Basic T-shirt Buying Guide


T-Shirt Guide

The basic t-shirt is a style piece that is often overlooked. Most people think they know all there is about buying a basic t-shirt. They couldn’t be more wrong. Don’t be deceived by its simplicity, there are still thing you should know about buying and wearing a basic t-shirt.

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Keeping reading for firsthand information about the basic t-shirt.

The basic t-shirt has worked hard behind the scene, beneath layers of clothing doing all the underground job while more sophisticated wears take all the credit. They do have their peak time during summer where they are adorned in various styles and colors. During winter, however, they make for a great layering combo with jackets and sleeves.

white t-shirt black jeans and trainers

Although history has it that the t-shirt started out as an underwear piece it has long branched out to become a style piece on its own. It’s a true staple in any man or woman’s wardrobe. Pair with a jean and you have one of the oldest age long outfits of all time.

black and white t-shirt

Here we take a look at the best of the best, from the best plain t-shirts to the best-branded t-shirt lets discuss it all.

The Best T-shirt Selling Brands

Most people really don’t give in enough thought before they purchase a t-shirt. Why should they? Besides, the tees are cheap and once we notice holes in the ones we have we can simply other our next pack of white tees. This is wrong. You should invest a little time in researching to buy something worthwhile.

You should pay attention to the quality you buy as well as where you buy them. If you find a brand that works well in terms of quality, durability and comfort stick with them. If you have found what works for you, congratulations, but if you want to change a brand or you are looking to research on more options check out the handy list below of the brands that sell the best t-shirts stores.


Sunpel has been in the business of t-shirt for decades and uses 100% Egyptian cotton for its high-end pieces. The t-shirts are soft, durable and classic.


Lacoste t-shirts for men are some of the sort after t-shirts in the industry. The croc, as they are popularly called is no doubt one of the biggest brands out there.

Lacoste Lacoste Lacoste


HUF business into the clothing industry started in the mid-80’s. They are renowned for stylishly designed t-shirts that are very comfortable as well as durable.

Huf Huf Huf Huf

Only & Sons

For a reasonable price, you can get some of only & sons t-shirts that are built on Scandinavian origins.


The quality of Dickies over the years is yet to be compromised. If there is a brand I would highly recommend, it has to be Dickies. Popular for workwear chinos, they also sell high-quality t-shirts.

Dickies Dickies Dickies


Champion is at the apex of sportswear. Their quality in the sportswear industry is unrivaled. They also produce durable t-shirts in an effort to expand their business.

Champion champion Champion
Champion champion Champion

The North Face

The North Face is well known for their high-quality jackets. They know the needs of customers and act by producing key pieces that are built to last and withstand extreme weather conditions.

North Face North Face North Face

Armor Lux

Armour has been in business since the early 90’s creating high-end t-shirts and general clothing for the populace.

Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour Under Armour


Soulland only came on board in 2002. Time will tell how far they can go but for now, their clothing lines seems to be of incredible quality.

Best Fitting T-shirts for men

Fitting for tees are very important when it comes to picking the right one. Avoid t-shirts are too long and baggy with excess cloths, also avoid over fitted tees unless you are looking for a body hug. Athletic tees skim through the body while leaving room for movement. Some of them are made with some sort of elastic fabrics that aid movement.

body fitted t-shirt

The best men’s fitted t-shirts should be tapered at the torso and should have a square shoulder. The sleeves should never be below half your arm, they should just sit alright and should not reach too close to your shoulder.

t-shirt and ripped jeans

Finding a brand that works well for your body is key as t-shirts are notoriously known to look different on people. Basic tees as we have said earlier are timeless and versatile.

The shape of a basic tee has been in the industry for quite some time any deviation from the aesthetics of a basic tee must have been born out of fashion trends. Whatever trendy style you go for, as long as you get the fitting right and are comfortable with the way you look then you can’t be wrong.

Types of T-Shirt Necklines

Crew Neck

The crew neckline is the classic type found with a basic tee. It is rounded and sits pretty high at the collar region. They appeal to those who are comfortable with display inner layering during winter and can help accentuate those with a bulkier upper body and wider shoulders.

Crew Neck T-Shirt


The other popular neckline associated with the basic tee is the V-Neckline. With layering, a V-neckline can help hide inner clothes while still giving the illusion of an elongated neck.

Men Basic V-Neck Plain Short Sleeve T-Shirt

The scoop or deep V-neckline is more of a trendy option than a classic. They are less popular than the one listed above but we’d advise sticking with a crew or basic V neckline.

Top V-Neck T-Shirt

V-neck t-shirts are less popular than crewnecks but if worn properly can look extremely cool.  Pair a white V-neck with a well-cut blazer and some nice looking pants and you won’t be far form a winner.

Best Plain T-Shirt

Plain t-shirts are a staple wear in a man’s closet. A true capsule piece, they go with a lot of clothing attires and can pair in seamlessly with most looks if done properly.

Kamal-Ohava Original Penguin Lapasa Gildan

Best White Tee for men

There is no such thing as the best white tee. What works nicely for one might look horrible on another. This is why we recommend you stick with a brand that works for your body shape. Apart from fitting the next thing is styling and combining it rightly with various outfits. Style icons like James Dean and Steve McQueen have adorned these capsule pieces giving them an increased popularity among men.

Velocity Impetus Organic Jockey

Best basic T-shirt for men

The name basic steams from the basic nature of these tees. They are very subtle with simple styles and less noise. The best basic tees come in neutral shades like black, white, grey and navy. This neutral shades must be in your closet before you invest in other bolder colors. Patterns can wait for a little till you are well stocked with neutrals.

Plain Colored T-Shirts for men

Colored tees are equally nice looking. They can add a level of excitement that neutrals don’t offer. Look at the photo grid below for more inspiration.

Types of Fabrics for T-Shirts

On first impression, you would think that tees are all made from the same fabric. That is not true. Fabric make can be a very huge difference between quality and crap.

Best High-Quality T-shirt for men

Fabric choice is directly proportional to quality score. The higher the natural fiber in the tee the better the quality. Cotton is one of the best options for natural fibers so we expect a product tagged 100% cotton to be of high quality.

Cotton fibers t-shirts are the best options under a blazer because of their quality and breathability. Other cotton blends with polyester and synthetic derivatives can also work well. Luxurious feel offered by Pima cotton are quite expensive but well worth the investment.

The buttery texture is soft to touch and is amazingly subtle on the skin. In the long run, you will run into profit with a Pima cotton luxurious t-shirt, the wear ratio, in the long run, are higher than most tees provided they are well taken care of.

Top quality Cotton T-shirt In keeping with basic trends, check out the style inspiration below of the top quality cotton t-shirt combos ever.

Cheap T-Shirts for Men

Those on a tight budget in which a cotton or Pima variant might cost too much look to tees with Elastane or a blend of poly-elastane. The elastane stretch can help keep the shape of the T-shirt for some time before giving off. Elastane fabrics are very popular with sportswear shirts well they aid maximum movement without compromising on space.

Polyester and cotton blend are the best options out there that combine the elastic characteristics of polyester and the rich fiber content of cotton. They require less ironing and it creases less than 100% cotton tees.

What to wear with a Plain T-Shirt

Plain tees are the perfect starting point for layering outfits. Start off with a plain tee then work your way building other clothes around the tee. Most outfits will work, whether you have a statement piece to work with or you just want to go the monochrome route.  Layering with a jumper and a nice looking bomber jacket are good options during winter.

Pants to wear with Plain T-shirts

The most popular pants to wear with t-shirts are jeans and although this can be very boring for a lot of people you can bring some personality to the entire simple outfit.  As long as you get the fitting correctly you will have a winner every day with the casual “jean-t-shirt” look. If the causality of a jean doesn’t suit you try the more preppy chinos. To enhance the look, layer up with an unbuttoned short sleeve shirt.

 t-shirt and pants

For a chill, lounge feel pair up a plain tee with a jogger within the confines of your own home. If you want to go smart casual, pair your plain tee with a blazer and formal pants and you will be up to a winner. For more options check the photo grid below for inspiration.

Shoes and Accessories to wear with plain T-shirts

There are endless pairing possibilities when it comes to matching a plain t-shirt with shoes and accessories. You just have to get creative about it. For casual wear, trainers or sneakers are the best.

You can as well opt for plimsolls, desert boots or Chelsea boots. With chinos, you will find that loafers and boat shoes are great pairing options with a plain t-shirt. Suits and blazers can be dressed down with a trainer or up with a more formal loafer.

Extreme formal shoes like wingtips and brogues can replace loafers if you are looking to hit the boardroom. It’s all about your personal style, work it out and feel confident about it.

Leather belts and watches for men will add a lot of sophistication to an otherwise simple outfit. Accessorize to tune things up a bit. Keeping every other thing simple can help you make a bold statement with a flashy timepiece.

3 ways to wear a plain T-shirt

Layering with a plain t-shirt

Layering is the major reason most people buy t-shirts and with a plain white tee, nothing could be truer. For the summer heat, layer with an open short sleeve while heavier jumpers and jackets can come in during the winter season.

Some of the best scarves for men can come in handy here. If you are layering with a jacket, throw in a quality scarf to spice things up. A good bowler hat, homburg hat or a pork pie hat can finish off the look adding so much deep to the entire outfit.

Formal attires with a Plain T-shirt

T-shirts look good with formal attires, if they weren’t so good looking style icons like Tinie Tempah or Ryan Gosling won’t style them so well. If you dare to be bold you can wear them to work. The trick is to go for more textured t-shirts if formal occasions are the target.

Lol, just like Tinie Tempah does it, a simple well-cut suit and a solid black or white t-shirt can have people a little intrigued by your style sense. I must warn though, this look isn’t for everyone.

Going Smart Casual with a Plain T-shirt

Of all dress codes, the smart casual dress code is the most difficult to pull. We all strive for that look because of the nice blend of casual and formal attire. We don’t want to look too casual and at the same time avoid the formality of a 3-piece suit. Without going overboard pair a finely woven knit over a basic t-shirt to smarten things up.

Celeb Inspiration

Tinie Tempah

Tinie is well known for his style statements; as if the intriguing nature of a basic white tee wasn’t enough he takes it up a notch by using bold colored suits that gets heads turning. What’s the difference between him looking good on this kind of outfit and you not looking so good on it…..? CONFIDENCE!

Tinie Tempah wearing t - shirt and suit

Ryan Gosling

Ryan has to be one of the coolest actors on planet earth at the moment. He is the master when it comes to layering outfits and nailing the off-duty look. When next you watch one of his movies, pay close attention, class is in session.

 Ryan Gosling wearing t-shirt



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