Intro : Ways Wear a DKNY Cardigan ( Style Nuggets)

The men’s cardigan is a style staple, and for men DKNY cardigan is king. Not only is it a comfortable and fashionable piece to have make up your wardrobe, but it can be worn so many ways that one cardigan pays for itself ten times over. The exclusively designed for men dkny cardigan is a must have for the modern guy who cares about fashion because it is that versatile. No matter how you wear it, you always look good. That alone makes this cardigan a must-have. When it comes to cardigans for men DKNY cardigan has got you covered.
Check out these seven ways to wear a DKNY cardigan for men and always look effortlessly put together.

Here are my top 7 Ways To Wear the DKNY Cardigan For Men

1. With T-Shirt and Jeans

This is probably the most obvious way to wear a cardigan, but it makes it no less sophisticated. This is a classic weekend wear outfit that can be worn anytime at all. Whether it’s going for a hike or popping out on a Saturday to grab some groceries before you hit the gym, you look stylish while staying comfortable. This is a low-key outfit. Casual wear has never looked so good.dkny cardigan

2. Over a Button Up and Pants

This is a good outfit for church, a date, or wherever, really. The best part about this outfit is that the pants color and style is up to you. It doesn’t matter if your button up is one color and your pants are another, this outfit generally works unless you really go out there with the color match ups. Plus, this outfit’s layered, so whether it’s chilly out or generally warm, you can add or lose layers as you please and always stay comfortable.

3. With a Colored V-Neck Cotton Shirt

This outfit works fantastic with all cardigans: zipped, half-zip, V-neck, rounded collar. What’s nice about this pairing is that you can add that color under the cardigan– but it doesn’t take over the whole show. This is great for bright colored v-necks, or just seasonal favorites that look good on any guy, like maroon. It breaks up the monochrome and provides a nice contrast to the color of the cardigan.

4. Black Pants, White Tee Underneath Cardigan

This look may sound formal, but it’s really just stylish. This look is like the chameleon of cardigan outfits: you can wear it anywhere and blend in. No matter where you go, you’ll be dressed for the occasion. Once you integrate it into your wardrobe, you’ll discover that it’s the James Bond of cardigan outfits: it goes anywhere and everywhere, but always gets the job done.

5.The Yale Grad Ensemble

Located in New Haven, this Connecticut Ivy League school is renowned for its collegiate fashion that is classic New England. Just pair a light-colored, long-sleeved button up shirt with any pair of pants (a variation on tan will do fine) and loafers. Roll up the shirt sleeves to your elbow and take the arms of the cardigan and tie around your chest. It’s like you just popped off the Yale campus for a weekend of dining with the folks and going to bars with your buddies. Uncanny! For extra points, gel and style hair to the side with a neat part.

6. Navy Button Up Shirt, Tie, Dress Pants

Pairing a cardigan with a tie? It may not be as crazy as you think. Just ask Schmidt from television’s The New Girl. Schmidt is obsessed with men’s style and looking good. No matter what the situation, Schmidt makes it a point to be impeccably groomed and dressed. One of his favorite outfits? That’s right, the pairing of the cardigan and tie, all over a good navy button up. It may sound strange, but try it out. The combination works. Add a pair of shiny black shoes and you’re good to go.

7. Movie Star Style

Inspired more than a little by James Marsden, look like a million dollars– or just like you pull in a couple few for every movie you do. To make this look happen, you’ll need black jeans of the slim variety, or just well-fitting black jeans that are tapered at the ankle. Basically, not baggy, not oversized. Pair with a basic white tee with a circular collar and throw the cardigan over, unbuttoned. You’ll ooze movie star cool. The key to this outfit? Not trying too hard. Sometimes you have to define your style by doing less. It really can be more.


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