How to Match Red Shoes with your clothes

So you got yourself a nice pair of red shoes or you are shopping for one, you have just hit a brick wall and you don’t have a clue how to pair up red shoes. Have no fear, as I take you on a little journey by the hand on how to pair red shoes.

Red is a very bold color and can be quite difficult to pair with other colors. If you are looking to spice up your shoe rack, bold colors might be the way to go only if you are prepared to match them up with complementary colors that keeps the fashion police at bay.

You risk matching red with something too bland if you are a novice, thus you can easily get out of place. Matching red shoes with closely related colors can easily spoil your day. If you do add red shoes to your rack, well, good choice, just match them rightly. I’m here to help.

So what Colors go with Red Shoes

Pairing a bold color like yellow on red might be a mistake. Two bold colors in one outfit could spell doom rather look for monochromatic colors like black and white and you will do just fine. However, if you want to be more daring I would suggest you try contrasting colors to red. A simple look at the color wheel will reveal blue as a contrasting color to red. Blue then, would definitely be a matching color.  Yellow and violet are quite similar to red and will appear too loud when matched together. Check color wheel

color wheel
Color Wheel

Shopping for Red shoes

Shades of Red : Red comes in a variety of styles these days from your regular dark burgundy to bright red brogue and trainers. The shade of red you choose will depend on the style and formality you desire. As some dress experts say “ for a more formal look, go for darker toned red shoes”.

Red Brogues will keep your dress code on formality while brighter bolder red trainers or converse will do well for a casual look. Still not comfortable buying a red shoe? Look for those that have a monochromatic under tone to dilute the concentrated red. Think white laces and white rubber base.

For the ultimate casual Red look buy a Red sneaker with a monochromatic color undertone, make the sneakers your base and find contrasting color outfits to pair it with. Leave out other brighter and bold colors out of your outfit and allow the shoe do the talking. A pair of slim black Chinos with a plain blue t-shirt and an added layer of a dark colored lumber jacket should keep things pretty diluted.

Best Red Brogue shoes

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Formal Wear

Blending red shoes for formal wear should be quite easy using the color wheel. Darker toned clothes will get you that subtle classic vibe of formality. Grey, Navy blue, black and white are the colors you should be pairing with. So for the upper half, a black or navy blue jacket or blazer will serve to compliment the red shoes. The jackets must be fitted to your size, shouldn’t be too long and must taper into your waist.

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The importance of the neutrality a classic white shirt brings here cannot be overemphasized. It will give a neutral base for your red shoes. Balance the white shirt with a jacket or jumper, preferably black, navy or grey. Use plain blue or a patterned white stripe shirt if plain white doesn’t appeal to you. The print patterns must be mild to avoid spoiling the clean formal vibe.

For your trousers, fitted like the blazers is a must. Keep it at that. Just as the blazers, black, grey and navy blue are the best choices here. These will blend seamlessly with your red shoes and promote the smart subtle look that we aim for. A bright red show should be matched with a dark pants to stay on the safer side while you can experiment with lighter colors(Grey, navy) on darker burgundy shoes.

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The Causal look 

There is really a lot you can do with the casual look. Unlike the formal wears where we tried to keep things on a safe you can afford to experiment with much color choices. Red trainers will match a range of outfits. Navy bomber jackets, black or white varisty jackets, neutral lumber jackets paired with a nice plain white t-shirt should look good. Light blue denim jackets are a steal with red trainers.

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A nice polo top with a contrasting color to your red trainers can serve as an alternative to jackets. Fine printed or stripe tops that are between formal and informal can also be considered here. Keep things simple and allow your shoes do the talking.

Jeans and chinos are classic casual wear pieces. Black leather biker jackets with navy blue t-shirts and an intense black jeans or chinos will match properly with red trainers. If you want to keep thing softer try a blue or faded blue jeans.

Best Red Sneakers

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Final Note

Red shoes are quite tricky to pull off with other clothe combinations. Before you buy them ensure you have made sufficient plans to match them up otherwise just pass on it. Check your current clothing lines and see if you have the right outfits to match, if you do have them by all means buy a couple red shoes and if you don’t have matching clothes be ready to spill out some bucks to get them. Its no use admiring a shoe in the rack without plans for wearing them.

Use the red shoes as a base then work your way up to matching outfits, never the other way round. If you are still confused, keep things simple and safe with monochromic colors “black and white” till you are more comfortable daring into other colors.

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