Wearing the Right Socks

A sock is an item of clothing worn on the feet, often covering the ankle and some part of the calf. Some types of boots or shoe typically extend over socks.

In ancient times socks were made from leather or matted animal hair, but in the late 20th century, machine knit socks were produced. Recently both hand knitting and machine knitting are used to produce socks, but the latter becoming the most common method used.

hand knitting socks
Machine knitting socks

Socks are used for absorbing sweat or perspiration, this is one of the functions of socks because the foot is among the heaviest parts of the body which secretes sweat. As a matter of fact, it can secrete over 0.25 pints (0.121) of sweat per day.


Materials Used for Making Socks

Socks are a fashion item and are available in many colors and patterns. Created from a wide variety of materials which include cotton, wool, nylon, acrylic, polyester, olefinic such as polypropylene, or spandex. To get an increased level of softness other materials that might be used during this process include silk, bamboo, linen, and cashmere.

Description A classic herringbone pattern in superfine merino. Dress it up with suits or down with denim, and wear with a wide range of colors. Light/medium weight, will work with your best dress shoe

Socks made from wool insulate the foot and decrease the risk of frost bite.

Socks which are made from wool, cashmere, nylon hold up better than other socks, these socks do not soak up moisture when they are worn with a pair of shoes all day long. They minimize moisture and smell because the natural materials are an antiperspirant.


Colored Socks for men

Pattern Socks - IvyBee

The color of sock depends on the designer, and the sock color comes in a wide range of colors. Sometimes art is also used on socks to increase their appearance and appeal. Colored socks may be part of the uniform for sports, allowing players team to be distinguished when only their legs are clearly visible.

Just because the pattern is basic doesn't mean it should suck. We make sure that even basic patterns look awesome. Soxy.com designs the coolest, most fun dress socks.

Dress Socks for Men

Socks are manufactured in a variety of length which include bare or ankle socks which extend to the ankle or lower and are often worn casually or for sports use.

Knee-high socks are sometimes associated with formal dress codes.

Business socks is a term for colored socks used for conservative appearance and casual footwear. This term is used to indicate conservative office outfits e.g. business suits, business short and business shoes which are used for office and the boardroom; these socks usually have their own pattern.

Dress socks for the modern and veteran gentleman alike. - Chris Siegwald

Sock Sizes

Sock sizes is similar to a persons shoe size (us), in some other countries socks are sized differently than the shoes. Socks length vary from ankle high level.

Men's Sock size chart
Men’s Sock size chart

Creative Socks

Men’s personality can also be noticed with the kind of socks he put on. Socks are such a creative wardrope outlet. Creative socks have become a growth industry, with new brands trying to top each other with bolder designs.

Ninja socks
Ninja socks



Entitlement Socks | Mens
Entitlement Socks | Mens
Super duper Math socks. Perhaps the best socks gift for scientist or just math lover. Super great and funny colorful socks.
Super duper Math socks
Monster Party Sub Socks
Monster Party Sub Socks

Luxury or High-End Socks

High-end socks will incorporate fun and colorful design artistry, funky jacquard prints, tricolor blends and horizontal fancies. They give men a level of sophisticated fabric option that is appropriate for even the most formal settings.

Image result for Luxury Socks for men

Cotton Socks for Men

Image result for Cotton Socks for Men

Cotton is another nice fabric used in making socks, it should be included in every man’s wardrobe. Cotton is a durable material and will last many years, cotton socks are breathable. Cotton is a breathable material that is also used in clothing beddings throughout the world. If you wear cotton socks, you can feel the feet breathe, reducing the amount of sweat remaining on your feet. Cotton is a highly absorbent material that lightweight, durable and breathable, absorbs alot and it is a firm favourite material for dress savvy men.


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