Top 5: Wool Fabric Coats for Men 

It’s essential that you wear warm clothing during winter. If you want to look stylish and warm at the same time, wool fabric coats for men can help you achieve that. There is something for everyone this winter, whether you need it for formal wears or casual occasions. Here we present the top 5 wool coats for men.

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Top Wool Coat Styles for Men

Wool Trench Coat for Men

The trench coat for me has to be a top choice. The name trench was gotten from the soldiers fighting in the trenches during World War 1. They are very versatile and can work well with most outfits, whether they are formal or casual.

burberry trench coat

Apart from wool, trench coats are made from other materials such as cotton Gabardine or poplin. Wool, however, has been the mainstay material for trench coats because it’s good quality. Lastly, the feel and finish of a wool fabric are more fashionable than other materials.

orange trench coat

There is a wide range of trench coats to choose from depending on the look you are aiming to pass across and the function you require. For instance, trench coats made for the rains are thinner and lighter than wool trench coat made for the winter season. You should look to by a trench coat when you are convinced about the purpose or function it will serve.

camel color trench wool coat

Men’s Wool Pea Coat

Next is the wool pea coat for men. The pea coat is as stylish as the trench coat, very versatile and fashionable. The pea coat and the trench coat both have their roots in the military.

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Pea Coat Vs Trench Coat

A little History:  The pea coat was used by sailors to keep warm during harsh weather conditions in the ocean. Pea coats were originally made of wool from the onset, unlike trench coat that wasn’t made from wool. The pea coat is perhaps a more classic woolen coat than the trench.  So if you are in the market for a traditional and classic looking coat a pea coat is an excellent choice.

The most striking difference between the pea and trench coat has to be the length. A peacoat is visibly shorter than trench coats reaching just below your waist. They feature broad lapels and mainly come in a double-breasted design. This makes them perfect for staying warm and fashionable.

Men’s Boiled Wool Coat

Boiled wool is a rare but unique material that most people are not aware of. I would rather have you pick one of the two options discussed above than go for boil if you are looking for an everyday coat. Boil coats are a style that is quite tricky to pull, so if you are not fashion savvy better play things safe with a trench or pea coat.

Armani Boiled Wool Blend Jacket
Armani Boiled Wool Blend Jacket

Boil wool is thicker and more rigid than traditional wool. To make boiled wool as the name implies, the normal wool fabric is treated by “boiling” and agitating it in hot water and some chemicals. This process has the effect of shrinking the wool fabric, compressing and interlocking the wool into tighter and more durable fiber.

Boiled wool coats are typically tougher, warmer, stronger and more windproof than the normal wool coat. You will find boiled wool used in scarfs, berets, and vests.

The Black Wool Coat

Black wool is one of the most popular colors available. Although it isn’t necessarily a style I deemed it wise to discuss one of the more popular color options. The black wooden overcoat is one of the most stylish and versatile overcoats you can own. A first timer’s choice.

black wool coat for men

Other versatile alternatives to black include Grey, Navy or camel wool coat. These can all work well with monochrome color outfits like black and navy.

Men’s Duffle Wool Coat

Duffle coats are great winter coats for men. They are very stylish and look incredibly cool when paired with the right under clothes. Duffle coats are made from thick wool material and can serve as a functional piece of clothing for winter purposes.

Duffle coat features
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Duffle coats like the trench and pea coats have a history deeply rooted in the military where they served as a functional piece of clothing against harsh weather conditions. The most prominent feature of a duffle coat is the tassel fastenings on the front. The Duffle coat comes in and out of style and can be very fashionable when paired with the right clothes.

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Top 5 Wool Coats for Men in Summary

  • The trench wool coat is the best option wool coat to get now. They are generally longer and very stylish
  • Next to the trench coat is the wool pea coat. They are generally shorter and more traditional than the trench coat.
  • Boiled coats are unique but less stylish than wool coats. They are treated by boiling in water and agitating with chemicals.
  • Black wool coats are a more popular option than any other color available. For first-timers to Overcoats, this should be a recommended option.
  • Lastly, the duffle coat comes in and out of fashion and is distinctively recognized by the tassel fastenings on the front.

In Conclusion

Wool is a sturdy fabric that is thick enough for winter. They are stylish and functional, insulating the body from the harsh weather condition. They are also very practical and can be paired with a series of outfit combinations from formal to casual wears.


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