50 Best Selling Gift Ideas for Men – Hottest Gifts Now (Updated)

Gifts ideas for men

Top 50: Best Gift Ideas for Men – Hottest Gifts Now (Updated)


Looking for best gift ideas for men can be a challenging task. It is easier to shop for a woman than a man. You can easily please a woman with things she already has just by buying a different color of the item. Not so with men, you have to be quite savvy to pull it off.

As long as you play the high value item card you will be safe. Men really appreciate high value items that are built to last. I have placed in various sections, 50 gift items mostly sort after by men around the globe. It doesn’t get better than this.

Whether you are shopping for a Christmas gift, father’s day gift, boyfriend gifts, valentine’s day gift, be rest assured, most of the items listed have been vouched for by people I trust and are hot recommendations by verified online customer reviews. I have just saved you the stress of digging round the mirage of items in online retail stores. This list should give you a very solid head start and should put you in right footing, simplifying your online gifts for men shopping experience. It is for this purpose we have compiled the top 50 best gift ideas for men.


Clothing and Wardrobe Gift Ideas for Men

Clothing Gifts for him

1.) A Super Slim Wallet by Bellroy

The material used for making this wallet is vegetable tanned leather and it is one of the best slim profile wallets in stores now. Moving your cash, cards and little documents couldn’t be any easier. The main slots of this wallet can house your two regularly used cards for easy access while the pull-tab section can be used for less used cards all the while saving space. The wallet can take as much as 12 cards and some cash and still retain its slim nature. This feature allows it to slip effortlessly into a suit jacket or your favorite jeans. If you have noticed the bulky nature of a man’s wallet, you can gift him this wallet and be sure he will appreciate it. Buy Now $79.95

2.) A High Quality Magnanni Shoe

Magnanni shoes are increasingly getting popular by the day in the US. If a nice pair of shoe is what you desire for him, you can’t go wrong with the Manganni brand. It’s a brand located in Spain but quite poplar in the states. I did a whole review of the Magnanni shoes that is worth a read. You should check it out. Of the numerous classy formal styles to look out for, the Men’s Marco Monkstrap seems like a pretty good bargain.  For $325, what you have is a classic pair of shoe that will attract compliments or your money back. Period!

3.) A Red Wing Heritage Super Strong Boot (Iron Ranger)

Made from premium quality Leather and a durable stitch-down welt construction this Iron ranger boot is at the apex when it comes to boots for men. This boot from Red wing is guaranteed to offer years of comfortable wear. Unlike the Magnanni mentioned earlier, the shoes are hand crafted here in the United States. The Iron Ranger gets its name from the hardworking rangers in the northern iron range of Minnesota where most of the country’s Iron Ore is deposited. The Iron Ore once extracted gets transported to cities like Chicago, Cleveland and Pittsburgh for further processing. Extraction and processing of Iron Ore has been one of the hallmarks of the present industrial development. Gifting a boot that represents all that achievement from past, present to future is simply awesome.


 4.) Dolce & Gabbana Sunglasses

When it comes to high quality sunglasses for men two brands flood my mind. They are Versace and Dolce & Gabbana. The Dolce and Gabbana DG2099 stands out as a real iconic sunglass of style. The frames are constructed with high quality acetate, it’s non-polarized and measure 61mm in width and 53.3mm in height. Picture representation hasn’t done justice to the actual feel and look of these glasses. As soon as you open the box you will instantly know you are getting a high quality item. Buy Now $149.95

My other recommendation is the Versace VE2101 sunglasses for men. It is a modern and timeless piece that is made in Italy. You can easily pick a frame and shade color to match your taste. Made from high end metals there is a one year iron clad warranty which just confirms the manufacturer’s trust on the quality offered. Buy Now $105.99


5.) An eTip Glove

eTip Gloves  are gloves with compatibility features with touchscreens of devices like those found on tablets and smartphones. If you don’t have one yet, then you are missing out on the convenience these gloves offer. eTip gloves are particularly useful during winter season as you might not need to take hands out of your gloves just to operate a touchscreen. One of the leading brands for eTip gloves is Northface and their Denali Etip Gloves for men is well worth your try. The Denali eTip Glove is powered by a [email protected] fleece at palm for touchscreen capability and a Nylon Taslan material over the knuckles for added durability. $14 – $94.00

6.) Men’s North Face Nuptse Jacket

If you are shopping for puffer jacket for personal use or as a gift item then you can’t go wrong with this high quality piece from North Face. Just as the eTip gloves are of high quality, these jackets are also made of top-notch materials and skilled craftsmanship. It is a grade 700 down filled goose jacket with insulating air sacks that trap warm air for insulation from the cold. The air sacks are built with nylon plain weave fabric with a double-layer taffeta on shoulders. The Nuptse jacket is light yet warm. Super light and manages to remain super warm. If this is what you want, go for it with confidence. $174.43

7.) A Nice Messenger Bag by Samsonite

This is a flap-over laptop messenger bag crafted with genuine leather and crafted by the best hands in the industry. I like the natural tone of this bag and because it is hand crafted using cowhide that has been minimally treated each pair will be slightly different from other pairs with slightly different characteristics and color. It features an adjustable buckle straps and a uniquely embossed logo at the front. Business essentials are catered for by the stylishly designed organizer under front flap. Rear compartment provides ample room for files and folders and the main compartment can house up to 15.6 inch laptop. @$89.99


8.) An Alpine Swiss Expandable Leather Briefcase

This is a strictly formal briefcase accessory for men. Alpine Swiss are renowned experts when it comes to clothing and accessories for men and this leather briefcase is no exception. The hardware used for construction is of top quality. It features a very sturdy comfortable handle, protective metal feets, an expanding file folders and an inner organizer compartment for business essentials. One year warranty against defeats says a lot about the quality of the briefcase.

This briefcase is very clean, professionally built and sturdy. It will surely last for years and the idea office gift item for a business minded enthusiast.  $59.99

9.) A Genuine Leather Crocodile Skin Dress Belt

When it comes to gifting a nice belt, things can become tricky. Let’s face it, am yet to meet a man without a belt so if you are going to pull this one off, your best bet will be to go for something out of the blue. Something extra ordinary, far removed from the average Joe belt. A genuine leather skin crocodile skin belt fits the criteria of an extraordinary belt that is not only built to last but also looks great. Check out the Flatseven men’s genuine leather crocodile skin belt. @$47.97

Another extra ordinary belt is this Hornback Crocodile leather belt made from 100% Australian leather available in black and brown. Interestingly only one hornback belt can be made from one crocodile (no joins). @$199.95

10.) A Quality Leather Jacket

When it comes to gifting a leather jacket, the leather factory’s men’s sword black genuine lambskin jacket is number one. This is a high quality real lambskin Leather with 100% polyester lining. The color looks great and it was built to last. It’s almost everything you need in a leather jacket that is fitted on every other area and a little loose where it restricts movement.

It’s very soft just as you would expect from lambskin leather with a semi-matte finish. You wouldn’t notice too much, the characteristic smell associated with real leather clothing. Go ahead and get it, if you want it.


Computer and Electronic Gifts Idea for Men

11.) Amazon Fire Stick

The amazon fire TV stick has a relative similar design to the google Chromecast and the Roku streaming stick. Its design crams most of the features found on both Google Chromecast and Roku into a HDMI dongle allowing you to stream full HD content from services such as amazon prime, Netflix and BBC iPlayer. It boost of a quick navigation system, good content selection and a great bundled remote. Often amazon runs discounts on its fire TV stick. So for a retail price of about $40 it’s a bargain. This should be a very thoughtful gift idea for a guy who doesn’t have one or who still uses Chomecast and Roku. Get it Now @$39.99

12.) All new Echo Dot (2nd Generation)

The all new Echo dot 2nd generation is been discounted by amazon this shopping season. For just $39.99 this system is yours for the keeping or as a gift item. It’s a hand free device that helps synchronizes with Alexa to play music. It does a whole lot of other things as controlling smart home devices, providing information, read news and you can easily connect to speakers and headphones.

The device is built to be compatible with Philips, Samsung Smart things etc to controls home devices like fans, light switches, thermostats and garage doors( the internet of things). Echo dot is one of the hottest items out there, so be sure the person you are gifting it to, doesn’t have one yet. @$49.99


13.) A Blue-Ray Disc Player

A blue-ray DVD player is a must have this season. One of the manufacturers that stand out with this is Samsung. The Samsung J5900RF is a blue-Ray DVD player that has the ability to play Blue-Rays and DVD discs from almost all regions in the world just by selecting the region in which the Blue ray disc is from. The wireless feature works perfectly and is very easy to set up.

If you are shopping for a Blue –Ray DVD player, don’t pass up on this one. You will absolutely love it because it has very little drawback. Make sure you get the extended license for extended warranty. The only drawback so far identified by customers is that there is no visible light indication that the system is working when a disc is inserted. Other than that is a great buy for the price tag.


14.) A Smart Streaming Media Player

Leadbox Android S1 TV Box is a smart streaming media player that allows you watch live TV from many countries. It is compact, lightweight and affordable. It is preloaded with cloud TV App that allows you to stream live TV from all over the world. It updates just with the click of a button and is also synchronized with major Apps like google play, Netflix, YouTube and Kodi.

It has a very cute appearance, stylishly designed and can fit just on your palm. It has an in-built radiating system that reduces heat allowing for longer periods of active use. It works great, straight out of the box with included remote, power cord and a HDMI cable. Gift him the fun of a TV box and you will be very glad you did. Be savvy enough tho, to check if he already has a TV box. What model and what make. Do you think the Leadbox Android S1 will be a superior alternative? Price $39.99

15.) Turntable with Built in Speakers

A Jensen speed stereo turntable with built in speakers is a top gift item for a music lover. Honestly, there are a lot of turntables in the market but the Jensten JTA-230 in addition to other features offered by most manufacturers has pitch adjustments and tone control. They are loud enough for personal use and not for party or dance lessons.

It’s a good beginner turntable for the guy who has a collection of Vinyl records that dates back 50 years or more. It features a USB port that helps to convert vinyl records to Digital formats and helps editing your Audio content to MP3 format. Volume control, pitch control, tone control and a lot more settings makes this turntable a must have. Let him go ahead and rip his favorite oldies(the Beatles, Stones, Shondells etc) in MP3 format. Buy Now @ $43.76

16.) Polaroid Printer with Zero Ink Printing Technology

This has to be one of the most innovative gifts items in this section. The Polaroid ZIP printer is a fun photo printer to have and a top gift item for men. It is unique, compact and extremely easy to use. The picture quality is full colored and smudge-proof. They also have a peel –back sticky paper that has a harmless adhesive to attach pictures to wall. You can easily print directly from your mobile phone or tablet using the Bluetooth or NFC Technology. Works seamlessly with ZINK papers that need no inking.

Enjoy the power and fun of a Polaroid mobile printer without the need of an actual camera. Easy to use and lots of fun. With a few finger taps, you can add emojis, voice recording, general text and a lot more.


17.) A Car Dash Cam with Night Vision

It’s quite thoughtful to get a car dash Cam as a gift item. If you have someone in mind who is always on the go chances are that they might have come across instances they wanted a hidden Cam in the car to do a quick video recording and sharing. The Goluk car dash Cam helps you do all that, traffic accident disputes, parking monitor, motion detection and a host of other things. Share video to friends via your smartphone instantly to social media sites. On the go updates of road condition and real time weather condition etc.

It’s easy to install and operate and can perform optimally at the windshield/dashboard using special adhesives. Comes in a stealth black design that’s hard to notice. It does have a superior night vision when compared to other device in the same price range. It also features a highly sensitive G-sensor that comes alive during motion, crash, vibrations and collisions. Price $148.99


18.) A Phantom 3 Quadcopter Drone

The phantom 3 Quadcopter is one of the soundest investments you will make in a hobby. This is as good as drone sports can get. What you have is a drone crafted with state of the art materials and with far more advanced features for the price tag. Advanced and first time flyers will blend easily with the flying model of this drone. This is a great gift item to guys looking to advance from toy and baby quadcopters to the real deal. The Phantom 3 is the real deal when it comes to drones.

Built to present the best in aerial photography, the Phantom all-in-one ready to fly GPS assisted flight helps you focus on taking great pictures while streaming over Wi-Fi via the free DJI Go app to your handheld device. Price appx $499.00


19.) Tactical Military Style Drone (Delta-Recon Quadcopter)

Of the thousands of drone out there I chose to list this one because of the in-built features that represent true quality considering the price tag. It has a FPV stream technology to your iPhone or Android device, stopTech-TM motors for protection and a high HD camera system. The Drone presents 8 whole minutes of flying time with an included Li-Po battery. I love the masculine matte green color that represents style and combat. Record all your flight mission streaming with a high powered 720p HD system. This drone was built with the user in mind, it gives complete control to the user and it’s easy to set up. Every tech savvy guy needs a couple of Drones. They are a fun piece of items to have around. $139.99

20.) A Portable Mobile Cube Projector

Now this item is super cute. You have to take a good look at this. I discovered it during my endless search online for handy gifts items that are not too bulky. The perfect minimalistic gift item ever. He won’t even know what’s in the gift wrap till he opens it.  The RIF6 cube mobile projector is a 2-inch portable device that works with phones, tablets, laptops and gaming consoles.

It’s rechargeable, compatible with HDMI and has up to 90 minutes of battery life. It is truly the most user-friendly portable projector in its class. The display can stretch up to 120 inches and a vibrant LED light that last for over 20,000 hours. This is the perfect office gift item for a workaholic.  @$280.05

Best Selling Grooming Gift Ideas for Men

21.) A Philips Norelco Beardtrimmer 7300

Gifting a bread trimmer is an obvious item that suits men with beards. He will definitely need to trim his beard every now and then. You stand a better chance of making him really happy if you are close enough to see that he has an older model beard trimmer. The 7300 is one of the newest beard trimmer models from Norelco and features a simple vacuum system that captures hair within the trimmer’s handle as the trimming progresses. Better still, it is almost maintenance free, requiring no oiling and having a ready stay sharp free blade. @$99.99


22.) Takumi No Waza 6-piece Grooming Kit

This grooming kit is manufactured by Greenbell, one of the foremost manufacturers of grooming and beauty accessories in Japan. The instruments are housed in a genuine leather case and carries up to 6 specialized grooming instruments. Included in the case is a stainless steel toenail clipper, a finger clipper, specialized nostril scissors, nail file, nail clipper and a slant tweezer. Gift wrap available and ready to ship to your loved ones. Honestly, you want a grooming kit you can hand over to your grand kids. From the leather to the very detailed grooming instruments, everything is top class. Price $106.00

23.) Ultimate Beard Care Kit Gift Set for Men

So he has a beard. He already has a beard care kit but not this one. This is the real deal when it comes to beard care. The Zeus ultimate beard care kit is a must have for every man. Product information details says “It makes men kissable again”. Contains Verbena Lime Beard shampoo and conditioner for cleansing and conditioning of facial hair, a beard oil and beard balm to soften coarse hair and stave off beard itch. It also contains lightweight stainless steel beard and moustache scissors. This kit combines lots of beard tools into one Zeus pack to ease your process of growing and maintaining a mesmerizing beard. $168.00

24.) Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit

Do it yourself.  This has to be one of the best self-cut kit available in online retail shops. This 13 piece kit fits the palm of your hand enabling the user to easily reach all areas of the head and neckline. It was designed to reduce pulling and snagging while maintaining a stress free cut. The stainless steel blades are precise and can easily cut through the thickest hair. Rechargeable lithium batteries included that can provide up to 40 minutes of cordless runtime. Get the gift of a Remington HC4250 self-haircut kit to a loved one. $50.99

25.) Clarisonic Mia 2 Speed Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush

Clarisonic is a new product that has only had 100% positive reviews so far. It’s a face and pore cleaner that has been recommended by U.S. dermatologists. It operates by a sonic technology that leaves facial skin smoother, softer and more radiant. The two speed cleaning brushes are 6 times more effective than bare hands in removing dirt, oil and makeup. Most men hardly use a cleanser and brush for their faces, so this should be a thoughtful idea to gift to most men.


Best Selling Fitness and Lifestyle Gift items for Men

26.) Fitbit Smart Fitness Activity Tracker Watch

Men’s health has never been so important these days. Staying healthy and fit is directly proportional to productivity and output. Never has it been more important to keep track of your day to day progress and a Fitbit activity tracker can help you do just that. Keeping track of your sleeping time, your workout, heart rate, blood pressure and exercising activities can help you make informed decisions as to what areas of your life need improvement. Build on your strengths and starve your weaknesses by empirically analyzing your workouts and activities using the Fitbit Blaze Fitness watch. This is a great gift item to a man or woman.  Buy Now

27.) Fitbit Alta Fitness Activity Tracker

The Fitbit Alta should appeal to those who wouldn’t want the activity tracker watch discussed above. It’s a slim fitted activity tracker that does all that the smart watch tracker does. It Syncs automatically with over 200+ leading iOS and Android devices with the Bluetooth enabled functionality. One remarkable difference or added advantage is that the FitBit Alta is water resistance, rain, sweat and splash proof unlike the Fitbit activity tracker Smart watch that isn’t water resistant. $128.99

28.) A waist Trimmer

A quality waist trimmer to help promote weight loss is a nice gift idea for a man that workout often. Or gift it to someone you would love to see improvements in this abs region. He will get the message. The AZSPORT waist trimmer is good at toning the mid-section by eliminating excess water weight. Some features include a strong core that helps to strengthen, tighten and improve the core muscle. This stabilizes the entire body, improving circulation.

Made from neoprene fabric ensures that the trimmer remains adjustable, stretchy and comfortable when worn underneath your casual or formal attires.

29.) Garmin Vivoactive HR Running GPS Smart Watch

This is a Smartwatch that takes activity tracking to a whole new level. One major feature I like is the long battery life, up to 8 days in watch/activity tracking mode. It has smart notifications right on the screen display when it is in sync with a compatible mobile device. Gramin heart rate monitoring device is recommended by the American Heart Association, so be rest assured you have a top-notch device with little or no drawbacks.

The innovative elevate heart rate technology helps monitor heart rate at the wrist without the need to wear a strap on your chest. There is also the option to customize the look and feel of the touch screen by downloading various watch faces via the connect IQ online store. It’s a true activity tracker with some smart watch functionality. Talk about killing two birds with one stone. Go for it. Buy Now $219.99

Best Selling Home Improvement Tools Gift Items for men

30.) A Hyper Chiller

Hyper chiller is an innovative technology cooling system designed to chill beverages by up to 130 degrees.  It breaks out from the traditional ice cube chilling system that results in diluting the beverage or wine. With a high volume capacity of about 12.5 oz, Hyper chiller will work its magic in under 2 minutes. It’s a perfect compact companion for men with style that could help chill tea, coffee, whiskey, red and white wines in the shortest possible time. This is a great gift idea for coffee lovers. @$36.99


31.) A nest learning Thermostat( 3RD Generation)

A Nest thermostat that is compatible with Amazon Alexa. This device is compact and stylishly designed that can also pass as a decor in the home. The self-learning device can program itself to the temperatures you like in about one week of use. It has programmable features that help save energy i.e it shuts itself down when no one is around to save energy. Temperature control can be achieved by connecting the thermostat via Wi-Fi to your phone, tablet or laptop.

Energy history and data can be analyzed via the nest app available for download. The 3rd generation device is thinner, sleeker and brighter than ever. It lights up to show you the temperature when its spots you across the room. The Nest protect device can save an average of 10-12% on heating bills and up to 15 % on cooling bills. In less than two years, it pays for itself. Now this is an item worth gifting out. Buy Now @$248.75

32.) 68-Piece Black & Decker Project Kit

This section in this gift guide list won’t be complete without a power tool set from Black & Decker. This power toolset includes a 20V lithium drill with over 18 months of charge available. It has up to 68 hand tools and accessories and a compact bag for carrying the set. The tools are made of metal and plastic and are carefully selected to cover most home project needs.

Gift this set to a Dad, a young lad or your boyfriend. Or even get it for personal use. All your DIY home installations and woodwork activities will be a breeze with this set. For the price this product is a steal, trust me on this. $93.75

 33.) A CarbonMonoxide and Smoke Alarm

Every home needs a Carbonmonoxide(CO) and smoke alarm. One of the best devices for this is the Nest protect smoke and carbon monoxide alarm. Save yourself the extra money for a professional installation with other smoke and CO detectors by using the Nest protect alarm that is easily installed in as little as 1 hour. Carbonmonoxide is a colorless, odorless gas that has over 12 times the affinity to bind to oxygen receptors in the lungs, effectively displacing oxygen. Its negative interaction with the normal metabolic processes makes it a highly poisonous and toxic gas. Nest protect identifies areas where CO is hiding so you can take appropriate action. The device actually speaks up so that you can quickly pinpoint source areas of smoke and CO.

It also has the feature of utilizing two distinct wavelengths of light to identify areas of slow and fast burning fires in instances of an emergency. A gift of a Nest Protect CO and smoke alarm can never go unappreciated. Buy @$99.00

34.) Honeywell Smart Thermostat

This is one nice thermostat that has gotten lots of positive review. You can customize the look and color of the display screen to match the color of your house. Enjoy the comfort of temperature regulation from the comfort of your phone, tablet or laptop. It is compatible with amazon Alexa and has flexible programming options.

Includes intelligent alerts for filter change, extreme home temperatures, internet disconnection and restoration and a lot more. Fully customizable touchscreen that is easy to read and brightly colored. Can automatically determine if the home needs cooling or heating. Its compact nature and lots of features makes the Honeywell Smart Thermostat a great gift item. Get it now for $171.95

35.) Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler

Freestanding wine cellars will always be a thoughtful gift idea for any man. It doesn’t matter if he is an alcoholic or not, heavy drinker or light drinker. The Avanti 12 bottle freestanding wine cellar is just the right choice. Not too cumbersome as a gift item. Stores up to 12 bottles and can store up to 4 open bottles in a vertical manner. Its design glass curvature are classic and the platinum finished accents makes it blend in as a home decor item.

Just the ability to store open wines upright can be the difference between a good wine cooler and a great wine cooler. Classy design with classy display lights. It does need a little bit of room for ventilation and I wouldn’t recommend it for enclosed spaces. $133.64

36.) Single Serve Programmable K-Cup Coffee Maker ( For Coffee Lovers)

For coffee lovers, gift them this Keurig K55 single serve coffee maker. A real coffee lover should already have a coffee maker so find out what is lacking and offer him an upgrade. I would highly recommend the keurig K55 model if you want to get a single serve coffee maker because it is convenient, it brews great coffee, offers substantial energy savings and includes a filter system for those who don’t have filtered water.

It has a k-Cup brew size of 6, 8 and 10oz and a water reservoir of 48.oz which allows you to brew several cups before having to refill. Along with this item you should consider getting some single serve capsules and pods just to spice things up. Buy Now appx $100.00

Camping and sporting Gift Items for Men

37.) An Intex Comfort Elevated Airbed

When it comes to airbed for camping, the Intex comfort elevated airbed is at the zenith. It is 100% more durable, 35 % more supportive and 15 % lighter than your traditional airbeds. The secret behind the soft and sturdy features lies within the inner fiber construction that is made of thousands of high-strength polyester fibers. These fiber networks are used to enhance support, comfort and stability. The Airbed comes inbuilt with a strong high powered electric air pump which can deflate and inflate the airbed in less than five minutes. You can also use your own specialized air pump incase you are camping out or travelling.

The Airbed is covered with plush flocking that is so soft to touch and stabilized with horizontal air chambers. For a price of just below $60, this airbed is a must have. The perfect present for men who love camping.

38.) Coleman Camp Oven

There are a lot of camp cooking stoves and accessories out there. This means cooking food in camp sites are relatively easy to do but baking foods is still a problem most campers have. The introduction of the Coleman camp oven has bridged the gap that once existed

A Coleman camp oven is a nice gift idea for a man who loves camping. Not because it is compact small and portable but because it folds flat for convenient, space saving and storage. It has an easy to read thermometer and warms up over Coleman camp stoves. The aluminum finished steel ensures that the oven remains rust free for ages.

Go ahead and bake up those cinnamon rolls, corn bread and muffins, the oven is designed to work effortlessly with propane camp stoves or the Coleman Liquid Fuel.

39.) Potable Stainless Steel Wood Burning Camping Stove

For camping or outdoor picnic, barbecue or light backyard cooking our recommended camping propane stove is the EIALA potable stainless steel camping stove. This stove was built to last. It is meant for rugged back packing and camping because it is built with hardened stainless steel. It works well, has lesser carbon emissions, no toxic chemical wastes, no batteries and no fuel canisters.

For convenience this camping stove breaks up into four smaller pieces that can be easily assembled when needed. For a price just below $20 you get what you paid for, a good budget camping wood stove.

40.) Wenzel 8 Person Klondike Tent

Gift this tent to a Dad. Yea, even if he doesn’t take his family out on regular camping expedition. It’s still a nice gift item to introduce or inspire them on camping. The tent has an attached screen room and is made of water-repellent polyester with polyurethane coating. Polyurethane is used in virtually most industrial markets to provide a smooth coat that is resistance to corrosion, chemical exposure and abrasion. It’s no mistake this tent found its way to the top family tents available on amazon.

It takes approximately 15-20 minutes to set up and comes with a lot of windows and a mesh celling that allows you stare at the stars while relaxing on your comfortable mattress. This tent is sturdy and will not budge under the influence of high wind speeds. Thanks to the way it was designed to be securely tied all the way around. It’s a great gift idea for your boyfriend, Dad or a seasoned camper. Buy Now $233.66

41.) A Good Etekcity Portable Outdoor Camping Lantern

The Etekcity outdoor LED camping Lantern is the number one best selling item in the camping lantern category. It includes 30 minimalistic LED bulbs that have been designed for longer lifespan. It’s fashioned to provide light in all angles whist saving energy. It is convenient, extremely lightweight, presents up to 12 hours of continuous light and built to last. This has to be the most solid lantern available in the market and Etekcity places a 10 year warranty for this item. Buy Now @$16.88

42.) Sundome 4 Person Tent

Over 1,500 positive customer reviews on this tent can’t be wrong.  It has lots of features that make it one of the most wished for tents available in the market. Large enough to sleep 4 persons, made of polyester, 1000D Polyethylene floor(the D or denier is representative of the strength of the polyethylene: Higher is better), an electric access point and a host of other features too numerous to mention. This is a great inexpensive tent to have. Well ventilated even under a rainy day with the rain shield installed, without the shield the mesh ceiling is transparent enough to stare at the stars. $63.00

43.) Camping Set Gift Packs for Him

  High-Powered Tactical Flashlight

  Roasting 4 Camping Sticks

  Camping Cookware Mess Kit Backpacking Gear

Best Selling Smart Watch Gifts Ideas for Men

44.) Samsung Gear S Smartwatch (AT & T)

This is a Smartwatch specifically built for Samsung galaxy phones. It will work well with an S III, S4, S4 mini, Note 2,3 and 4. The curved face of this watch is pretty impressive. A lot of thought went into the styling of this masterpiece to arrive at a technologically advanced and functional timepiece. The Display is in 2.3inch wide screen and a 3.0 GHz processor.

The curved nature of the display is something i really fancy. It fits perfectly to the wrist and makes it possible to see all notifications clearly. Alerts from this smart phone looks better than ever, from scrolling through your Facebook notifications to live streaming score updates from big matches. This is as good as they come. The Smartwatch already comes preloaded with great apps and you have much more apps to choose from as you so desire. Gift this bad boy to a man who has a galaxy phone. $299.99

45.) Micheal Kors Access Touch Screen Bradshaw Smartwatch

This watch combines technology and style that has come to be the mainstay characteristic attributed to every Michael kors watch. You can interchange the face and strap of this watch to just suit any occasion you desire. Along with all the features of a Smartwatch such as phone sync, notifications of text, calls and emails, this watch also keeps track of your fitness by monitoring your steps, distance and calories burnt. It is compatible with most iPhone and Android devices. Buy Now

46.) Fossil Q Wander Leather Touchscreen Smartwatch

The Fossil Q Wander leather touchscreen Smartwatch is a watch that was built for the tech savvy. It has most of the tech features of Smartwatches of comparable price range. Sync with you device to get updated of email, text, phone calls etc. In addition it also has an activity tracker, to monitor your daily activities including, steps, distance covered and calories burned.

Customize the watch face to suit your daily attires and easily control the watch from the in-built microphone that responds to your voice. If you are looking for a fancy watch or just a watch to wear for fun, then go for this one. Buy Now

47.) Fossil Q Founder Gen 1 Touchscreen Smartwatch

iPhone enthusiast will love this watch because it is fully compatible. It is also compatible with other phones and operating systems as long as you download the required apps. Just like every other smart watch you can receive display notifications like emails, phone calls and text right on the screen. The only drawback is in the capacity of the rechargeable batteries it utilizes. Other than that, it’s a great smart watch to have or gift out.

It’s a great watch to have and comes with different preinstalled watch faces to suit your personal style. Easy to use, you should get lots of compliments with this one. The Fossil Q Founder. @$204.99

48.) G-Shock GG-1000 Mudmaster Watches

For bold faced watch lovers, G-shock GG-Mudmaster should appeal to your fantasies. Of course its shock resistant, has a digital compass, a thermometer an auto LED illuminator and a world timer. The look and feel of this watch is superb and as customers have commented, the subtle colors of the dial are more noticeable under sunlight than in artificial lighting systems.

G-shock watches are some of the hands down well made rugged watches out there. They are well worth every penny if you ask me. Gift it to a hard worker, someone with a large wrist or someone whose day job demands a lot from his hands. $220.04

49.) Motorola Moto 360 SmartWatch

This is a very popular Moto Smart Watch that can synchronize with and Android 4.3 system or higher. It has an intelligent voice recognition system that response to your voice only. It can be programed to track your steps, distance moved, calories burned and monitors your heart rate. It also works with a growing number of apps to always keep you on the go.

Like I said earlier, this watch will work with your Android phone but it has some limitations. It won’t browse the web via a browser nor will it conduct phone calls. It will however, show all notification that you receive on your phone so you can dismiss or reply them quickly. It will help control the music player on your phone in addition to the health features mentioned above. Buy Now appx $95.00

50.) Citizens Eco Drive Men’s Titanium Chrono Watch

The imported Citizens Eco Drive men’s AT4010-50E is as good as a quality watch can get. It is water resistant to 200mm and therefore suitable for serious surface water activity but not scuba diving. It’s a quality watch. The antireflective sapphire dial window is enclosed in a 42mm titanium case. It boost of a Japanese quartz movement with an analog display system. Main functions include a one second chronograph, perpetual calendar, alarm, radio controlled five time zones, 12/24 hour time and a power indicator.

One major hallmark is the innovation of a lighting system that coverts light energy into electrical energy in 1979. This innovation gave birth to the Eco – drive watch in 1995 and eliminates the need for replacing batteries. The policy of the Citizen Company “the fusion of Technology with beauty” is well illustrated in this high quality watch. Buy @$450.00


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