and get sweaty with sweat easily.  If you are by the sea, there is little room to roll them up.

The best materials that work well for summer are Linen and Cotton. Linen is a top choice because of its breathability. Whatever isn’t breathable should be avoided during summer.

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Because people are more active during summer, it’s always a wise choice to invest more of quality materials. Good fabrics that are breathable and light like linen should be at the top of your scale of preferences. At least you need them lasting for two years.

Most of us don’t really get the option to wear shorts in the office. How often have you seen bankers on shorts? So you can’t just wear shorts every day for the sake of summer.  It’s imperative that you get hold of proper trousers for events that demands it.

Best Men’s Color for Trousers During Summer

White Trousers

Unless if they are black linen trousers, skip wearing black. Black tarps heat and are not too appropriate for the heat. White, on the other hand, reflects heat rays ensuring that inner compartments say cool all day. Although white seems like a risky color to use (if you work well it can get stained easily) but if you can control and keep it neat white is the ideal color for hot days.

 linen trousers

White looks good on a blazer and shirt and can easily be dressed up or down for any occasion. Use other pieces of tonal color so you don’t appear too washed out in white. A simple t-shirt and a pair of white trainers can help you dress down white trousers. Avoid lighter color combination with white to avoid looking washed out.

Light Blue Pants for Men

If you are trying to avoid the sun’s rays then a light blue pant is your best bet plus they are one of the best alternatives to looking washed in white pants. Keep other color combo’s basic and simple. Without looking overdress or over the top, blue pants can subtly bring color excitement to your dress ensemble.  For family gatherings, summer weddings and meeting up with clients for launch, use blue.

light blue pants for men

Men’s Cropped Pants

Cropped pants are ideal for summer because they allow much room to help deal with the heat.  Without getting too hot, you can enjoy the heat while your legs stay cool. The recommended length of men’s cropped pants should ideally fall between the mid-calf to around the ankle region. Those that finish just above the knee are the best. It fits best if you can locate or have a tailor adjust the waist region so that they just fit in properly at the waist without the sophistication of a belt.

Cropped Pants, trousers

Accessorize your cropped pants with a pair of sunglasses and a simple t-shirt. Leave out heavy boots and chunky shoes in summer. Go for breathable easy footwear like loafers, vans, and trainers.

cropped pants

Tips on How to Wear Trousers in Summer

If you want to wear trousers properly during the summer you will need to think about light fabrics and light colors. Most people are used to winter cold and dressing. We get it. All those scarfs this scarf that attires will have to go. Don’t be the person that is stuck with a pair of black jeans while your mates make the most of the summer weather.

Avoid tight-fitting chinos rather opt for a pair with a slightly loose fit and breathable. Cotton and linen are very breathable fabrics. You can’t go wrong in those, plus they can be washed and dried out under the sun easily.  Black traps or absorbs sun rays, try to avoid black chinos altogether during summer.

The Best Chinos for Men

Chinos are very versatile. If you don’t own a few it’s high time you consider investing in a couple. Summer chinos are best if they are comfortable with you. If not, discard them. Irrespective of the color (apart from black) as long as they are comfortable then they can be worn in summer. Confidence is what will make most of your outfit work. Pair with a simple t-shirt or polo top for a relaxed vibe.

 best chinos for men

Twill Pants

Twill is heavy but breathable. Twill is a quality fabric made of breathable cotton. Twill’s construction is made in such a way that it doesn’t easily pick up dirt. What better fabric to use in busy summer days? This will help you avoid grass stains and chair dirt.

Formal Twill Pant
Formal twill pants

Next, twill is easy to maintain, can be ironed easily and creases fall out easily. They are also more durable than most fabrics in the open market. Twill will last a while before you end up with tiny holes all over.

Men's Twill Joggers
Twill Joggers

Best Linen Trousers

Saving the best for last, Linen is the most popular fabric of choice during summer. They are extracted from Flax plants and combines lightness and breathability to help deal with the heat. Most people claim linen fabrics are dated but if you get the right pair and fitting your can look contemporary in them.

Best linen trousers and pants for men

Manufacturers have worked tirelessly round the clock to ensure that linen fabrics were modernized.  Nowadays you can find them in a wide range of colors, texture, and shades. They no longer look like the choice material for old guys at the pool. The more you wear linen the better it gets, plus they normally don’t need too much ironing.


  • Light colors and fabric materials that are breathable are best during summer. Good options are tans, white and beige. Black absorbs the sun rays, trapping heat within. Unless there is enough room, avoid black altogether.
  • Linen, cotton or percentage mix of these materials is best during summer.
  • Linen has the potential to look and feel dated. Make sure you purchase the right pair and accessorize a little to appear modern.

On that Note

Summer months are shifting a little because of global warming. The heat sometimes gets intense in some areas. Arm yourself with the right clothing to cope with the impending heat wave sweeping across the globe. Prepare in advance, don’t wait till you need it. Get some light colored pants with shirts and shoes to match as the case may be.


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