Belt Basics for Guys


Know your Belt – Design features, materials, types, and Tips.

A belt is a flexible band or strap (a strap is an elongated flap or ribbon, usually fabric or leather) typically made of leather or heavy cloth, and worn around the waist.

A belt supports trousers or other forms of clothing and is the most important accessory in a man’s clothing wardrobe.

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Belts have been in existence since the bronze age. They are a nice piece of material that is always in trend or fashion, and it can never go out because of its functionality.

Belt was a decorative piece as well as a utilitarian part of uniforms, particularly among officers. It was common for officers to wear extremely tight, wide belt around the waist on the outside of their uniform, both to support a saber as well as for aesthetic reasons or purposes.

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A belt as a piece of material, when been worn tightly to the waist, gives the wearer a trim physique to emphasize the waist features.

Men started wearing belts in the 1920’s, as trousers waists fell to a lower line, before this age (1920’s) it served as a decorative purpose and were associated with the military. Moreover, prior to that trousers did not even have belt loops. Today it’s common for men to wear a belt with trousers.

Utility Belts

One specialized type of belt is the utility belt or police duty belt, which includes pockets for carrying items that the wearer needs for prompt use and loops to hag bigger items. Police officers, soldiers, and repair personnel are some of the numerous groups who use utility belts.

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Dress Belts

Dress belt is used or won on a loop of trouser to ensure they are tight to the waistline. They are mostly worn by savvy dressers t.o make a style statement.

It looks great and can be worn in important meetings as well.

Dress belts mainly come with a strand of leather and a big metal clip like a design attached to it. It usually comes in various sizes it can be big or small. The big metal clip can be a symbol of something or a design etc.

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Duty Belts

Duty belt is generally wider than the dress belts and is stiffer to better provide for the carry of heavy items such as pistols.

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Studded Belts

A studded belt is typically made of leather or similar materials and is decorated with metal studs.


Leather Belts

Leather belts for men are both popular and functional, as is well known. Leather as a material has proved popular for so long by virtue of being supple but also strong and durable in nature.

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Belts for men is a very important aspect of our fashion and culture in today’s world when the right belt is been worn with the right clothes, it will give a wearer the best for it impression.

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The look of real quality handmade leather belts also gives you a well-dressed look, making you an impressive individual and everywhere you go out to meet or work with people.

A handmade leather belt makes you stand unique among all others in a room or a meeting, gathering, or just walking down the street.

Some Belt styles for men

  1. Genuine leather dress belt
  2. Tough rugged durable belt
  3. Work belt

Belt are produced in different colors’ sizes, shape and design and most handmade leather belts come with different belt buckle designs.

Belt comes in different sizes, always go for the right length so as to make all the difference in the world and make sure the belt fits when you wear it with your pair of trousers and jeans. The length of belt you purchase must be the right length to fit the position where you intend to wear it.

Handmade Leather Belts

Handmade leather belt will give a man a classy and sophisticated look and with a little care, real genuine full grain handmade leather belts will last a lifetime.

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A leather belt needs to be protected and kept clear of water since this has the potential to cause mildew and mold, which will ruin the quality of the leather within a quite short period.

Belt complement the clothing in which it is worn with and also a belt help to keep the pants up for making a fashion statement.

Belt are produced with different designs, some are made with or without buckles, others might include a hole and a hook or the ability to tie around the waist.

Tips to Consider when purchasing a belt

First determine what level you will be wearing the belt, below the waist, above or exactly the waist. The six at each level varies.

Consider what color dominates your wardrobe based on which you can choose a color e.g. If you are wearing jeans and leather jackets, check out those that have chains and metal sequins. A wide range of belts are out of fashion, go for slim belts as they look classy.

Make sure that the inside of the belt surface is smooth an free of any metal projections that could pierce into your body


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