Best Functional Wallets for Men

Wallets also called billfold, it is a small case that is used to carry personal items such as cash,  credit cards, identification documents (e.g. driver’s license, identification cards, club card, etc), photographs, business card and other paper or laminated cards.

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Wallets are made of leather or special fabrics, and they are usually pocket-sized but not always foldable. They have been in use since the late 14th century and it was referred to as knapsack for carrying articles.

Wallet is an accessory that reflects a man’s style and matches his personality. It is absolutely imperative that you maintain and use a proper wallet at all times. Designed to hold banknotes and credit cards, they ought to fit in properly inside your pocket.

Types of Wallet

There are different kinds of wallet which include:-

Breast wallet

It is also called the secretary wallet: a wallet in which banknotes are not folded. They are intended for a man’s breast pocket in a jacket or for a handbag. Breast wallet will often hold cheques and other monetary documents as they are too large for storage in a pants pocket.

Men can now leave their trouser pockets bulk free with this stylish and sophisticated 1927 Navy Leather Breast Pocket Wallet by Men In Cities.

Bi-fold wallet

This is a type of wallet in which the banknotes are folded over once. Credit cards and identification cards may be stored horizontally and vertically, it has 2 compartments, it is not heavy in the pocket and it does not have a bulgy look.

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LEATHER BIFOLD MINIMALIST WALLET FOR MEN & WOMEN Our medium bi-fold will replace all those wallets you go through every couple years. SUPER MINIMALIST & SLIM: This wallet is extremely convenient to be carried around in your front or back pocket.

✦✦ The Perfect Money Clip Wallet ✦✦ This leather money clip wallet is handmade and hand-stitched. Inside there are 4 card slots which can hold 2 cards each for a total of 8 cards. Instead of a cash pocket, we have replaced it with an easy to use, money clip. Money clip wallets allow you

Tri-fold wallet

This is a wallet with 3 folds in which credit cards are generally stored vertically: it has a bulgy effect but it stores a lot of items such as passports, travel document etc.

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Front pocket (or money clip)

This is a case with no currency compartment and very few pockets for cards. Usually, bank notes are folded and held to the wallet with a metal

Rogue Industries' front pocket wallets, discovered by The Grommet, are less stressful on your back. Made in Maine with leather and designed to fit perfectly. World's 1st smart wallet with solar + USB charge & tracking! The Solar Wallet comes with various tools to empower you, itself, and your phone. It comes with an internal money clip and space to hold up to 8 cards, giving you full financial power. Built in RFID protection, so that your cards stay well out of the range of wary scammers. It empowers itself with features like TrackR 2.0 that allow you to remotely locate the wallet and its slim power bank that can charge itself with solar panel.

Long wallets

A larger wallet usually wore with jeans, fastened by a chain, strap and leather rein. It is mostly used by bikers to secure their wallets while riding a motorcycle, and it is also popular or commonly found with men in each based countries.

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Wallet Bands

This is a type of wallet that uses a continuous elastic band, made of fabric or rubber, to secure cards and/ or cash. Wallet bands have become more popular as a way to reduce the bulk of a traditional wallet.

Travel wallet

It is used by travelers to hold essential documentation together, such as passports, tickets, boarding passes foreign currency, traveler’s cheque, hotel booking information etc.

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Side by side wallets

It divides the content into 2 stacks instead of one, so it is half as thick maybe made of very thin fabrics.

The main material used for making wallet is leather, but other flexible materials can be used in their fabrication, nonwoven textiles and woven metals are also used.

Major designers offer seasonal and perennial wallets collections of black and brown leather and also major retailers sell a wide range of men’s wallet including branded and house name wallets.

Leather wallets for men have always been an important item and we have stepped into a world where wallets are an essential piece which is used every day to make a little fashion statement.

It is imperative that you use good looking wallets because these accessories have become style icons and a statement piece. Whenever you use a wallet, ensure it is one that potrays you as someone who is up to date and stylish.


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