Blazers for men -The Basics


A blazer is a formal outfit that every man needs to have in his wardrobe. It is a piece of garment that is worn in most part of the world.

Blazers: The Basics

A blazer is a type of jacket resembling a suit jacket but cut more casually. A blazer is a less formal garment and is tailored from solid color fabrics with some of them enhanced with naval style metal buttons to reflect their origin as jackets.

A blazer has a lot of versatility and is suitable for most formal to semi-formal events or occasion. It has some similarity with a suit jacket with a casual cut, double or single-breasted, and patch pockets and flaps.

Blazers are ideal for regular use to formal or semi formal events.

Wearing Blazers

Blazers can be worn with a wide variety of other clothes, such as a dress shirt, necktie, open-necked polo shirt, plain T-shirt, and lightweight sweaters. You can pair them with nice trousers in all colors and fabrics, from white cotton or linen, grey, brown, beige chinos, to jean also.

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Blazers also go well with informal clothes such as shorts and a graphic T-shirt.

Blazers are fashionable and always in trend and they come in different styles, sizes, color, and cuts. Blazer pattern and texture brings an elegant class to any outfit combo if you pair them with a stylish tie and a nice short.

Tips on how to choose the right Blazers


The size of a blazer is very important when choosing one. A good tailor will take into consideration your body size, and make a tailor fitted blazer for you.

Single breast vs double breast

Blazers are either single-breasted or double-breasted, although the former is more popular, both of these designs are very fashionable and look great. Single-breasted blazer jackets are often considered more versatile in style and can fit in nicely with different events or occasions. If you want to be unique or different from the crowd opt for the lesser worn double-breasted blazers.

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The fabric used in making blazers are another important point to take note of if you want to buy a one. Woolen and fur blazers make the best options during winter. It is also important to check the care instruction on the label, in order to decide whether the garment requires dry cleaning or is machine washable.

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Color is another great point to note, the event should determine the color of blazers you are going to put on, and also the color of blazers you choose to wear for an event should suit you perfectly. Always go for colors that look good on you; and choose a blazer that works well with your accessories, shirts, ties, pant in your wardrobe.

Material: Cotton, Polyester

Blazer is a fashionable piece of outfit that every man or male folk need to have, it adds to your style and when worn, it makes you look classy, smart and ready for that events or occasion. We also have the leather blazers, leather blazers have a huge mark in the fashion world, men usually go for them, and they are very stylish and they have a lot to offer toward an individual appearance.

Blazers have become a frequent outfit worn today. Leather jackets are a versatile outfit, they can also be worn in a casual and professional environment leather blazer are the most recent trend in fashion these days providing immense comfort and style.

Blazers are either half sleeves, three-quarter sleeves and also have full sleeves. Most people button the blazer which should not be done rather, it should be open without been button. A fitted blazer should be buttoned up, but those which are not fitting should be open.


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