Aldo Men’s Shoe Review : The Beauty Behind the Brand.

Aldo shoes for men

Aldo Shoes Intro

Aldo is a retail outlet for shoes with lots of chain stores in over 100 countries. We review today where and when the brand started, what they are up to and future prospects. Since they specialize in footwear, we will pay attention to some of the details that go into their products, the construction, durability, breathability, price, and comfort.

Aldo Company History

The Aldo group is a Canadian retailer that specializes in shoes and accessories. They own and operate a worldwide chain of stores and retail accessories. The company was founded in 1972 by the shoe enthusiast Aldo Bensadon in Montreal.

The brand since broke into the US market, a place where most Canadian companies fail miserably. They have grown into a worldwide brand with over 2000 retail outlets under various retail banners. As expected, store chains in Canada, US and Uk are owned by the group while international stores are franchised.

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Aldo Storefront

The global footwear giant, Aldo Bensadon, started from Montreal and the tradition of shoe making has remained the family’s business till date. It was not until 1987 that the first free standing ALDO store was opened in Montreal, and it expanded throughout Canada in the 80s and 90s.

Aldo shoes broke into the US market between 2002-2005 and have since diversified its market reach by operating under various retail banners including the popular Call it Spring/Spring banner.  In 2010 a new banner was introduced in Canada called Locale which is to replace the “Feetfirst” banner.

Aldo Call it Spring
Aldo Call it Spring

Aldo instantly became a household name in the US when it announced a partnership with JCPENNY in 2010. The Call it Spring was expected to be sold in over 600 JCPenney stores across the United States by 2011. Aldo has also announced a partnership with other retail outlets like Kohls in an effort to penetrate deeply the market share for shoes in the states.

Location and Store Chains


Headquarters: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Store Chains: Worldwide, especially in Canada, US, Uk and Ireland.

Retail Banners: Call it Spring/Spring, Locale, Pegabo, Feetfirst, Max Comfort, Mr. B’s, Soulmate, Melia weekenders etc.

Who is Aldo Bensadoun?

Aldo Bensadoun is the man behind the popular brand Aldo Group. Presently they boost of $1.5billion annually in sales. With an eye for emerging markets from China, Japan, and Asia they are working towards doubling that figure in the nearest future.

Aldo Bensadoun CEO and Owner
Aldo Bensadoun CEO and Owner

It is said that Mr. Bensadoun never wanted to follow in the show making steps of this father and grandfather but opted for a degree in engineering at Cornell University in Ithaca but after visiting Montreal he decided to take a course in commerce at McGill University.

Mr. Bensadoun had ties with a certain Montreal-based retailer (Le Chateau Inc) where the help sell them a shrink-wrap system to help protect shoes from pilferage. He later mortgaged his house to buy a shoe outlet in Montreal and that’s where his destiny in commercial shoe business started. Here he imported the idea of wooden-soled clogs from Europe to Canada and they were an instant hit.

The real reason why Aldo Group has survived so far is because of their policy of reinvention. They have been very successful at transforming what’s hot on the streets in as little time as possible.

Fashion starts on the streets, and before the competitors catch up the Aldo Group will already be cashing in. They are fast and renew themselves constantly, coming up with various retail banners that cater for different segments of the populace. They amplify what works and dump that which doesn’t.

How is Aldo Leather Shoes Constructed?

Honestly speaking, Aldo shoes are nowhere near top brands like Allen Edmonds. In terms of construction I wouldn’t say they are made to last, but fairly strong enough. Some of the pairs are low end and will appeal to those on a budget.

It’s still commonplace to find Gents with a few Aldo Shoes mixed up with few high-end brands. Some of the shoes use the welt construction on genuine leather (not calfskin), leather lining and insole. Aldo is met for fashion trends now and where not built to last ages. Wear them occasionally.

What are the main product lines?

AldoMen’s and women’s footwear and accessories

Banff TrailMen’s, women’s and children’s footwear

BBXMen’s and boys’ footwear

Call It SpringMen’s and women’s footwear and accessories

FirstMen’s and women’s footwear

K StudioMen’s and women’s footwear and accessories

Luca FerriWomen’s footwear

Max ComfortMen’s Footwear

PegaboMen’s and women’s footwear

Solemate  – Women’s footwear and accessories

WeekendersMen’s Footwear

MeliaFootwear and accessories

Is Ferro Aldo and Delli Aldo the same thing as Aldo?

I see a lot of shoes branded as Ferro Aldo or Delli Aldo. Are they the same as Aldo? Are they related or a retail banner of Aldo.

Emphatically no. Ferro Aldo and Delli Aldo is not the same thing as the Aldo Group.

Under what trademarks are these companies listed?

Ferro Aldo and Delli Aldo are listed under the trademark of Conal International Trading Inc. Ferro Aldo was filed on Thursday, May 03rd , 2012 with trademark serial number 76711396. Deli Aldo was filed on

Deli Aldo was filed on Monday September 14th, 2009 with trademark serial number 76699441. In fact, the Conal International Inc. has 8 trademarks to its name i.e Ferro Aldo, Polar Fox, Delli Aldo, Comfort Golf, Golf Jack, Conal, O-stone, and Cadami.

A U.S federal trademark was filed on Wednesday, October 09th,2013 for the Aldo Group/Le Groupe, Inc and has been assigned serial number 86087387.

Aldo Fashion Sneakers

3Aldo Men’s Maureo Fashion Sneaker

 You will love this top fashion sneaker that comes in red, navy, black and khaki. Perfect for chinos and jeans made for casual attires and crafted with genuine leather, rubber sole and a shaft that measures approx 4.5 inches from the arch. The sneakers are surprisingly solid and very fashionable.

2Edaon Fashion Sneaker

 Unlike the Maureo which extends to the ankle the Edaon fashion sneaker is a low heel sneaker that is easy to slip in and out for those who prefer ease. It almost looks like a boat shoe but it’s not. You can get it in black and white from Amazon. Once you break them in, they are very comfortable pairs to have.

1Bartleigh Fashion Sneaker

 Other fashionable sneakers include the two-tone Bartleigh Fashion Sneaker that blends synthetic and leather materials, the Aldo Caviage Fashion sneaker that’s just the same length with the Maureo but with four straps and the Poynor fashion sneaker.

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Ferro Aldo Boots and Aldo Combat Boots

For those on a budget, these low-cost Ferro boots will appeal to you. Be warned you will get exactly what you paid for. Overall they are of fairly good quality, ruggedly built with fashion in mind. Of the many pairs of Aldo combat boots out there these are most notable:

Ferro Aldo Mfa-808561 Combat Boot: Synthetic leather and a synthetic sole with a platform that runs .25 inch, with a leather lining, synthetic upper and bottom and a man made sole places this Ferro boot head and shoulders higher than the rest. This style runs big and you are advised to order a full size smaller than what you regularly wear.

Ferro Aldo REID MFA808561B work or Casual Boots:  Nice pair of boots. They are almost constructed to look like the Balmoral boots but they are not Balmoral. Design features a dual lace up and zipper, one short zipper at one side and a longer zipper at the other side. With the longer zipper, you might not need to undo the laces as your feet’s can comfortably slide in and out of the shoes.

Polar Fox Men’s Wing Tip Perforated Dress Ankle Boot:  I highly recommend these boots for those looking for a nice wingtip boot. Read the reviews and other a full size smaller. Some customers have complained of the odor, something about a strong chemical smell but I still don’t think it’s much of a problem. It amazing how Aldo has managed to make them low cost. If you are on a budget, you should try this boots out.

Stylish Aldo Oxford Shoes

Aldo Oxford shoes, in my opinion, are some of the low priced oxford shoes around. They go as low as 40 bucks but you might want to try something of reasonable quality for the purchase to be worthwhile. That said look to similar names like Delli Aldo shoes that present some form of quality, Ferro Oxford shoes with rubber soles, leather lining and synthetic upper is a viable option too. These are great shoes to have for formal wears and are equally versatile to use for Denim jeans.

Aldo Dress Loafers

Dress loafers are very versatile shoes to have. They are extremely stylish and can fit perfectly well with a chino, Denim or dress pants. The Aldo Group has keyed into these easy wear market with some stunning pieces, most notable are the Aldo Men’s Eraesien Slip-On Loafer , the Aldo Men’s Golston Slip-On Loafer

Shipping and Return Policies

Orders above $60 are eligible for free shipping and you may request to have it shipped in store or to your location. They usually ship within 1-3 business days. The return policies are good enough and require that all returned goods must not be worn, in their original packaging and accompanied by the receipt.

Aldo Coupon Codes

Aldo consistently rolls out coupon codes to attract customers with mouth watery deals. You can get up to 30% discount on your first purchase and up to 15% on your subsequent purchases. For more of these coupon codes during festive seasons check here


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