Top Grooming Mistakes Of Men

Nothing in this world is yummier than a well-groomed man! Whether you are a man that likes a well-tailored suit, sporty, skater or scruffy, being well-groomed is the key to pulling off any look. Every day or a night out on the town, grooming is something men should not taker for granted. Knowing how to accomplish grooming tasks and knowing which ones to pay closer attention to can step up your game. Here are 5 grooming mistakes that men should never make!

1. Too Much Cologne!

A nice smelling man is a beautiful thing. Have you ever walked next to a guy with too much cologne? It could be the most expensive wonderful cologne in the world and if there is too much of it, it could be the most repulsive thing a person would experience. Easy does it guys. A few squirts of a great smelling cologne in the right places is all it takes. Follow the lead of your feminine counter parts and concentrate on the same locations they do. Add to the wrists and behind the ears. That should be enough. Don’t reapply though out the day. The only exception should be if you use aftershave. If you do, don’t add cologne. One or the other works.

2. Stray Hair

The second worst thing to see on men are stray hairs. Hair can be a sexy thing but not when it is dangling from your nose, your ears, behind your ears at the jawline or your neck. Invest in a nice set of grooming clippers and a pair of scissors. A nice set of clippers may come with a grooming kit. Make sure you are tidying up those very noticeable areas.

Another topic for stray hair is waiting too long for a haircut. Hair of any length can be attractive but not so much when it is not trimmed and styled. Making sure you hair style is kept in shape is something that men often neglect.

Men Stray Hair
Stray Hair, A big no no!

3. Clean and Clip Your Nails

This is a very noticeable area that is often neglected by men. No matter what your profession is, not having nice hands is very unattractive. Guys think it is unmanly to have manicures and pedicures. But it is very attractive to have nice clean hands and feet. While it isn’t necessary to go to a salon for a manicure and pedicure, investing in a good nail and hand brush and clipping frequently will help keep hands and feet clean and neat. Be sure to use an emery board after clipping to smooth out rough edges.

 Clip Your Nails
Clip Your nails

4. Dry Shaving and No Moisturizing

Despite the advances in technology the use of an electric shaver and the dry shave method is extremely hard on the skin. It can cause rough irritated skin, skin blemishes and unsightly ingrown hairs. This can be avoided with the use of exfoliation and proper moisturizers. Using exfoliators and moisturizers is not in a man’s grooming and maintenance routine and like manicures and pedicures it is often seen by men as not a manly practice. However, if you are an electric shaving man, adding these practices you’re your grooming routine will alleviate the side unsightly effects of dry shaving.

Another suggestion for men when having a regular shave it to go with the grain of the hair. Often men will shave against the grain for a closer shave. But shaving against the grain also produces the same effects as dry shaving with the addition of cuts and skin irritation. To prevent this from happening men should open up their pores with warm or hot water before shaving. Then close the pores again with cold water.

Dry Shaving and No Moisturizing
Photo Crd:

5. Using Too Much Hair Product

Crunchy hair is a blast from the past and not a fashion practice from the 80’s that should return. Gloppy or stiff hair is not attractive. It is the equivalent of a woman wearing too much make-up. It is definitely a no, no. To keep this fashion faux pas men should try using lighter gels and pomades that allow their hair to hold a style while maintaining flexibility and a more natural look. Less is more and a general rule to follow when it comes to hair product. Men should have hair that fingers can run through.


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