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Florsheim Men’s Shoe Review

Today we review one of the most iconic men’s footwear “Florsheim Men’s Shoes” still striving in a keenly competitive US market. The Florsheim shoes have been around for over 120 years since Milton Florsheim stated it in 1892.

You might want to ask: what has kept this brand alive for so long? How well constructed or good is this brand? How do they stand when compared to other brands of considerable price? Has there been an improvement or a decline in the quality of these shoes since inception?

We will try to answer these questions along the line sighting relevant sources to back our claims. First things first, a little history.

History of the Florsheim Brand

Type: Shoe Brand

Headquarters:  Glendale, Wisconsin, United States.

Ownership: Weyco Group

Web Addresswww.Florsheim.com

The Florsheim Company started operation in 1892 headed by Milton S. Florshiem and his father. The first shoes where made in Chicago. A focus on craftsmanship and quality quickly helped the brand spread across the states with a wide chain of factories, retail outlets and dealers. In 1898 the brand was big enough to win a contract to supply boots to American Soldiers serving in the Spanish-America War and in 1917 and 1941 Florsheim also supplied boots to soldiers during World War I and II respectively.

By 1900 the company had become a household name and was one of the first to implement branding to shoes which helped consumers identify a quality Florshiem. The Florsheim brand continued to grow and by the great depression (Oct 29, 1929-1939) they had over 2,500 employees, 5 factories, 71 retail outlets and over 7,500 dealers. The geometric growth trend continued and by 1952 the company had expanded to over 14 factories and over 500 retail outlets. At the peak, Florsheim sold a pair of shoes every 4 seconds in 1966.

Notable Dates (Source: Florsheim.com)

1935: The Company designs custom made shoes for the United States “Ryder Cup”.

1937:  Robert Pershing Waldlow (The tallest man who ever lived) had shoes designed by Florsheim.

1953: Florsheim was sold to International Shoe Company for $21 million.

1959: Florshiem was directly involved in sponsoring two major tournaments: Crosby Clambake and Thunderbird Invitation.

1984: The first Florshiem express shop was introduced that allowed shoppers to order any pair of shoes from the entire brand line rather than been restricted to what’s in stock.

2002: Members of the founding family, Thomas W. Florsheim, Jr and John W. Florsheim of Weyco group repurchased Florshiem for $47 million.

Florsheim Shoe Construction

Florsheim Shoes ConstructionMoccasin Construction: For the easy wears, the brand utilizes a single piece of leather for the upper that is extended all the way to the foot for maximum flexibility.

Welt Construction: The welt construction is popular among major Florsheim shoes. It allows easy replacement of the sole and is characterized by a visible  stitched strip of leather on the outsole.

Cemented Construction: Here the upper and insole are cemented to the outsole and heel.

California Construction: Makes use of a wrap which curves down beautifully and tucks under the insole.

Strobel Construction: This is one of the most flexible shoe construction types where the upper is completely sewn to a flexible insole and properly shaped by a last.

Florsheim uses a variety of outsoles depending on the type of shoe. Most notable are leather often used for cement and welt constructions, the man-made TPR(Thermoplastic rubber) often used in Moccasins and cement construction, Rubber for California and Strobel Constructions, Polyurethane outsole mainly used for Moccasin constructions and lastly Rubber sponge outsole, the lightest of them all, ideal for California and Strobel constructions

Imperial Shoes by Florsheim

Florsheim Men’s Imperial Como Moccasin 10 Aa Brown
Florsheim Men's Imperial Como Moccasin

The Como shoe by Florsheim has been one of the top selling shoes since 1979. Handmade and crafted by the best hands in the industry this shoe portrays the rich heritage of the brand. It is made up of a decorative gore and a crossed metal strap at the vamp which give it a well clean finish and classic appearance.

Florsheim Men’s Lawrence Oxfords Shoe

Florsheim Men's Lawrence Oxfords ShoesThe cap toe version of the Lawrence shoe as a full cushioned footbed for additional comfort and contains a well-polished leather sole. It is more of a dresser type of shoe and should fit properly with formal attires like a 3-piece suit.  5 eyelets and smooth leather detailing finishes the upper of this shoe presenting you with the classic appearance needed in the boardroom.

Florsheim Men’s Orlando Bike-Toe Oxford

Florsheim Men's Orlando Bike-Toe Oxford

The Orlando is a type of Imperial shoe that has sheepskin lining rather than the regular lining found in most shoes. In addition to that it has an imperial bio-comfort leather for extra cushioning at the footbed. Features an outsole made from leather, upper constructed from a mixture of genuine deer leather and calfskin material. The toe takes the form a bicycle shape tilting it towards more formal attire. A nice dress shoe for an affordable average  price of $180.00

6 Budget Friendly Florsheim Oxford Shoes

Florsheim Men’s Montinaro Wingtip Oxford

Florsheim Men's Montinaro Wingtip OxfordThe Montinaro wingtip oxford features a breathable suede tec lining in burnished 100% leather upper. The synthetic soles are handmade and flexible. A memory foam at the footbed ensures that the cushioning is comfortable to the feet. Thankfully this is one pair that presently stocks most size variations. For some they run large for others they fit just fine, other half a size up to stay on the safer side.  A great looking shoe in every aspect.

Florsheim Men’s Brookside Wingtip Oxford Shoe

Florsheim Men's Brookside Wingtip Oxford ShoeA nice looking shining pair of shoes. The vinyl looking pair of shoes might not be of the best quality like the Montinaro but it is still better than most brands of comparable price. The leather lining built to last helps wick moisture, leaving the inner environment healthy always. The wingtip design adds a touch of traditional feel to the already stylish brogues. Looking for a dress shoe on a budget? Give the men’s brookside a try.

Florsheim Men’s Lexington Cap Toe Oxford

Florsheim Men's Lexington Cap Toe OxfordThe Florsheim Lexington was built with class in mind. This is a very solid shoe to own with state of the art cushioning technology and top-notch craftsmanship. A little bit fit at first, so you should expect them to snug your feet but after the break in period is over you can relax and enjoy the comfort of these shoes. The Lexington models are at the zenith when it comes to pairing with suits, business calls or special events.

Florsheim Men’s Cortland Oxford

Florsheim Men's Cortland Oxford

The Cortland is in the same league as the Lexington in terms of styling. The smooth leather upper is accented with an apron toe with double steam stitching. The insole is designed to be moisture wicking, shock absorption and comfortable. The Poli-cork and Poilyou materials used are designed for Bio-comfort and breathability.

Florsheim Men’s Midtown Cap Toe Oxford

Florsheim Men's Midtown Cap Toe OxfordThe Midtown Cap toe oxfords will make and dress attire appear polished. The inner shoe padding is great and extends across the entire insole making them more comfortable than the regular leather insole shoe.  For a little above $100 what you have got is a sharp looking dress shoe.

Florsheim Castellano Wingtip Oxford

Florsheim Castellano Wingtip OxfordThe Castellano wingtip oxford represents the refined style and exceptional detailing that we have come to associate with the Florsheim brand. It features a leather upper, synthetic sole, laced up closure with five eyelets, leather lining and a fully cushioned all-round footbed. The wooden heel, dark laces and burnished upper tune in the traditional feel of the wingtip design.

5 Top Rated Florsheim Slip-on Penny Loafers

Florsheim Men’s Berkley Penny Loafer

Florsheim Men's Berkley Penny LoaferThe Berkley is a moc-toe styled loafer that is built to last. It has a leather sole and a traction outsole at the heel for support and fitting. The leather lining are breathable, covering the insole all around. Pair this bad boy with chinos, denim or a suit for a relax or formal look, this slip-on loafer will make you look good all day long.

Florsheim Men’s Riva Slip-On

Florsheim Men's Riva Slip-On

Super soft and super comfortable. This slip-on loafer is made from kidskin, a type of leather made from the skin of a goat, a baby goat to be precise. Traditionally kidskin are mainly used for gloves but has long found a place in footwear and other fashion accessories. Kidskin, lambskin or calfskin are almost of the same class and they give the same effect when used for leather products: smooth and quality leather. In addition to that the Riva loafer features a synthetic sole, cushioned insole and a sleek strap detailing.

Florsheim Men’s Milano Slip-On Loafer

Florsheim Men's Milano Slip-On Loafer

The Milano looks so much like the Riva in design. It features an airport friendly rubber sole and decorative metal buckle at the vamp that finishes off the upper leather with some style. Just like the Riva, the Milano is lightweight, has a synthetic sole and cushioned with a polyurethane outsole.

Florsheim Men’s Danforth Slip-on Driver

Florsheim Men's Danforth Slip-on Driver

The Danforth slip-on loafer from Florshiem is made from milled leather /suede. The term milled leather is used to differentiate the quality of the cowhide leather from other cheap cowhide leathers such as split skins. During milling a portion of the leather is placed in the milling machine and rotated, a process that softens the leather allowing the intensity of the fine lines of the leather to manifest. The Danforth slip-on features a rubber sole, supper soft leather, flexible sole and a cushioned footbed.

Florsheim Men’s Jenson Penny Loafer Slip-On Loafer

Florsheim Men's Jenson Penny Loafer Slip-On Loafer

As opposed to top grain leather mainly used in high end leather products the Jenson penny loafer is made from full grain leather. The difference been that the full grain leather have not been sanded, snuffed or buffed to remove the imperfections at the surface area. In the long run, rather than wearing out, full-grain leather products develop a patina in its lifespan. The Jenson penny is beautifully designed sith moc-toe contrast stitching and a padded collar. Lastly, product detail says it’s unlined and can be worn barefooted. One thing I like about this loafer is that it has a very simple design.

5 Classy Work Boots by Florsheim

Florsheim Men’s Dusk Bt Chukka Boot

Florsheim Men's Dusk Bt Chukka Boot

With the Florsheim Dusk boot what you see is what you get. A really nice leather boot with powerful mocha stitching. They are not true to size and if you read customer reviews you will find out that its best to other a size smaller than what you regularly wear. The dusk chukka boots are very nice looking and are sure going to receive tons of compliments from friends and well-wishers. If you consider the price this boot is a steal.

Florsheim Men’s Medfield Plain Toe Zip Chelsea Boot

Florsheim Men's Medfield Plain Toe Zip Chelsea Boot

This boot features a 100% leather upper, imported , rubber sole  and breathable leather upper, a flexible sole and an ortholite foam insole. This high raise boot will set you back $120. This classic boot is constructed with smooth leather for easy fitting and is built with a technology that ensures comfort, durability and support. As long as you get the sizing right there is little to no break in period making them comfortable straight out of the box.

Florsheim Men’s Duke Boot

Florsheim Men's Duke Boot

The Duke boot is a bicycle toe styled high tip boot constructed with a side zip and a slightly high heel that accentuates a classic design. The leather materials are made from goat skin which has been carefully crafted to present an upper that is shiny and of superior quality. The Duke boot by Florsheim as the name suggest is a boot designed for prestige. This is Italy’s finest encapsulated in a boot.  Everything from the lining to the sole to the quarters oozes class and good craftsmanship and with a hidden zipper the boot should fit in to most boardroom meetings and light casual occasions. The best part is, the price tag on this baby is low. Below $150

Florsheim Men’s Capital Wingtip Lace Up Boot

Florsheim Men's Capital Wingtip Lace Up Boot

You asked for a comfortable and stylish dress boot, they delivered. The capital wingtip lace up boot by Florsheim is as good as it gets, a classy leather boot built to last and crafted for comfort. It features  a leather and rubber sole, breathable leather lining, flexible rubber outsole, sheepskin lining and a cushioned footbed. This wingtip will provide the much desired ankle support you need while holding up well for long periods of time.

Florsheim Men’s Kilbourn Wing Tip Chukka Boot

Florsheim Men's Kilbourn Wing Tip Chukka Boot

The stylish kilbourn by Florsheim is a wingtip boot like capital wingtip discussed earlier. A real masterpiece that features milled full grain leather uppers, lace up closures, breathable textile and leather linings. This boot is compact enough to leave your feet dray and comfortable all day long. Stability of the kilbourn is brought about by the stacked heel and lugged rubber outsole. For the size they resent, they are extremely lightweight and incorporates unique brogue detailing that are becoming rare with boots.

Florsheim Men’s Sneakers

Florsheim Men’s Forward Lo Lace up Fashion Sneaker

Florsheim Mens Forward Hi Lace Up Sneaker


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