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If you are slim then this guide is for you. If you aren’t sure what kind of suits is suited for slim people, this quick guide will put you in the right direction. We have put together this article to help slim guys find the perfect suit for most occasions.


It is no news that suits are men’s wardrobe staple. As a guy, you need some of these in different colors and style. Suits come in a lot of fits that it could be a daunting experience to find or tailor one down to your specific needs. Because slim guys are slim, lol, finding a fitting suit for their body size can be a task. Menfashionnow has compiled a list of rules, do’s and don’ts when you go on to purchase a new suit.

It is Important to Get the Proportions Right

When buying a suit for a slim guy, it’s important that you get the proportions right. The suit must fit in close to the shoulders, chest region and must crotch in on the trousers. The sleeves of the shirt you pair them with must end about half-inch beyond the jacket cuff. This gives an illusion that you are taller than the suit jacket and makes it more fitted to you.

slim men on suit

Ill-fitted suits are a no-no. The trousers you wear must be tailored to appear more dapper. There should be no bunching around the shoe area. The crotch area shouldn’t be too far down the legs to avoid the impression that it’s an ill-fitted suit.

 well fitted slim suit

Three or Two Button Suits

If you buy a three or two button suit, never do the last button. Leaving the bottom button undone will a help avoid the bulge that forms around the midriff creating a very unpleasant appearance. Look around you, as a man in a suit, this is something you must avoid.

Pro Tip

If you are wearing a three-button jacket…

  • it’s ideal, for photographs only to button the top(sometimes)
  • The middle button is always done, to create a waistline.
  • Lastly, leave the last (bottom) button undone.

If you rather prefer a two button jacket, then you need not worry about these rules.

Choosing the Right Color

If you are serious in drawing attention to your slim frame then adding bright colors could help you in that regard. A colorful shirt underneath a well-fitted blazer is a steal. To create a harmonious look accessorize with an appropriate pocket square.

navy suit for slim guys

Pro Tip

  • If you are not confident wearing bright colored suits, pair them with a natural color like black to tone things down. Wearing a bright colored suit and black trousers or jeans or the reverse is ideal. This will leave the one part of the combination in a toned down color.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Clothes for skinny guys can be hard to make look good. Guys differ a lot when it comes to body sizes and shapes. Care must be taken to purchase a fabric that complements your body shape. If you are slim, avoid lightweight fabrics as they can easily appear to hug your slimmer frame. Tweed or cotton which are a lot heavier than most can quickly create an illusion of weight.

If heavier fabrics won’t cut in for you during summer, use a heavier fabric for the waistcoat and a lightweight fabric for the blazer and with trousers to help you deal with the heat.

Three piece suits are extremely formal attires. If you want to keep warm we’d advise you use a tweed jacket during cooler months to keep warm.

Best suits for Slim Men

  • The very best are those that are fitting to create a flattering silhouette that helps to elevate your slimmer frame.
  • Use bright colors if you can. They will make you look a lot better
  • Opt for a heavy fabric rather than a lightweight fabric to give an illusion of weight
  • If you can opt for a two-button jacket rather than a three button jacket. Two-button jackets create better waistlines than three-button jackets and will make you appear less lanky.
  • Fitting is king. We cannot overemphasize how important that is.


After reading this short guide, skinny guys need not fear anymore. We have got you covered with this. Hopefully, the information in this write up will help you locate a perfect suit for your body shape. In all honesty, if you stick to these laid down rules you will be just fine.

If you wear suits incorrectly, they have the potential to make you either appear slimmer or bigger. It’s our opinion that slimmer guys wear what makes them look bigger the reverse is also the case for bigger guys.


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