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Keeping fit these days is an absolute must. If you are going to be at a strong mental advantage over your peers in office and all works of life then do not underestimate the power of keeping fit. In this article I will be reviewing some of the best running shoes for men this year, all you need to know about running shoes so that you can make informed shopping decisions. Not all running shoes are the same, the more reason why you need to equip yourself with the styles, types and suitability.

Whether you are planning to stay in shape, loose some excess pounds, on a regular exercise regime, require more blood circulation or just stay fit, running is an exercise regime that can quickly get you the desired results you need. You should invest in a quality shoe if you are committed to running this year. This is because a fitted and comfortable pair of shoes is required to stay out of injuries.

The athletic footwear industry is a billion dollar industry that incorporates lots of technological innovation year in year out. Choosing the right pair might become a daunting experience but things don’t need to be too complicated since there are only a few key features to be on the lookout for.

Top Rated Running Shoes

Salomon Speedcross 3Salomon Speedcross 3
Merrell Moab VentilatorMerrell Moab Ventilator
ASICS Venture 5 ASICS Venture 5
New Balance MT610V5New Balance MT610V5
Adidas Performance Kanadia 7 Adidas Performance Kanadia 7
Columbia  North Plains Trail ShoeColumbia North Plains Trail Shoe

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First Things First – Know your Feet Pronation.

What’s going on with your feet? How best do you know the way your feet aligns itself with the ground? The way it is aligned could determine the way it response to shock, strain and stress. This is what is called pronation. Pronation explains how the feet are positioned while running or walking. The basic types of pronation are neutral pronation, over pronation and under pronation/supination.

You will do well to understand how your feet pronates in other to choose correctly the right running shoes. There are various ways to look for how your feet pronates. Firstly you can visit a gym shop and ask to used specialized machines (should be free to use). Secondly, you can determine it manually by visual inspection of some of your worn outs shoes. It the wear and tear evenly spread (neutral pronation), worn out on the inside (over) or on the outside (under pronation). Thirdly, spread out on a wooden floor, flours or wet sand and make an impression of your feet on the floor. Depending on how your sole is in contact with the floor you should see a high, low or medium arch.

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The above diagrammatic illustration shows the arch angles for the different levels of pronated feet. The last image shows the stress areas on shoes and over time these areas are first to show signs of wear and tear.

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To what end dose this information on pronation serve? If you will be running on a daily basis, be rest assured that specific areas of your footwear will be prone to maximum shock than other areas. Wouldn’t it be wise to purchase running shoes that where built for specific types of pronation? By far the most popular pronation is the neutral pronation and they can wear almost any kind of constructed shoe type. However, if you do discover you are over pronated go for shoes with structured cushioning and arch support. Under pronated feet will need shoes with lots of cushioning than arch support.

Shoppers Guide: What to Look for.

Support is Key

Set your eyes on the kind of support the shoe offers. This will determine how the stress is distributed along the shoe soles while running. Supinated shoes are curved a little to the sides to protect the outside of the sole. Over pronated shoes are straighter protecting the inside rather than outside. Neutral shoes are in between these two extremes.

Get the fitting right

Of what good is it if your shoes don’t fit properly. Read reviews and make sure you look at size chats to understand the sizing. If you are buying running shoes online, you don’t have the luxury of trying them on so it’s best if you get this step right the first time or you will have to deal with the hassles of returns. As running shoes rather than fashion sneakers you don’t want too much space at the back of the heel and you won’t want it too tight at the toe area.

Breathability is Important

For running shoes the function of shoe breathability cannot be overemphasized. You need shoes that can circulate properly to expel hot air from building up with the shoes. Hot air build up can easily lead to bacteria action which makes most shoes smell. Look for shoes with multiple layer of mesh that can absorb sweat and allow it to evaporate to the external environment.

Flexibility of Running Shoes

Flexibility is important if you consider the terrain of use. Are you buying them to use on a treadmill, on road or off road? If you will be using all terrains it its best to buy running shoes flexible enough for specific terrains. Running shoes built for the road shouldn’t be too stiff as this can cause excessive stress to the feet. Off road shoes need heels that are not too built up as this could be potentially unstable which could lead to injury. The tarmac on treadmills does not require running shoes with pronounced studs.

Best Running Shoe Types for Men

Top 6 Best Trail Running Shoes for Men

Trail shoes are built to withstand different types of terrains. The shoe should have a reasonable level of grip, should provide enough traction and stability on slippery grounds. They should be harder to wear than their on road counter parts. Pronation wise, most trail shoe should fit all types of pronation due to their construction to fit uneven surfaces. Because of the stiffness, it takes a longer time to break in than on road shoes and they offer less cushioning than road shoes.

Among the best trail shoes include but not limited to:

Salomon’s Speedcross 3 or 4 (Highly Recommended)

For an approximate price of between $77 – $245. This trail running shoe is made from synthetic materials that are study enough for uneven surfaces. It features most of the properties listed above of a good trail shoe like water resistance, mesh protector and a host of other feature. Give it a try.

Speedcross 3Speedcross 3
Speedcross 3 CSSpeedcross 3 CS
Speedcross 4Speedcross 4

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Asics Men’s Venture 5

Priced  appx $46-$95 Asics is a brand well respected, so expect the best from them. A real quality trail running shoe to have. Constructed with a rugged rubber sole, out door ready with mesh and patterned underlays. Does have a reasonable amount of cushioning for extra comfort.

ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5

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Adidas Performance Kanadia 7

Specifics say this was built for neutral pronation. Has a sturdy rubber sole and synthetic overlay for added support and protection. Mudguard technology that helps prevent mud and water from building up in the shoes. Maximum grips on all sides. Priced $30.00 – $110

 Adidas Performance Kanadia 7 Adidas Performance Kanadia 7

Merrell Men’s Ventilator Hiking Shoe

Made from synthetic leather, averagely priced at appx $100. This imported hiking shoe has a vibram sole with water resistance capacity and the regular mesh incorporation that is peculiar to most trail shoes.

Merrell Men's Moab VentilatorMerrell Men's Moab Ventilator

Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoe

Leather textile detailing with a sturdy rubber sole offering good arch support. Light weighted shoe with ship weight just below 3 pounds. Designed for dry weather, think early fall or late spring. Waterproof lovers should look elsewhere. Averagely priced @ $40.00 – $90.00

Columbia Men’s North Plains Trail ShoeColumbia Men’s North Plains Trail Shoe

Adidas Performance Thrasher 1.1

Another top trail running shoe by Adidas. Incorporates a ventilated air mesh in layers offering maximum protection against rain and mud. The mid-sole EVA model ensures smooth transition form heel to toes.  Added comfort provided by additional polyester fabric. Mid priced at approx $50-$85.

Adidas Performace Thrasher 1.1Adidas Performace Thrasher 1.1

Top 3 On Road Running Shoes

These are otherwise called marathon shoes. They are not for everyone unless you are excising on long distances. They ought to be lightweight and still provide enough support and cushioning for the runner. For runners with over pronated feet, cushioning on these shoes is an absolute must. You want your shoes built to absorb as much shock as they can.

Asics Men’s GT 1000

In first place is the universal Asics road shoe. Very comfortable with built in cushioning. This shoe has been engineered to support over pronated feet and features a complete rear foot and fore foot cushion that is required by long distance runners. They are a true blend of solid support and flexibility allowing your feet to move naturally.Priced between $44.00 – $129.95

Asics Men’s GT 1000- 2
Asics Men’s GT 1000Asics Men’s GT 1000

Reebok Men’s Speed Rise

This running shoe is a low profile running shoe suitable for short burst up and down your street. It has lots of cushioning in it. For those on a light budget, the reebok speed rise is your best bet. They are good for light day to day activities and walking around the house. $90 Max

Reebok Men’s Speed Rise
Reebok Men’s Speed RiseReebok Men’s Speed Rise
Reebok Men’s Speed Rise back view

New Balance Men’s 680v

This is also a low priced running shoe with ABZORB shock absorption technology. It’s a great sporty running shoe that features supportive overlays for maximum comfort at toes and sides.The mid-sole foam is firm and flexible. @ $40.00 -$85.00

New Balance Men’s 680v
New Balance Men’s 680vNew Balance Men’s 680v

Treadmill Running Shoes

Also referred to as gym running shoes. They can act as both a gym trainer as well as your regular everyday wear. One of the best brands for gym shoes are those from Nike. They have been successful at combining function with fashion that makes them appeal to most gymers. A popular example is the free run commuter model.

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