Best Cowboy Boots and Brands for Men


Best Cowboy Boots and Brands for Men

Cowboy boots are designed uniquely with a Cuban heel that you cannot miss. If you see a cowboy boot popularly called western boot you will now. There are not difficult to notice. A feature that is prominent is the high shaft and rather pointed toes. Modernizations have seen some western boots incorporate laces that weren’t there in the 80’s.

Most people shy away from the idea of wearing cowboy boots and will go through life without adorning this footwear. Please don’t be that guy. You can still rock a nice pair of cowboy boots without been a cowboy.

Get something straightened out. Just because they are called cowboy boots or western boots doesn’t mean that they are solely for cowboys.

How do you wear these boots and what are the most popular brands out there? That question is the reason this guide was written. Read on!

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Why Cowboy Boots?

Different kind of rodeo: It looks like professional bull rider, Bonner Bolton, will be trading in his cowboy boots for a pair of dancing shoes as he joins the cast of ABC hit show, Dancing With the Stars this season

I know it’s hard to fancy the importance of a cowboy boot. Most people see them as novelty items that should only be worn on the back of horses or at specific occasions. Savvy individuals tho, use them as a stylish weapon to dazzle the crowd and stand out.

If you look at someone wearing a cowboy boot from a distance it always seems like a regular leather shoe until you get closer, then the differences begin to show.

Major Features of Cowboy Boots

Unique Toe Shape: Although the toes of most cowboy boots are wickedly thin, modernization and innovation have refined that aspect to make them more taper to a wide range of outfits.

Height:  All cowboy boots reach pass your ankles. Shorter men have every reason to be happy with this because more often than not it gives an illusion of height.  The heels alone add close to 2 inches in height.

Decoration: There are hardly any plain cowboy boots out there. Most are decorated with ornaments and stitching. The visible portion just beneath your trousers is where most design features are located.

The 5 Basic Types of Cowboy Boots

Classic Western Boot

Classic western boots are the most popular out there. They are probably the ones you have seen on real cowboys in Texas or in the movies. The heels of a classic western boot are about half an inch tall with an angled heel. They are constructed like this to help horse riders maintain their balance on the saddle. It’s construction also helps avoid foot pain.

Boulet Men's Sporty Black Boots

The height of this boot is around 12 inches tall with a shaft that will rest on the mid-section of your legs.

Roper Western Boots

Modernization and innovation slightly transformed the classic western boots to something we call a roper. The roper was designed to make the job of cowboy ropers a lot easier. The roping event sees a cowboy ride his horse behind a calf and has to continuously rope the calf to prevent the animal from moving. This requires short heeled-cowboy boots to pull it off effectively.

Jonathan Roper - Men_Boots_Casuals - The Frye Company

The Roper boot has the lowest heel of all 5 basic cowboy boots and that design is more of a functional innovation rather than fashion style. There is little to no hassles working around with the heels of ropers.

Most roper boots come in a rounded toe shape and flexible sole for extreme comfort and balance. The heels are mainly squared off and rest at 90 degrees to the shoe.

Stockman Cowboy Boots

Stockman is a design that is similar to the classic cowboy boot discussed earlier. The design is meant for those who saddle for long hours. It has a short and wide heel that is peculiar to its brand. You can’t miss a stockman western boot when you see one. If you will saddle the horse for a long time, opt for a stockman boot over others.

Ariat Men's Heritage Stockman Round Toe Western Boots (Free Shipping)

The top of a Stockman boot has a deeper dip than most western boots out there. Similar in design to cowboy work boots are the wide toe and rubber soles. They often come with well detailed and colorful stitching similar to those found in classic cowboy boots. Ideally, they are quite expensive.

Cowboy Work Boots

Cowboy work boots are constructed with practical purposes in mind. They are cheaper than other cowboy boots in the market mainly because of the cheaper cowhide and less detailing on them.  They have a roper style short heel that is ideal for work and riding. Heels measure approximately 2 inches.

Ariat Mens Sierra Square STEEL Toe 8D Cowboy WESTERN Work Boot Style 10010134 #Ariat #WorkSafety

Traction rubber is the most popular material used in constructing the sole with cushioned midsoles to absorb shock. Like ropers, the shaft of these work boots also rests on the mid-calf region of your leg.

Buckaroo Cowboy Boots

When it comes to design and fashion, the buckaroo is head and shoulders above the rest. It is a statement piece that can draw attention from onlookers. For entertainment purposes and rodeo shows opt for a buckaroo.

The most distinct feature of a buckaroo has to be the elongated shaft measuring over 12 inches. If you style a buckaroo you will have no option than to tuck in your jeans. Some of them are so high that they will reach your knees fully protecting the entire leg.

Just like the Stockman western boots, the buckaroo has intricate designs and detailing showcasing artistically innovative stitches. Heel height stands at approximately 2 inches.

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How to Wear Men’s Cowboy and Western Boots

Wear with Jeans

Best jeans that work well with cowboy boots are dark jeans and close-fitting jeans. The boots are constructed in such a way that the shafts go underneath the jeans. Do not try to tuck in your jeans into the cowboy boots unless you are saddling a horse. Strong denim from Cinch and wrangler are perfect.


As we always recommend fitting is king. Opt for fitted jeans before thinking about style. Leave out skinny jeans because there won’t be enough space to cover the shaft of cowboy boots.

Pair With a Collared Shirt

Collared shirts are best paired with cowboy boots. They complement them properly, giving you an edge others don’t have. A typical cowboy shirt is a great starting point. Cowboy shirts are buttoned-down shirts that are either shorts sleeves or long-sleeves. Avoid like a plague, western t-shirts, go after button down shirts if staying fashionable is what you are after.

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Use a Cowboy Hat if you can

Hats are a very important dress accessory that can put your western look together. If you are going to wear a cowboy boot, button down shirt you can as well finish off the look with a cowboy hat to match.  The best materials for cowboy hats are straw and felt. Buy from a reputable manufacturer to avoid purchasing a knock-off.

Stetson Mens Cowboy Shirt - Cripple Creek

Best Cowboy Boots and Brand for Men (Summary)

  • Cowboy boots are in style. Don’t be the guy that won’t wear one in his lifetime. Look for some styles or pairs to wear. You don’t have to be a cowboy to wear one.
  • Western boots are a statement piece. Be ready for numerous compliments
  • There are 5 major types of cowboy boots today. Most are stylish innovation of the classic western boots.
  • The Buckaroo is the most stylish pair of Western boot with shafts reaching up to the knees.
  • Pair cowboy boots with jeans (preferably from wrangler) a button down long-sleeve of short sleeve and a cowboy hat to match.
  • Avoid western t-shirts, skinny jeans and never tuck in your jeans unless you are saddling a horse.

On that Note

We hope this guide has informed you on some of the best cowboy boots out there. It’s our desire to see more people wear this boots frequently. They are not a novelty item reserved for rare occasions and are definitely not made for cowboys only. Although some of them are quite pricey, we think they are worth every penny. We’d like to hear your thoughts on cowboy boots for men. Do you own one or are you planning to invest in a couple? Let us know in the comments section. Thanks