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The hoodie is one of the most common outfit for men of all ages. Form the ancient times the hoodie has found appeal to all classes and ages and has survived a lot of fashion trends. It is here to stay.Very versatile and stylishly comfortable to wear. You can put it on as a stand alone top or combine it with a cool t-shirt. The pullover versions can be worn as a stand alone top while it is more customary to wear an underling clothe with a zip-up hoodie. Materials used for hoodies include but not limited to :

  • Cotton: The way cotton is interwoven helps air in and moisture out. This is one of the reasons cotton is the most popular material for men’s hoodie. Sports men and women prefer cotton hoodies because of their ability to allow moisture out. You will find cotton hoodies on men at the gym. Cotton hoodies also helps keep the body warm because of its insulation properties.
  • Wool: Next to cotton is wool. Wool fibers are traditionally gotten from sheep, rabbit, fox, goats etc Wool has the advantage of a better insulator over cotton thus it is preferred to cotton in cold weather.
  • Polyester:  Polyester made from a mixture of some organic compounds has some special characteristics that are unique to it. It is quite elastic, resistant to deformation and a poor water absorbent. Seldom will you find a 100% polyester hoodie rather a combination of wool or cotton with polyester is made. This ensures that a bend of desirable qualities are achieved.
  • Nylon: Just like polyester, nylon is a synthetic fabric with some unique characteristic. It is very resistant to stains, fungi and mould growth. One remarkable quality of the nylon is its resistance to flame. Nylon fabrics can be blended with cotton or wool for desirable qualities.
  • Fleece : Fleece hoodies are equally as popular as cotton or wool based hoodies. They are lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It is made from hydrocarbon resins.

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